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  1. Hi, Please change my username from "anmolg7" to "wayne07". Thanks in anticipation.
  2. i enquired abt this issue and they told me that its gonna be lifetime till 2021. no need to recharge in between at all.
  3. they told me i can hv lifetime incoming for just Rs 200.
  4. i applied for termination on 16th june. i just had to pay my previous month's bill, this month's usage till 16th and the rent for the current month was charged on pro-rata basis (i.e, only from 8th to 16th, since my billing cycle was from 8th of every month to the 7th of next month). i also had to submit an application. a reliance official tried to persuade me to switch to prepaid but i didn't oblige. today, i.e, on 18th june 2008, i rcvd an sms informing me that i was shifted to prepaid! now for outgoing, i'll hav to recharge my prepaid account (which i won't do), but anway, i still hav incoming facility (which i'll continue using till they give it!). so dat's how u can terminate ur postpaid account.
  5. do i hv to pay this month's rent?
  6. i hav a reliance postpaid connection since 2 years. but now i want to switch to GSM and hence want to terminate/surrender my existing number. i wud like to knw the procedure for the same. also, my billing cycle is from the 8th to the 7th of the next month. so if i surrender, say, on the 14th of June, will i hv to pay the rent for this month? and wat amt will be refunded to me? kindly guide. thnx.