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  1. Missed Calls from Unknown International Numbers

    I think this some half baked 'report' filed by some reporter who couldn't come up with anything else. If you think logically, the idea is ridiculous! Different phones, different OS & would all manufacturers create such a security loop hole? Its like trying to say that if you try to use your brains during Ekta Kapoor's serial, your TV will explode!!
  2. Docomo 3G Plans Details

    I agree! Pathetic network considering their ads. At times I wonder if those ads were to fool themselves or us customers!!
  3. Good for you sir. Perhaps you have been lucky!!
  4. Sorry for not responding earlier. Was down with viral and was offline. I bought a specific product which was being sold by them on ebay India. POaid using PaisaPay (Thank God foir that!) Within a few days the drama started. First there was a series of emails stating there was a delay by their supplier in US. There there was a extended delay with the customs in India. Till now I was understandable. My suspicion was aroused when they quoted an X date for courier and updated eBay with X+5 days!! Then I wondered why would anyone lie if their intentions were clean. I started surfing the net. Came across horror stories. Then when I started speaking to them, I was told they are a new company, short staffed, etc. But when I questioned about lying about courier dates, they had no answer. Next straw was when they updated the shipping details. It was some number with a company called http://www.chronoscouriers.com/ This appears to be a fake website for 2 reasons: 1. Except their home page & Contact Us page, all other links show as "This page is under construction". This is weird for a Courier company based out of US! 2. Chronos Couriers is shown as a US company. Their 2 employees are based out of Bangalore (same as Cart2India) Next straw, contradictory information provided depending on who you spoke to in their customer care. First guy said, item shipped by TNT courier from Mumbai. Second guy says, still with customs for clearance. Third said there was a mistake and it will be given to the courier the next day. Fourth said it was given to Bluedart and being shipped from Bangalore! All this took about a month from online payment date at eBay! Final straw. It was shipped from Bluedart. I luckily went to bluedart office to collect the parcel. Seeing the size of the parcel, I was sure this was a scam company! Although Bluedart doesn't allow you to open the parcel in front of them, I did and saw cart2india had sent some completely different product to me. Even after this cart2india fraud doesnt end. While I updated ebay with a request for a refund, cart2india guys called me and cheekily told me that as per their records I have recieved the product. I sent a long detailed complaint to eBay which was sent to cart2india. It clearly mentioned what I had ordered and what I recieved. EVEN after this detailed complaint was with them, they have the audacity to call me ask me why am I seeking a refund! B@st@$#! Anyways, I have now got my refund, so this story ends here. What bothers me is that such frauds will kill the ecommerce industry in India. This would be sad! Can anyone recommend me a good alternative to order stuff from abroad? Reliable, please !!
  5. Extended Batteries

    I bought my extended battery for my Google Nexus One from here. http://www.mugen-power-batteries.com/ No complaints at all.
  6. Guys, avoid cart2india like the plague. One of the biggest frauds on ebay along with their fraud company chronoscouriers.com Beware & stay away or regret later.
  7. I think the best mobile OS till date was the last Windows Mobile 6.5. Microsoft had it almost right till then. All they had to add was background running & optional cloud sync and nobody could have touched them. They had (& still have) the most amazing apps & games for this version. I wonder which idiot guided them to design the current Mobile OS. Sad way to be!!
  8. Data cable And PC sync Required For LG Rd 3610

    Any update on this guys? Muffadal: Please share the solution so that ALL can benefit! Thanks!
  9. Data cable And PC sync Required For LG Rd 3610

    Success, I managed to use LG Desktop! BitPim is still giving me an error though! Essentially I want to use BitPim to send / receive SMS using my desktop. In case I am unable to use BitPim, is there any other app which will help me use my desktop to send / receive SMS while connected to the phone? Thank guys!!
  10. Data cable And PC sync Required For LG Rd 3610

    Hi MOBILE FAN, Thanks for the reply. Answering your questions: 1.My mobile does charge when connected to laptop so cable does not seem to be the problem. 2.When I connect and start BitPim, it just does not detect the phone. 3. My phone which is connected at that time seems to hang! The screen goes white and is non-responsive. The only option for me is to remove the battery! I suspect its the drivers! Or else I don't know what's wrong! Can you help? @Hitesh: I found this post that you were referring to! (Yours!!). Unfortunately, I don't have a rapidshare premium account and cannot download from your link. Any other way? Thanks guys for this help! Really appreciate this so far!
  11. Data cable And PC sync Required For LG Rd 3610

    Hi MOBILE FAN, Can you please help me with the drivers used to connect with this phone (LG RD 3610) with my Windows XP machine? I am using a BalckBerry cable which has the same pinout. But the PC (using windows XP) fails to connect to BOTH Bitpim as well as PC Sync of LG RD 3600. Can you please help me connect my phone?? Would really be obliged! TIA