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  1. What Made You Happy Today / Recently?

    This topic make me happy today... (I read most of the thread / comments of the topic & feel happy...)
  2. The Truth Behind Led TVs

    Very Nice Information. Pls. suggest a 32" TV for my newly renovated Flat.
  3. RIMweb.in Member Of The Year - 2010

    Each and every person of the list and off the list deserve for the Vote. .....My vote for all members.....
  4. Lg3610

    Dear sir, u can use any new nokia (eg 5130) cable to charge your LG
  5. Suggest Me A Dual (Cdma+Gsm) Phone

    Sir, you already have E 63 My suggetion is g-fone 588. It is economic , user friendly ,and overall good set. You can get it from this forum also. Just search...just try...
  6. Iphone 4 Is Launched...

    Dear dk, you are very through in OS hats off
  7. G-Fone 588

    Yes sir you are right,I also aspect atleast rs. 500 drop.But we cant say when?
  8. G-Fone 588

    Sir you are very respected for me & the forum, But your above statement for g-fone 588 is totaly wrong. I think you dont see live set. You are requested to see & feel this set then give your view. Thanks & Regards
  9. G-Fone 588

    It is available on Rimweb also. just check buy and sell bazaar
  10. India 3G Auctions Winners

    Telecom the most earning department of India
  11. Reliance Gsm Networks Features And Gprs Settings

    dear sir, very very informative post. thanks much
  12. Customer Care Not Connecting

    Just go to any retailer nearby and call on 1800 3070 3070
  13. Which Cdma Handset For Full Qwerty?

    Dear kepal, Your purpuse is very simple so why u invest 10-12k My suggession is G fone 588 @ Rs.4600 it is GSM+CDMA / GSM+GSM (dual processor) It is mfd. in china only but coming with bill & warrentty. Go for it... You can see here www.g-fone.in
  14. Reliance Gsm Gujarat Change Night Talk Free To 5 Paisa

    most of rep custmore ware already use & throw that 10 rs. i/c perday card. i bilive, whenever any service provider gives card at bellow promo talk time given,it will use & throw.
  15. Reliance GSM Gujarat change night talk free to 5 paisa All new custmore have to pay r2r 5 paisa for night calling.