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  1. Unboxing Photos are here - http://www.rimweb.in...re/page__st__17 ; comments are now welcome.... Screenshots are here - http://www.rimweb.in..._15#entry206629 Actual Samsung Epic DOCK unboxing photos here - http://www.rimweb.in...298#entry207298 Samsung Home Page is here - https://www.samsungm.../GalaxyS/#/home Specifications are here - http://www.samsung.c...ZKASPR-features Dock Specifications here - http://www.samsung.c...BEGSTA-features Sprint Epic microsite here - http://now.sprint.co...D=vanity:epic4g What I like about EPIC - - Absolute Multimedia Monster (Screen and Sound is unmatchable; I have to lower volumes for my Ringtones first time on any phone) - Base 4 icons of the default Samsung launcher - Desk Home App - Front Facing Camera (missing on my Incredible) - Great sliding keyboard (the best on any phone as on date) - Great 5MP camera with Flash (night photography is better than the 8MP of Incredible) - Looks great in hand (blows all phones away); Its the Fortuner that I always desired... will trample all the Marutis.... like this phone will trounce all iphone 4's, W7's and N8's.... LOL - Accessory bundle is better in terms of 5.1 surround Heaphones (while playing movies through headphones) - Dedicated Camera Button (sorely missed on Incredible) - Superb call Quality and Tower strength - Great DOCK (costs about 2.5-3K extra) What I dislike - - Poor GPS (update: nearly there now) - Hard soft keys (update: have gotten better with use) - Bulk (twice as fat than Incredible) - HTC Sense interface was better (update: have since updated to Launcher Pro Plus which absolutely rocks) - Lack of Android 2.2 for now (update: now available) I got update notification and did the update to DI18 from the DI07 that was on the phone after activating my number by *228 It took me less than 30 minutes to transfer all my contacts, applications, sms's etc. into this new phone. Thats the joy of Android OS; no tears while changing phones. The BEAST revealed The Beast's Front - and the BACK - My Dock on the Way -