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  1. NV Data Dump File Creation

    what the heck?? thats sad!!!
  2. Buying a new car? Discuss here!

    ^ He already highlighted your Qs. I get around 14-15 in city with my fiesta which is really good actually. Figo is much more comfy both for driver and passenger. Swift no doubt is a good hatchback though braking even with ABS worries me always. New swift isnt powered by Fiat's engine but now VW technology comes in. I wish you could stretch your budget for the Polo!
  3. Water Purifier System

    @ Hitesh bhai, I would suggest you go for a R.O. It got a storage tank and turns on/off according to water supply so you dont need to worry about turning on and off.
  4. Buying a new car? Discuss here!

    Ford Figo Outsells all its competitors if I am not wrong! It got the same engine as Fiesta Classic and the engine is very well to do. My suggestion!
  5. Review: Sprint HTC EVO 3D - World's 1st (Proper) 3D Phone

    on OMJ's and its all good till now!
  6. Review: Sprint HTC EVO 3D - World's 1st (Proper) 3D Phone

    flashed OMJ's rom, dont know how, but all the call history, applications and everything remained! Could someone tell me how is it possible?
  7. Forum Software Upgraded to IP.Board 3.2

    Super Duper Awesomeness!
  8. Skype 2.1 For Android Enables Video On Majority Of Android Devices

    +sougatadc wrong info you have! Can well use thru wifi
  9. Review: Sprint HTC EVO 3D - World's 1st (Proper) 3D Phone

    ^ Kitna R&D karoge? Buy and enjoy!
  10. Sprint HTC EVO 4G

    ^ Yes
  11. Apple iPad 2

  12. Verizon phones dont support ##786#
  13. I once restored Incre's MEID thru hard reset!
  14. Bomb Blasts In Mumbai

    Happy B.Day Kasab! And Happy Death Day to our System!
  15. How To Recover Changed SPC of Palm Pixi Plus?

    +1 for your DP and tagline I'm Loving It
  16. Review: Sprint HTC EVO 3D - World's 1st (Proper) 3D Phone

    Someone has to change his 3D as FAD statement now after experiencing for real
  17. Using 2-Way Walkie Talkie In India

    Motorola makes the best walkie talkies!
  18. TATA's EVDO Coverage

    They are just behaving like Volkswagen AG in auto industry. Parent company with other sister concerns like Skoda, Seat, Audi, Bentley, Buggati, etc.. But no idea whats the fun in network business. Tata should rather concentrate on improving Indicom where there is so much scope left.. We still dont have Docomo in Delhi, which is why I cant switch even if I have option to!
  19. TATA's EVDO Coverage

    You mean other than Tata Docomo? Yes, other from Docomo!
  20. Hey all! I am with MTS now from last 4 months! I was all happy but it really pissed me off when it was about coverage. Finally good news is, its available Pan India with 56 Cities having HSD and rest of India with 1x speed. All one has to do is to download the setup file and update the Modem with the Latest software. Source Moreover, MTS is also providing MTS TV for free (Without Additional Charges), only Download charges applicable. Source MBlaze Homepage Hope will help the MTS users like me!
  21. Sprint HTC EVO 4G

    @ Ankur 3x wipes + cache + dalvik cache before flashing and it should be all good. Sense 3 is really heavy so it does eat a lot of memory but should stop nothing to work!