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  1. Meeting Of Titans... Lets Arrange....

    I have never been to such meets..Anyways what is done during these meets ? eating ..or going for some adventure or what ??
  2. Parents Can Spy On Kids’ Mobile Phones

    invasion of privacy..
  3. Sms Caster V 3.6

    whats the password for the rar archive?
  4. is this scheme applicable everywhere in india ??
  5. Yap, the advt is being shown on tv..
  6. Send Free Sms World Wide

    The "send free sms" thread !
  7. price decrease in call rates in lifetime plans is needful
  8. Which Is The Best For Evdo Now?

    At present, reliance is the best for evdo.. Bsnl evdo comes next.
  9. New Tariff Cutter Introduced For Gsm Subscribers

    I hope its not a April fool's prank lol.
  10. I am somewhat happy..will change my ec121
  11. Seriously man, no good sms plans at all. All existing ones ****. If this continues i am gonna shift to bsnl sometime.
  12. Hi guys.. I have the Huawei EC 121 usb modem.. Any idea if this can be exchanged or replaced for the new 3.1Mbps one ?