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  1. With offers the day is not far when Trai may put a stop on offers to lure customers as it may lead to another offer war. BTW,any guidelines as to how many times a customer can change operators ? What is the minimum period of stay after you change your operator to switch to a third operator.
  2. RIMweb.in Member Of The Year - 2010

    My vote goes in favour of Honest Lately he has been a bit inactive but he is the one who makes everyone feel comfortable,I dont have to search this forum for anything I just have to ask him and he gives me the link to the threads,Honest the encyclopedia of Rimweb.in and lately his humorous posts A down-to-earth person The next person on the poll list I would vote for would be Saddik and people know why.
  3. Nokia 6275 Format Code Needed

    Thank you for your help. However If you choose "Delete All Messages" that too will do. But the prob. is still there!! You can't read that msg & u have to finally delete all msgs in order to erase that one erroneous msg. Try changing the uim card,delete the message and reinsert the orignal uim
  4. New Nokia 6275 stock available with Reliance

    I think Nokia 6275 is the only stable cdma phone made by nokia,I have been using it for the last 4 years and thank God no problem till date,never heard much complains about this phone also.
  5. Messaging In Nokia 6275

    Nokia 6275 can store more then 100 messages,looks like you have not deleted messages from your sent folder also check if you have moved message to archive or created some folders in my folders and saved messages over there or if you have saved messages as draft. You cannot password lock the inbox or any other folder in nokia 6275
  6. Scheme is active in Mumbai till 30th June,just go to your mobile dealer and recharge for the amount mentioned earlier in the thread
  7. Activation Key List In Nokia 6275

    I think he means the nokia songs/tones in the gallery. By default activation list option is there in 6275 and when there is any activated songs or content provided by nokia it shows the number of activation that is there on the phone.
  8. bhai i forgot my no and no paper recharge is available ...for e-recharge i need the no ..... Call customer care and ask them for your number,they will give u the number after verfiying some personal details
  9. The plan is closed for now,maybe he is talking about dealers who activate cards in bulk and having that scheme
  10. Lets Ask Arun

    Private messages,the earlier version used to allow it to be downloaded I have some previous downloaded sent and recieved private messages some in csv format and some in txt as far as I remember it allowed you to download in csv,txt xl and even mail the full Pm's to your email id,if you want i can pm you some of them.
  11. Lets Ask Arun

    Earlier there was an option to download message on rimweb in some format but now I am unable to see it,is there anyway to download them
  12. Got your parcel half an hour ago,unlocked the data card and posting this message using your data card,it was really easy as you said for those who want to unlock the huwaei data card can see this link Thanks for the drivers and cdma workshop which you mailed me last night Thanks for the phone and the data card and thanks for spending on the courier charges also
  13. Rs.35 sms pack give you 2000 local or national smses for 30 days
  14. Please dont quote his personal problem openly,it may sound unpleasant to him and reminding of it here openly does not look good.The best thing you can do is by not asking but praying that the matter gets solved amicably and quickly so that he does not has to go thru emotional pain for a long time.