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  1. Problem With Lsi 110 And R Connect

    The problem with LSI 110 rconnect problem is truly puzzling. I have got the handset replaced by new one twice as the instrument used to get switched of all of a sudden while on the net. Now even after replacement the problem persists. The fault seems to be with the battery being supplied with the instrument. I have an observation though it may not look much of a logic. Suppose if I have been using the instrument for voice purpose and just do not place it back on the charger , thinking well that the battery is indicating its full charge status. If the instrument is then placed back on the charger cum cable connector stand ( offcourse the power should be on), the instrument gets switched off after few minutes or hours usage. However if the instrument is just kept charger cum cable connector stand with power on and the instrument is just being used for internet, the instrument has less problem of switching off. This is weird problem but it happens. Probably it may the battery problem. It seems that the power keeps charging the battery which in turn powers the rconnect. May be rconnect s**ks more power than the rate at which battery gets charged. I have reported this to service center, highest office and so on.. Got replacement. Anyway instrument replacement is not the solution here neither the service center guys have really got an idea of what may be the real problem. My advice! do not unload your operating systems to sort out this problem as it will be of no avail. However use the latest dialer available of relianceinfo site. I still feel LS 340 E ( have no idea of new LS 350) is better for Rconnect and it may be a mistake to upgrade to this cordless phone , if you are mainly using FWP for Rconnect. I had upgraded from my bulky FWP instrument to this relatively sleek and better looking one. But as rightly said "Looks may be deceptive"!. But you will agree "still looks matter a lot", in general or in particular. However every thing is not bad. It is a good voice phone and easily portable. With Rconnect also when it is on it works fine. Finally, Choice is yours!
  2. Problem With Lsi 110 And R Connect

    Hi, No need to visit any service centre or waste time with CC. Dowload the latest installer for LSI110from Reliance site under datacables section. Url: http://www.relianceinfo.com/Infocomm/Rim/rconnect_dc.html Ur problem will be sorted out. Good day. Kumar
  3. Does Freedom Plan 650 Have Unlimited Surfing

    Hello friends, R-Connect is a trap for the customers. They have in mind the mobile business people or mp3 freaks who they feel will overshoot the limit and suddenly will be bombarded with astronomical bills.They wish to make you net addict and they ensure that you pay through your nose, as they will never tell you when you have finished the limit. I went to Reliance Administrative Office, asked them to kindly indicate as how the customer knows what's the usage. They say keep calling customer care frequently. I am afraid the customer care and may be they may not get updated date. I asked them can't you ensure that the customer is sent an SMS only weekly basis about the limit he has exhausted and the free limit he may avail.This shall be great help to customer as he will be warned in advance about the usage especially after so many complaint. You rather let him exceed the limit/rather ensure that he always exceeds the limit and then put him in trouble by giving exhorbitant bills , catching the customer unawares. Please do inform the customer at weekly intervals. I was told it was not possible and cannot be done. I was suprised they can call you frequently, sms you regularly to pay bills, about credit limits, send disconnection notices through sms and all other stuff to trouble the trapped customer but they can't help him by giving information with transparency. R-connect advertisement high speed unlimited surfing is to ensure many fall prey. This seems unfair as neither it is unlimited nor the speed high ( it just maches well configured dialup). They have no system to check the usage/let the customer know how much he has used. I afraid even the utilities we may apply to check data usage may not match or may not tally with reliance or may not be accepted by them The customer may underuse the limit to ensure that he does not exceed the limit. This 1 GB with unlimited/and even unlimited is a big trap. Beware friends and the customer care it seems is " CUSTOMER DARE- to ask any uncomfortable queries." They may say if you do'nt like do'nt use but let others fall in the trap, after all we have spent huge amount on networks. Harp on the customer care that they inform the user on weekly basis about the usage. I hope this is fairly reasonable demand or let them enable a data usage counter (which is available on the mobile phone of user). Alaas! things cannot be made so transparent. I sincerely wish & hope they come with a prepaid card for unlimited usage with data usage checking facility on mobile. Please don't think I am biased. I just mean please beware and be wise. Let reliance understand our concerns.
  4. Does Freedom Plan 650 Have Unlimited Surfing

    Please have a look at the similar topic being discussed on this forum . The topic of the discussion is (topic=3119) R-connect Platinum Plan & Unbilled Amount, unlimited plan with unbilled amount high.. I understand more than few customers are facing the problem. People have faced this problem even in R-connect Platinum Plan as well then what to say of simple Freedom Plan.
  5. Does Freedom Plan 650 Have Unlimited Surfing

    Right! They are cheating people saying unlimited surfing. This is truly unfair. I feel the BSNL line with 499/- fixed rental with no restrictions is far better. . They are giving unlimited usage only you have to pay ISP charges per hour which works to Rs. 5/- hour. Of course the speed is the bottleneck. Anyway may I have an idea what is speed we may expect in Rconnect? Is it 144 Kbps. What has been the average speed for browsing and that of download.? And I am also hearing they are restricting the access with prefixed credit limit of Rs.1000/-. Is that true.? If they are charging Rs. 650 as rental why another restriction.? Rconnect is supposed to be commitment for 1 GB then why do they seek this type o control/restriction, which is almost like pay per usage.? If the credit limit control as I have been hearing is correct, then it amounts to cheating the customer and trapping him in Reliance Web through False Advertisements? Is there somebody who may redress this greivance or is it like Bear The Brunt since you have fallen in the trap? Just think what would have happened if BSNL, Tata, Airtel, Hutch etch would have not been in the competition? The customer would have been cruelly butchered.? Is TRAI listening or it is just another helpless spectator like us.
  6. Hi, Reliance Freedom Plan 650 says 1 GB bundled data exchange! What does this mean? Earlier they in the press release said unlimited surfing with 1 GB data download. What is the status. Can we take that web surfing/viewing is unlimited however the restriction of 1 GB is on data download. Is it correct or else every page view/surfing will also be a part of 1 GB data exchange.? Is the limit placed on usage of bandwidth or amount of data downloaded. The customer care is giving contradictory/unconvincing replies to the questions? Freedom Plan 650 users WHAT IS THE ACTUAL STATUS?