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Found 1 result

  1. hey guyz how u all doin right ok , umm since past 5 years i have been driving an alto LX, been generally happy with it , and it hasnt given me no trouble whatsoever. I reside in delhi and i suppose now is the time to upgrade before the alto gives in so i decided to car hunt thinking of a zippy yet economical variant as far a monthly fuel expanses are concerned. so after considering the available options and my utter preference for maruti i decided to buy new blue eyed wagon R CNG BUT : as i love to zip thru ( yeah whenevr i get the chance in messed up delhi traffic ) i realised that having CNG ( that too on a 3 cylinder , 998 cc engine even if its all aluminium K series ) wont give that kick, and the features in LXi were not upto the mark in the LXI CNG variant, so i started thinking about petrol vxi WAGON R , but when i test drove it , it was not upto the mark there was no ZIP no adequate response when you push the accelerator there was fairly high noise in the cabin as well... and the nail in the coffin came from 2 gentlemen who were actually driving the wagon r , and they said the car lacks a lot and lags a lot, so now i am back to square one . acc to the review by experienced users and my own preference ( about the power of the engine and pickup ) wagon is is a total NO . i started looking into other options , first was RITZ and boy i got like 99% positive response about this car ,( yeah yeah i know the straight back of it ;P ) 9 out of 10 guys on various forums were all praise for this car, then came the new swift , gosh its pure cream , test drove the new swift zxi and fell in love with it , but its out of my budget and i cant wait for 3 months . O and sorry, my original budget was 4L and now i have stretched it to 4.5L , and my monthly drive would be somewhere between 1200 to 1500 kms a month in delhi traffic, i dont take my cars out of delhi the real dilemma is which one from maruti to buy which fits the budget and is also economical to drive as well , Ritz gives an average of 12kmpl effectively it ll cost more than 6K per month i donno i feel CNG fittment is ruins the vehicle and the maintainance keeps on increasing also the warranty voids too. please help me decide which car is good for me , which gives good pickup and comfort , pocket friendly as far as monthly fuel expanses are concerned and looks like a genuine upgrade from my ALTO. regards