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Found 59 results

  1. I miss diversity of handsets

    I really miss the diversity of handsets.With a diverse OS. i remember starting with a Motorola Startac or one of those first brick phones that came to India. Outgoing was Rs 32 a minute, incoming Rs 16. Over the years, would excitedly look at new handsets, from Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, Palm, Sony Ericsson etc. i have owned Ericsson Flip Phones (forgot the model numbers, they were coloured, and the display was slim and only one line, but the smallest smartest flip phones of its time). Sony Ericsson had the W Walkman series which was cool. The Nokia E72 was one of the best phones I had. It had 3G, Qwerty Keyboard, great build quality, gsm, wcdma, gps etc. Symbian S60 was cool. The App Store of its time was getjar. I used spreadsheets on it. And google maps too. It would support J2ME apps. then I had the Sendo X. Another super phone. I used it as a Bluetooth modem with my old PowerBook G3. The Moto Razr was perhaps the best and smartest looking phone ever. There was a candy bar version of Razr which I owned. It had Apple iTunes. The Motorola A780 was a sexy Linux based smartphone with a touch screen as well as a clamshell. I loved it. also had the palm based Kyocera 7135 too. Then the blackberries were cool d the bold. Which had amazing email, the best even by today’s standards. And excellent tools for spreadsheets, word processors etc. loved it. I loved the choice of various phone brands, OS, form factors. i would use scheduleworld.com or zyb.com to synchronise contacts and calendar data between various phones. Now there is only one form factor. A flat screen. And only two OS to choose from. Both very similar, and yet very different. Each comes with an ecosystem that you kind of get locked into. Not much choice. i love the choice of older days.
  2. I have been using Reliance CDMA for many years. But, I turned my CDMA phone off for few months. Today, when I turned it on, I noticed that it's not catching signal anymore. Then I read the official announcement on Reliance's website, which states that they will upgrade every CDMA user to Reliance 4G. But, I also noticed one thing: we have to SMS the new SIM card number from the older CDMA number. I don't have any other Reliance number, to contact their support, and when I tried dialling 30333333 from a Tata DOCOMO number, it says that the number is wrong. As the CDMA number isn't working anymore (because the services have been shut down), how am I supposed to activate the new 4G SIM, because SMS cannot be send from this number?
  3. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 on MTS

    Anybody able to get MTS working on Redmi Note 3? When i put MTS sim in RN3, I get full signals both for 1X and Evdo but get some error regarding ESN being not compatible. Due to this neither Voice nor Data is working, even after showing full signals. Any method to fix it ? Read somewhere on this forum that older Sims are compatible with RN3. Is it true for both voice & data? How to recognize which Sim is compatible? Please Help .....
  4. Hello all.. am a regular visitor of this famed site for several years, and it is such an informative hub that always gave me all required answers without asking.. Now as CDMA is in its last leg, so i need to ask for a favor from the Gurus.. Am using MOTO G 4G XT1042 US CELLULAR for quite a time now happily with MTS. Never faced any probs till date. But as the future is blur for MTS also, so there is urgent need to Unlock GSM bands for my handset, otherwise have to leave it off.. plz help me with an urgent reply.. NOTE: NOOB alert HEEEEELLLPPPP.. (possibly step by step) THANKu Circle: ROWB
  5. Reliance wipod in pune

    Hello all, I am using reliance netconnect + . I purchased it in chennai I shifted to pune a month back in was using it in a normal way. The speed was awesome. Last 3 days my signal is totally dead. I am staying in hinjewadi, Pune I could not find a single store here or a company rep to talk to also. When I call customer care I was told network is getting upgraded.. what should I do now. Can someone help me out to shift to reliance 4g and etc... Name: sanjay.d Mobile no: 9840858209
  6. This forum started for maintenance and guidelines for the CDMA user community. If one carrier stops, we switch to a different operator. I am writing this, because no one is sure of any particular CDMA continuing in short future. BSNL can help CDMA users in some regions of service and will help those who have single network handset. I am also aware that BSNL is surrendering cdma spectrum in some states but it still help us. RUIM of BSNL is hybrid type, data works on normal sim based handsets like Moto E, Moto X, Droid series etc and also on handsets like VZW Note 3, Note 5, S5, S6, S7 Nexus 6 etc. A small amount of one time programming is required after sim activation. Note that there is no *228 for OTAF and was removed from network in 2010. MIP profile type:- make simple IP from mobile ip (mainly essential) Ppp user= your10digitmin@AAAVD.in (only required in some handsets) Ppp pass= your10digitmin Dial string/APN= #777 BSNL CDMA back end all India operations are handled from Vadodara and we can directly contact them for any issues. Sent from my K016 using Tapatalk
  7. Hi Guys, Like I said in my introduction post, I'm still discovering and familiarizing with the things. Please ignore me If I'm digging old stuff. As said I'm very new reliance CDMA customer with two devices (ZTE AC3633 and Huawei EC306 plus OMH card).ZTE AC3633 looks like a crappy hardware as when I use it heavily starts dissipating huge amounts of heat and with that it also disconnects internet frequently, adding to that the WiFi goes completely off frequently (at least 1 or 2 times a day) in which had to switch it off and on to get it back. Recently I've unlocked the MTS Huawei EC306, it was really easy for me being a tech guy myself after checking various sites/forums and also came across various old hacks related to Huawei EC306. Really liking this device which I got it for Rs.400/- from eBay. After knowing various things I thought of implementing some of the old hacks with some modifications and improvisations. I've just ordered some stuff from china and will reveal all my project details once I start the project.Thats said, now I'm looking into software side and was really curious to have all the features such as voice call, call log, USSD and others. This is where I really can't find enough info on the supported dashboard features of EC306. I also found smartfren dashboard for EC306-2 with call feature but not sure the pic is legitimate or some fake. After all this I thought its better to post here and get some really good advice from some of the smart wise old gentlemens of this community. I'm sure many of them in this community are most experienced than me and might definitely come across my query some time in past. Hoping for the best I'll leave it to you guys. Please let me know the details of any modem that supports CDMA Rev B. with full dashboard features. Also as you all know the main reason to get this is to make use of the Rs.949/- unlimited plan with calls, sms and data. Thank you and Regards, i0s9
  8. The new Nexus 6 is very easy to program. RGERUC and RECRUC068 work out of the box on this device. Data needs simple steps by DFS. Required:- Latest Motorola BP drivers, DFS Not required:- Root, bootloader unlock 1. Boot the phone into BP tools and select port "diag mdm" with no SIM inside and airplane mode turned on. 2. Make RTRE config to RUIM pref and reboot back to BP tools (can make it RUIM only after programming is complete) 3. Write omhxxx in ppp usr and S1912xxx in ppp password 4. Continue in data section in DFS, HDR SCP force AT config= RevA_MFPA HDR SCP force rel 0= Evdo_RevA Hybrid mode=enable Data MDR HSPD mode= MDR only 5. Insert RGERUC SIM and continue programming 5. Enable all six profiles in MIP section and write omhtestxx in all the six fields with MIP=Mobile IP 6. Reboot and enjoy.
  9. Due to a large section of buyers now opting to purchase GSM enabled CDMA device, I add another device for CDMA data provisioning. There are no special requirements to enable CDMA data on VZW G3. Root is not required. This is applicable to those users whose manual APN of #777 does not enable data. 1. From the dialpad, ##PROGRAM985, go to port test, switch it on. Diag mode will be ON. 2. With data enabled SIM inside, using DFS, go to data section and select, evdo_MFPA 3. Enable all the six profiles with omhtest@omh.relianceinfo.com in the MIP section fields and write. 4. May sometimes need to make APN as #777 if data does not start.
  10. There are two variants of the same model in Verizon lineup. One is factory GSM unlocked and the other is NOT GSM unlocked. This method is based on the small box packing GSM/CDMA variant of Verizon. Requirements:- DFS or QPST, RGERUC or RECRUC068 sim card Root the handset with Kingroot or any other method available. To enable diag mode if ##3424# does not respond:- adb shell su setprop sys.usb.diag.config diagon 1. SPC=000000, Make RTRE config to RUIM pref and reboot 2. write PPP USR and PASS (select MDR only with evdo rev A_ehrpd) in data section 3. Select 'pref mobile IP' in MIP section and enable all six profiles 4. Entire process with no SIM inside and airplane mode turned on **This is applicable for the global version not the CDMA only version.
  11. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 supports CDMA

    According to comments posted on www.gogi.in, Redmi Note 3 supports CDMA, perticularly RCDMA. plz visit link mentioned below for details. https://www.gogi.in/xiaomi-redmi-note-3-review.html A Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 user has also posted speedtest results. plz visit link mentioned below for details. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Bzx00rUKJDoPcnB6cTh3V1BQYkE&usp=sharing I am mentioning above links as I am interested in buying this phone to use it as CDMA + GSM combo handset with Tata Indicom as CDMA service provider. However Redmi Note 3 users are facing problems to obtain or maintain data connectivity as it has happened with Honor Holly 2 plus . As, RimWebians are more experienced & more helpful for CDMA support & handset tweaks, I am begging u all to help me.
  12. Hi, I got a ZTE Speed from my cousin. Here`s what i have been able to do up untill now. 1.Get SPC by manual activation procedure 2.Use that SPC to change mode to ruim pref. after that it recognises indian ruim (rel/mts) and voice and sms working well. (Pls note 1x data was working for some time after i did that but didn` t hold) 3.but data was not working. So, I tried to add APN using shortcut master app. I was not able to add apn other than MCC 310 MNC 000 as UICC was locked. Then I got UICC unlocked. 4.After that I have been able to add APN and enable them for use. Even then data is not working. 5.i`ve tried workarounds for other devices such as change to "Simple IP", change active Profiles to "0". Add NAI as "net" etc. But nothing works. Someone please please help.
  13. Reliance CDMA EvDo users in Delhi / NCR?

    Hi, I was wondering if we have any Delhi based group members who use EvDo data on Reliance CDMA network? Every time I raise a service request with Reliance about HSD network they say that I'm the first to complaint about that and they are unaware of any network issues. I guess I'm not the only one though. Who all do we have on board and what handset do you use? I'm Delhi based EvDo user and use Samsung Ace 2 duos (SCH-I589).
  14. As per the Android Police article here: http://www.androidpolice.com/2015/09/29/nexus-5x-vs-nexus-6p-differences-help-decide-one-pick/ CDMA connectivity on Nexus 6P will be avaliable for US as well as International variant (which we'll get officially in India). Nexus 6P (international version): GSM/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900MHz UMTS/WCDMA: B1/2/4/5/6/8/9/19 TD-SCDMA: 34/39 CDMA: BC0/1 LTE (FDD): B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/9/17/19/20/28 LTE (TDD): B38/B39/40/41 CA DL: B1-B5, B1-B8, B1-B19, B3-B3, B3-B5, B3-B7, B3-B8, B3-B19, B3-B20, B3-B28, B5-B7, B7-B7, B7-B20, B7-B28, B39-B39, B40-B40, B41-B41 Nexus 6P (US version): GSM/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900MHz UMTS/WCDMA: B1/2/4/5/8 CDMA: BC0/1/10 LTE (FDD): B2/3/4/5/7/12/13/17/25/26/29/30 LTE (TDD): B41 CA DL: B2-B2, B2-B4, B2-B5, B2-B12, B2-B13, B2-B17, B2-B29, B4-B4, B4-B5, B4-B13, B4-B17, B4-B29, B41-B41 No details whether it would be SIM or non-SIM based. But I bet it would be both MEID (non-SIM) + RUIM enabled like we have for Moto E (2nd Gen.) LTE Moment of rejoice for Reliance and other CDMA users out there! Edit: Typo corrected
  15. Please suggest how good LAVA EG932? Should I go for this or suggest some good CDMA (Reliance) +GSM handset below 10k I just need followings: 1) Incoming & Outgoing (Calling) Good Quality 2) SMS 3) Whatsapp 4) SD Card support 5) 3G CDMA 6) Full sync including contacts between handset & PC I wish if the handset support saving all data to SD so that speed does not decrease with time. - Regards - Thanks in advance
  16. Xiaomi CDMA?

    By now Xiaomi has become pretty popular in India and has launched several handsets in India. Any idea if they would be launching CDMA versions of those? Or are the current Xiaomi handsets a World phone?
  17. Dear friends, I bought this Haier E718 handset from snapdeal and using this for the past 3 months. Actually I bought this handset for my mother but seeing it's amazing voice clarity, good signal capturing and good battery backup, I gave my ZTE N919D to my mother (her secondary phone and using rarely) and I took this handset for me. Yes, believe me friends, this is the best voice clarity handset I have ever seen, I used, MTS Blaze 4, MTS Blaze 4.5, MTS Blaze 5 (ZTE N919D), HTC Desire XC, Xiaomi Redmi 1s CDMA, LG Volt LS740 etc. comparing to these handsets, this Haier E718 handset gives superb voice clarity with loud volume. So I can talk in noisy roads, fast moving vehicles without any hearing difficulty. In other words if your purpose is CDMA voice calling this is the best phone for you. Earpiece volume is crisp and clear with sufficient loud volume, better than the above handsets I had mentioned. No overheating, touch is smooth, no lagging, overall highly recommended for calling purpose. Seller : Snapdeal.com Price : Rs. 6245/- Shipping : Through BlueDart courier to Kerala, received on the 4th day of order. Packing : No extra protective box packing. Handset box was covered in snapdeal brand paper and plastic cover. Total size and weight of package was small. Accessories in the box : Charger with USB cable, headset, booklet, warranty card and a free screen protector. Phone Appearance : Good looking Build quality : satisfactory, but compared to "HTC Desire XC CDMA" it is poor. Display : Avarage 4.5 inch with 480 x 854 Pixels. Best size to keep in pants pocket Camera : Avarage Speakers : Good Perfomance : Avarage CDMA Signal Capturing : Best Battery backup : Good (only 1750mAh but I am getting 2 days with moderate call use, LG Volt LS740 is best in the above given list) Ringer Volume : Good. Loud and clear SIM Size : regular R-UIM and regular SIM. No need to cut short. No Flip cover or screen protector are available in the market. Ordinary plastic screen protector is included in the box. If tempered glass protector is required you can try "Xolo One" tempered glass protector, length is exact but breadth is 1 to 2 mm smaller (http://www.amazon.in/DEFENDER-Shatterproof-Protector-Disinfectant-Xolo/dp/B00SWSLYSO/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1426368757&sr=8-2&keywords=xolo+one+tempered+glass) If flip cover is required you can try "Xolo q800" flip cover. Needs some alterations, Volume key and Mini USB port cut with paper knife, speaker hole can make with hot soldering iron and lower extra length of back plate can be reduced by showing the lower (bottom) portion of backplate in hot heater or flame and folding the plastic inwards when it becomes soft. Call can accept or reject without opening the flip cover. Name or number can be seen through the square window. (http://www.amazon.in/Iway-Table-Caller-Cover-BLACK/dp/B00P0YMYUU/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1426323964&sr=8-3&keywords=xolo+q800+flip+cover) (One picture shows comparison of size with LG Volt and ZTE N919D. One picture with the above mentioned flipcover. Applied screen protector is different than mentioned)
  18. Hi RimWebians... I am sort of a newbie here.. I searched the whole forum for this topic but did not find anything related so made a new page. I have been trying to get CDMA RUIM working on recent Apple iPhones as iPhone 4 and 4S were the last iPhone I had made working and used on Reliance(via MEID Registeration). I have heard a lot about Verizon iPhone (Recent Ones - 5 5S 5C and Probably 6) work on CDMA RUIM maybe via tweaking or directly. Till now I have tried RUIM in Indian sets and US unlocked sets and can confirm non working. I met a man online who says he has tried RUIM in a Verizon Unlocked Phone and Calls and SMS work straight away. After researching more I came to know about a special sim that comes with MIN Programmed in it and you need to get your no. transferred over it (Via WebWorld). This sim when inserted in Verizon iPhone work with Data SMS and Calls all without any problems. Could someone throw some light on this matter. I tried searching over every area and wanted to know if the above is correct.If yes,then where can I buy these "Special SIM" that support data. I will be buying Verizon iPhone 5S and 5C accordingly. I have almost made my mind to order as it will work with GSM anyways but I want it to work with Reliance CDMA and with data if possible. Need Help from Experts. Thank You
  19. ZTE S183, also known as MTS Striker C132 , I used this handset with TATA DOCOMO OMH CDMA SIM for a month. Here are the pros & cons: PROS: Signal Strength: I worked in SEZ IT Park in Chennai and all operators (AirTel, Idea, Vodafone) lack proper coverage and whenever there is a coverage then you don't get proper signal strength but this handset never had signal and coverage related issues. This can be attributed to both TATA and this handset. Call Clarity: Crystal clear call quality, no speaker issues, other side also could hear my voice fine. Loud Ringtones: It rings quite loud, you will not have problems in hearing it. Some ringtones do ring low, you have to choose a louder ringtone. CONS: No Vibrational mode: This phone has no vibrational mode. Very disappointing and that was the reason I stopped using it Horrible Ringtones: Whatever ringtones are there, they are horrible ones. Wallpapers: very few wallpapers are there, I think 2 and they too are bad like ringtones No expandable memory: It has mp3 player but no SD card slot. Build Quality: Pretty cheap build quality. I have used Samsung SCH-B339 which I had for 1500/- and this phone stands nowhere near to that in quality manufacturing at 1300/-
  20. All about LG Tribute Sprint LS660 OMH

    The Free & Easiest way to get MSL/SPC OF LG TRIBUTE in 2-3 Minutes... Step 1: Signup/signin or use Amazon Account to Login on https://z60qpd32f89.ting.com/ Step 2: Click on Activate Tab & Enter Below Details (Keep Below Details Handy) MEID ICC ID Zip Code(i used 10018,New york it worked for me) Virtual Credit/debit Card Step 3: You will receive Mail with MSL/SPC. if you think above things are complicated,then you can buy MSL/SPC from below Link http://www.ebay.com/...n-/181624125269
  21. I want to buy a an Android CDMA handset with 1GB of RAM (or more), I will use it for the following features: Voice Calls and SMSs EVDO whatsapp chatting/sharing pics/videos etc. 24x7 (not 1x, original issue with 1x is discusssed here) Wi-Fi tethering Google Maps (I use GPS a lot) These are the major uses. I have airtel and I will port to tata docomo CDMA (not Reliance because my friend had Reliance CDMA few years back and I have seen their customer service, not much different from BSNL). I decided to switch to CDMA because of excellent call quality, signals rarely drop (at least in Hyderabad and wherever else I roam) and good EVDO connectivity, not to mention I am getting some severe headaches if I talk for long time on GSM. I used CDMA few years back and never had headaches even if I talked for 2 hours. 7K Budget, I can raise it to 12K if I get some really good handset which does not give me problems mentioned here I avoid imported handsets because I read a post about the disadvantages . Do these imported phones get updates for both apps and OS ?
  22. Hi Guys, I use Android GSM phone and I my 2G connection is ON whole day. I wanted to switch to CDMA. I have 2 questions: HANDSETS: First of all most of Android CDMA handsets are imported and I have heard imported handsets are prone to 1x/EVDO network issues. Imported hadsets are only good for making calls and sending SMSs, not for smoothness internet experience. Is it true ? NETWORK: In GSM I can use 2G while I can receive calls at the same time. 2G disconnects only if I am on live call. I read somewhere that if you use 1x/EVDO on CDMA handsets then when people try to call you, they will get busy tone. it true ? Wi-Fi Tethering: I use WiFi and WiFi tethering Google Maps: since Android versions on phones are out of date and no updates provided, will I get all Google Maps features and updates available on KitKat/latest/GSM versions ?
  23. Hi everyone, I just got a Xiaomi Redmi 1S and I have a problem with the CDMA slot. It is always without service and I dont know what to do to set it up so I can use both SIM cards. It is not a problem of the simcard cos I tried swapping them and it is always the one on the second slot which is without service. I made sure I have them both activated. Any idea why this coul be? Is it possible that the phone is defective os is it that i didnt set it up propperly? Please Help!!!!!!!
  24. Verizon's Novatel, ZTE and Pantech pocket routers are very popular in US. Initially, Novatel 2200 Jetpacks were based on NV mode programming only. Now the newer Novatel 4510, 4620L, 4620LE and 5510 are based on CDMA SIM slots. The ZTE 890L and Novatel 4620L/LE are global mode MiFi devices where any GSM SIM will work on the go. While Reliance 1x works instantly upon SIM insertion, Evdo does not connect and needs to be tweaked a little. And data on Tata Indicom does not work without these tweaks. Requirements for Reliance CDMA EVDO on SIM:- 1. We have to know the 8 digit HDR password of the RUIM before begining the process. 2. Download 4620L drivers. 3. Mifi should start installing various ports after installation of the driver 4. Using DFS, connect to status port and send SPC 000000 (the Jetpacks do not listen without this port) 5. Do not read or change any settings 6. Go to data and in HDR UID/Pass write A10000xxx@ in your HDR username, and the RUIM's 8 digit password in the password field. 7. Go to MIP section, without reading write A10000xxx or 'net' in the first profile, same in the RM NAI. 8. Reboot 9. Insert SIM and 3G connected. Requirements and procedure for EVDO on Tata Indicom Photon SIM:- 1. Using DFS, send SPC 000000 and go to MIP profile, enter 'internet' in the first profile and reboot. 2. After this change, any Tata SIM can be used since it has a universal MIP, unlike Reliance. (Any data pack with any denomination works) Note:- This is only for CDMA band of the Mifi. Router configuration is done by wifi by vz.hotspot or . GSM_WCDMA is global auto APN. ZTE 890L is fully unlocked and does not require any tweaking. This tutorial pertains to 4620L, 4620LE and 5510. None tested on MTS. Important update:- For Reliance, universal username/pass = net/net working for evdo on some firmwares and some firmwares need HDR username A1000xxx@hrpd.xxxx in first MIP profile in DFS and nothing else. HDR password is no longer required to work. Mifi4620_Drivers.zip
  25. Step 1: First Pls,go to https://www.facebook.com/DCUnl... And first like their page,so at the left side of the page in middle click on get free credits app with star golden symbol & follow the upcoming steps. 1)When you click on that free credits app with star golden symbol then with facebook symbol free credits will appear. 2)Then click on that facebook symbol free credits,after that it will ask for confirmation as ok or cancel,so press ok & continue. 3)Then,wait it will ask you to create a username,so create a username & see if it accepts & if it accepts it then a ok button will appear.just below it.Then,click on ok! 4)A message will appear as password is sent to your facebook email id address. 5)So,now login in to the email account which you use it for logging in with facebook,account.Then,in mail go to spam & you will see a message from dc unlocker with the password.Normally it would cost you 400Rs for getting those 4 credits,but dc unlocker is giving those 4 credits as a give away in fb for promotion! CAUTION: Pls don't blame or abuse me if something goes wrong.Mostly,it won't happen if you follow the steps clearly as being instructed.So,do it at your own risk! First of all before all this comment here your MEID in http://unlock4modem.in/unlock-...& Kamelsh Sir will provide you Firmware update code & also the dashboard update code,but ony sometimes Cdma dongles will ask for dashboard update code,but for sure they will ask Firmware update code! Step 2: Then go to https://yadi.sk/d/biVHl7E7L8W9... & download that 21.3 MB Dashboard file. Step 3: Then download DC-Unlocker - Huawei CDMA Modems Unlocker client v.1.0033 from https://forum.dc-unlocker.com/... Step 4: Read this instructions/tutorial on EC1561 unlocking from https://www.dc-unlocker.com/ec... ,but pls don't proceed.Just read it. Step 5:Extra Internet other than the Mts EC1561 should be connected.I my case I have connected extra 3g Internet from ovi suite using my Nokia 5230 phone with the help of usb cable! Step 5: Important Don't connect other dongles expect one dongle at a time i.e EC1561 only & also the extra internet should be connected like wifi or ovi suite 3g internet. Step 6: Pls be sure that default MTS EC1561 software is preinstalled in your laptop successfully without any errors,if not sort it out & reinstall it. Step 7: Now,remove your EC1561 from your laptop! Step 8:Now,pls be sure that you have connected that extra internet from wifi or using like what I have said in step 5! Step 9: Now Run the downloaded DC-Unlocker - Huawei CDMA Modems Unlocker client as administrator in your laptop. Step 10: Open User Account data tab, enter your username and password that you received after credits purchase. Click "Check account status". Step 11: Now,Navigate to Help tab and click Access support area,You should be redirected to support area website! Step 12: Type "ec156" in search field and hit enter! Step 13: Select "EC156_Firmware_TCPUR001B106D00SP06C000(Normal).zip" then click on download button,for your reference if you are confused have a look at the tutorial as what I had mentioned in Step 4! Step 14:Now extract it and keep the extracted two files in a single folder along with the .bin file! Step 15: Now,close DC-Unlocker - Huawei CDMA Modems Unlocker & then disconnect from the extra internet & also remove the extra usb cables if used for extra internet connection. Step 16: Now reconnect your dongle & close the default opening mts dashboard.But,be sure that there is no cdma sim inserted inside the dongle,then read Step 21 before proceeding next step! Step 17: Run the downloaded file and update the firmware of your EC156 Data card EC156Update_11., by putting a check mark on I accept the agreement and clicking Next button. Step 18: On the following window put a check on Auto remove the device after update and click Next! Step 19: Read Warning message on the next window and pay attention to things you should be aware during update. Then click Start button. Step 20: After you click Start button, other window should appear where you need to enter password to proceed with the update.Enter the firmware update code provided by the Kamlesh sir & wait for it to complete.During flashing sometimes default MTS Dashboard sofware will open automatically,if it does close that default MTS Dashboard sofware & leave it & wait for successfull completion of flashing.After successfull completion,click finish! Step 21: If in any case it didn't start to update the firmware or struck inbetween,then pls don't panic.Wait until it displays some error message.Normally it would take 1 hour to display that error message or in your case it may take extra.Don't unplug your dongle until you get that error message.If at all if you unplug your dongle in the middle of the update process or your laptop switched off because of power shortage in between the process then for sure I can say your dongle will not work again.So,please follow it strictly! Step 22: If step 22 errors occurs,then the latest Huawei drivers fromhttp://modemsolution.com/downl... And,then again repeat the steps from Step 16 to Step 20,you will for sure now be successfull! Step 23: Now after successfull firmware flashing you should now Flash your dashboard also which you downloaded in step 2.Kindly do it & in rare cases only it will ask for Dashboard update code. Step 24:Now after successfull firmware & dashboard update,kindly unplug the EC1561 from the laptop. Step 25: Now manually remove/uninstall the default mts software from your system/laptop! Step 26: Now again recconect EC1561 & install the Huawei modem 3.5 software. Step 27: Now close the default opening Huawei modem 3.5 sofware before proceeding next step. Step 28: Again now follow steps from step 8 to step 10! Step 29: After logging in to the Dc unlocker server,you can see that 4 credits are in your account/server! For pics again refer to tutorial from https://www.dc-unlocker.com/ec... Step 30: Now proceed to Modems tab & Select EC156 from the list! Step 31:And then click Detect device! Step 32: Wait till DC-Unlocker Huawei CDMA Modems Unlocker software fully detects device! Step 33: Open Unlock tab and click Unlock button, wait till you see message that modem is unlocked. a)Ruim preffered means Default Mts & also the Network of the cdma sim which you are inserting will also work! b)Ruim Only means only the Network of the other cdma sim which you are inserting will work! c)NV only: Again wantedly locking your device & if you do so only Default Mts network will work! Above mentioned a,b & c can choosed by you according to your own preferences.But,personally I will prefer option (a) as my Ruim settings! Not to worry these Ruim settings can be chaged infinity number of times,because DC-Unlocker - Huawei CDMA Modems Unlocker client is programmed in a way that 4 credits can be used for 1 dongle & whereas the unlock attempts for that single dongle is infinity! Only Cdma sims will work after unlocking EC1561.But,I am still yet to check,whether cdma network of other operators is working in my dongle.I currently have no cdma sim to check.I highly doubt that Bsnl evdo sim will work,because I have heared some where that after unlocking EC1561 only Bsnl evdo sim will work on only Bsnl's 1x network & not on Bsnl's evdo network.But,I have heared that other network cdma sims except Bsnl Evdo will work.If you can & if you have any cdma sims,pls check & reply about which cdma sims are working.I will buy Bsnl EVDO new sim if you confirm me that Bsnl EVDO sim is flawlessly connecting to Bsnl's Evdo Network rather than Bsnl's 1x Network.Also pls state the coverage support of this EC1561 & also if you have/using Bsnl evdo sim pls state how far you are staying from Bsnl's Evdo Tower. If your EC1561 still fails to unlock after following the above steps then,pls reply back in English I will try my best to sort it out!