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  1. Probably RCOM on verge of collapse if Brookfield deals falls apart
  2. Sharp decline in revenue indicates RCOM to be adversely impacted by Jio... Even Global revenue have reduced which tells how mismanaged the company is. Global operations have also reported loss
  3. ICRA downgrades RCom credit rating on weak biz outlook Following pressure on earnings of Reliance Communications, ICRA today downgraded credit rating of the company for debts that it has raised. Source :-
  4. Agree that combined entity will hold 3 or 2nd largest spectrum pool. But where r the paying customers ? Most of RCOM sub GHz spectrum will be up for renewal in few years. Aircel after so many years is still in losses
  5. so further 3 million users left RCOM in March 17 Bringing total down to 84 Million (VLR 81% Feb) Aircel subscriber March 17 at 90 Million (VLR 61% Feb) Assuming merger formality to be completed in few months (Total Subscriber around 170 Million, 122 Million as per VLR) Combined entity still distance 4th(or may be 5th by the time merger gets completed), With Huge debt and no key selling point(Probably except for AIRCEL strong n/w down south), combined entity is going to closed/sold soon Jio is a threat to everyone. Teleco's need to make profit to stay in the game. Teleco's need high ARPU customer. Customer having ARPU of less than 50 is in true sense liability (loss making customer). Having 100 Million voice customer with ARPU of 50 means monthly revenue of 500 Crore. yearly revenue 6000 Crore.. Make 200 million of such customer yearly revenue is just 12000Cr..Pan India Telco cant survive with such low revenue. So if someone is saying that RCOM/AIRCEL combo will survive with just 2G services....they are completely wrong.
  6. I agree that market has been dominant by 2G users... now lets see the facts by END of 2015 - 3 Million 4G user Reports says 2017 End around 50 Million 4G users, fact is Mid 2017 Jio itself have 100 Million 4G users, plus AVOID numbers with introduction of feature 4G phones (which Jio is expected to launch). 4G base is expected to grow exponentially (it may be almost double of what article predicts by 2020) Now coming to Voice is past....with Voice becoming free(mature market already have free voice), who will stick to Voice only. next upgrade will be either to feature phones or smart phones. Many countries are now closing 2G...(Singapore already closed, Australia - largest telco have closed others have announced by Sep 2017). Even indian Telcos will have to close 2G at some point so as to utilize spectrum in efficient way. Telco wants profit. 2G only is not profitable with ARPU on the lowest side. In terms of Coverage/Speed/Quantity ...AVOID is far better than RCOM/AIRCEL. Not to mention about customer services which is almost non existence for RCOM Plus not to forget the low quality of users on RCOM/AIRCEL, huge debt, reducing subscriber, increasing losses, No funds for expansion, 800Mhz of RCOM near its expiry. I dont see RCOM/AIRCEL surviving in this market Just to give u some more inside RCOM had 100 Million customer on Dec15, with VLR around 91%..Close to 91 Million active users as of Dec16 RCOM is having 86Million with VLR around 85%...close to 73 Million active users(may have further reduced in Jan-Dec due to onslaught from Jio/Matching offers from AVOID) Stock price of RCOM hovering around 33 today. which is near to its all time low(Gives u a fair bit of idea that even experts are not buying RCOM story) RCOM most profitable users were EVDO Data card users..(they are gone now), User looking for Data have moved to Jio, for 2G only service why should one stick to RCOM?? For user with low usage 20-60Rs default rates are same across all Telco's. No international roaming on prepaid, frequent unwanted deductions, messy vouchers(advertise something but actual benefits does not match). Check any online forum you will see people calling CHORCOM...
  7. I guess RCOM/Aircel is gone case ... in last few months most of the high paid user have switched out of RCOM. Combined entity(when ever they combine) may very well be behind Jio in terms of active subscribers...
  8. True... Trai told them on 6th to stop it. But still it is going on May be today is the last day after they meet the required target
  9. Ported from RCOM Postpaid to Jio Prepaid in 1st attempt Request submitted to Jio on 4th, RCOM accepted it on 4th itself actual porting happened on 8th
  10. Placed Porting request from RCOM to JIO Asked the guy to keep doner operator as Reliance LTE/4G (Thanks this forum) Contacted RCOM CC. asked for the dues paid bit more than that and threaten them in case they reject my request next i will go to TRAI/PGPPORTAL Lets see how it goes
  11. How can anyone else tell you that? What sort of speed to you get? how is the call connectivity? What other option do you have in similar price? based on above 3 Q you should be able to decide if u need Jio Prime or need to throw the SIM post march 31st
  12. Jio on non VOLTE handset will not have good user experience, Better avoid or take VOLTE phone
  13. Something which I mentioned few days back. Jio is carrying so much data
  14. Just for comparison Jio have 2 Cr data users, average conservative download by free loaders around 10GB per month Airtel is having around 4-5 Cr data users with average download of 1GB.... Jio is already clocking 4 times more data on its n/w as compared to Airtel, Plus Jio has kind of forced other telcos to also invest and expand 3G/4G coverage which is good. Right now Jio 4G coverage is more than 3G coverage of many operators
  15. So after a day of requesting to change to 499 Unlimited. Got a call from CC saying that this plan is not available for Maharashtra. As expected website not updated properly via chat requested to move to 350 Freedom. Plan changed done in a day(Chat person did asked that if i want plan change to be effective from next billing cycle or next day)