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  1. Lets Ask Arun

    Isnt it better to just let people type the city's name?
  2. TATA's EVDO Coverage

    Tata seems nowhere interested in CDMA anymore. From strong sources, I have a confirmed news they are planning to launch Tata Indicom GSM as well!
  3. Toyota Etios - Black

    Vento, Best choice indeed!
  4. Sprint HTC EVO 4G

    Try the above rom!
  5. Lets Ask Arun

    Hello Arun ji, Is it possible to filter the posts that I have been thanked for?
  6. Sprint HTC EVO 4G

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1071547 Almost final GB 2.3.3 with sense 3.0. unquietly rooted (thats the boot screen) working awesome here! with gtalk video!
  7. Apple iMessage: Goodbye Cash Cow SMS

    Haa Haa! Perfect!
  8. Apple iMessage: Goodbye Cash Cow SMS

    @ Genius, Dear whats the secret behind your DP? Something going on between you and Rajan bhai?
  9. Lets Ask Arun

  10. There are serious issues with Tata OTA these days, its very common now a days. If you need to change the handset/UIM, raise a service request from tata hub and ask them to do it non-ota!
  11. Sprint HTC EVO 4G

    Gingerbread update on June 3rd! http://androidspin.com/2011/06/02/htc-evo-4g-gingerbread-update-coming-june-3rd/
  12. Lets Ask Arun

    Hello Arun ji, How about adding network service provider to our profiles so one can see what network we are hooked on to? eg: Group: RIM Guru Feedback: View Posts: 1,154 Joined: 18-September 08 Full Name: Sumit Verma City: NewDelhi or Delhi Handset: HTC EVO 4G - w00t w00t! Handset - II: Samsung Epic 4G - w00t w00t! Network: Tata Indicom Network - II: Bharti Airtel
  13. Sprint HTC EVO 4G

    there is nothing best as specific. whatever you are comfortable using is the best for you. Play with roms. they are delevoped to be played with
  14. Sprint HTC EVO 4G

    Sense 3.0 incoming call
  15. Sprint HTC EVO 4G

    I agree... thats why I am never repeating the same mistake HTC and only HTC!
  16. Sprint HTC EVO 4G

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1071547 Be happy coz you guys are the chosen one for sense 3.0 poor me stuck with epic somehow.
  17. Call Drop Problem With Pixi

    contact your seller!
  18. Sugesstion Needed For Gsm Android Handset

    Look out for desire hd too.
  19. J. Lo ft. Pitbull- On The Floor. ring_on_the_floor.mp3
  20. Dan Balan- Chica Bomb ring_chica_bomb.mp3
  21. Blackberry Protect – The Smart Business Phone Becomes Smarter

    I am on BIS plan, but dont know why it take it as BES and doesnt allow me to use it.
  22. Your issue is not the corporate connection but the wrong A-KEY in phone. Wait for HP sir to reply though. IMO its definitely wrong akey
  23. Osama Bin Laden Killed By US Forces In Pakistan

    Haa haa haa haa!