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  1. The Most Awaited MNP Finally Introduced!

    Last date for nationwide launch of MNP is 20 Jan 2011
  2. CDMA In India – Past, Present And Future

    I think as per my memory Tata Teleservice had started operation prior to Reliance in June 2002.
  3. MTS Mblaze Speed Ka Double Dose Offer

    If there is any MTS person available I wants to say to you why you are not giving straight offer. I come to know there in MTS some body in Delhi giving MTS Dongle with two months or three months recharge in Rs. 2499 only. In two months it is 10 GB for two months each. And in three months offer it is 5 GB for three months each. After initial validity expiration we have been told to recharge with Rs. 798 for two months offer. I have arranged from some one for checking the same and now I using myself one. This is best offer from any company in my view. Why not MTS give such type of offer to all. Why these type of offer available only from selected outlets.
  4. MTS Mblaze Speed Ka Double Dose Offer

    No both have MicroSD slot. Difference is only in Sim tray and flip end.
  5. Billing after termination and forced to pay

    Dear You can try to send all your complaints to ada@relianceada.com and cc to ap@trai.gov.in
  6. Phone Book Download through R-World

    Now there is no download option in R World. So you can only do this to transfer phonebook to LG PC Suite.
  7. Review: Samsung Juke

    Can you tell me where i got one in delhi. As Sumsung Distributor doesn't have one.
  8. Review: Samsung Juke

    isn't old model launched in 2007.
  9. Nokia 5230 Or Nokia 5233?

    3G may not see day in Indiaat all. Only BSNL & MTNL give 3G till then.
  10. Delhi Gsm Postpaid Tariff Plans

    there is nothing given in leaflets in this regards.
  11. Sms From Computer

    But all these only work with CDMA
  12. Rcom Employee Suicides & Many Sacked

    Ambani brothers are always in chance of saving money whatever is chance. Here Global slowdown give them the best option for get rid off employees without getting boot from government or any one else. They take resignation by threatening the person if you give then well'n good if not then we will make the case that you will be booted. So, if person resign himself then why newspapers go for truth behind it.
  13. Cdma Huawei 5330

    Have any body using Huawei 5330 available with Virgin. It has all the function of C-810 spice minus Bluetooth. Cost around 4K (exactly without unlocking Rs.3800). After unlocking work on all CDMA network. Now I wants to know how R-World can work on this. R-Connect is working fine. I think net configuration is easiest in this one. virgin 5330
  14. Korean Handsets - Dual Sim

    haven't ashok told these are for demo only