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  1. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    i subscribed to unlimited 999 plan for 40 GB on 11/4/2016. according to trai, the plan should not change till 6 months but in the previous billing cycle from 22/8/16 the plan was changed to ₹700 3GB plan. when i complained thro pg portal, i got the following reply. what shall i do? can i escalate this? how? kindly advise. DOTEL_E_2016_33115_1.pdf
  2. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    tamilnadu circle, lte works in my reliance 4g sim. postpaid. but my old cdma dongle not receiving any signal since wed. new data 4g sim too not working if i use it in mobile. i dont have wipod 4g. does any one of tamilnadu datacard users have their 4g sim activated? if so, same plan? Update: it started working the next day.
  3. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    In tamilnadu, my datacard is no longer getting pro3 signal. it is working in 1x mode since today morning. it is useless to browse like this. can i get rental rebate for deficiency of service till the 4g network is ready and running?
  4. Reliance CDMA Network Upgrade To 4G LTE

    in tamilnadu, my cdma sim stopped working today morning. the 4G sim started working. Only 2G. but it shows roaming. im in home circle and why does it show roaming?
  5. has jio started giving datacard device? when can we expect to lay our hands on it?
  6. Which Reliance Dongle To Buy Now?

    I'm from tamilnadu circle. the reliance datacard costs ₹2699 with a 15% discount online. i just purchased the revB datacard two months back and so called customer care for discount. they said new datacard is available in stores for ₹899. is it true? can anyone confirm having purchased it from the stores?
  7. Verizon Nokia Lumia 822 CDMA Works On GSM SIM!

    after denim update i get 3g on the screen near the signal tower. i get this only after the denim update. does that mean that we can now configure to use it for reliance data?
  8. Verizon Nokia Lumia 822 CDMA Works On GSM SIM!

    my handset worked for data and sms out of the box. but when i updated the firmware and OS OTA, the latest firmware locked the sms function. the portico update blocks the sms function and i am no longer able to send sms. so kindly dont update untill a way is found to make the sms work. if anyone has made this work in reliance, kindly let me know.
  9. Verizon Nokia Lumia 822 CDMA Works On GSM SIM!

    is it possible to activate reliance number in lumia 822? i have a lumia 822 and want to use it on reliance. if it is possible, kindly guide me how to do it. thanks..
  10. Any New Releases From Nokia in CDMA?

    I would like to purchase lumia 822 if it can be made available on rimweb. It is available on ebay but i dont know if the gsm is unlocked and if it can be programmed for reliance. I want a cdma+gsm handset with windows phone 8 OS. Can someone help me to get it? thanks.
  11. Any New Releases From Nokia in CDMA?

    can lumia 822 from verizon be used with reliance? will this be available on rimweb?
  12. Kindly suggest the best global phone to buy. current or upcoming handsets. handsets with windows phone 7 or android OS preferred. budget is not a constraint. thanks.
  13. When searching for moto xt800 I came across moto xt882 on the internet. but not released in india yet. when will this become available?
  14. thanks. is it available on rimweb? price? evdo working?
  15. is this phone worth the price? I am looking for cdma+gsm handset. can i go for it?
  16. Samsung Max Available With Reliance

    hi, i would like to buy this phone. it is not available in erode, tamilnadu. it is not available in webworld either. pls can anyone tell me how to get this handset online or otherwise in tamilnadu?
  17. Latest s/w versions Of Lg Phones

    version 11. only the international roaming has been added. nothing else has been changed or updated.
  18. Freedom@night Plan

    hai, As i already told you i received the bill where both 290 and 400 are charged. i told the cc guys and they registered a complaint. got a call from billing section yesterday and today got the message that the problem has been rectified and the extra amount has been withdrawn. well, this time they have acted fast enough and i should appreciated them, though they made the error in the first place. madhi.
  19. Freedom@night Plan

    I too got the same billing this month. charged 400+290, which is not right. I called the customer care and they have registered a complaint. said they will look into it and will get back to me later. Hope they get the billing right now onwards. madhi
  20. Freedom@night Plan

    i get around 15 kBps during download. max around 17 kBps. i use fwp lg 350R. the speed depends on the handset. i earlier had lg 2030 and it gave speeds you have mentioned. i got increased speeds with lg 7230 and lg 350R. if you are a late sleeper, this plan is a good one. but they can increase the time duration. they allow just eight hours. madhi.
  21. 16p/min

    i use rconnect regularly in tamilnadu and the speed is not bad. during downloads, the speed stays around 15-16 KBps. i think that is not bad at all. the web pages too are not slow. i am using freedom at night and considering you dont sleep early, this is a good plan as it is unlimited. madhi.
  22. Exclusive Ringtones charged?

    that option is also available on 7230. a message states that charges would apply. i think it is charged.
  23. Sms outgoing problem

    i wuld like to update on this..... the motherboard was changed with no change in the problem status, though the phone booted fast this time. i reported as such to the lg people and they offered to replace the handset with a new model. they offered me 5130 which i rejected and told them i wanted only a fliptype model. so they have replaced the handset with 7230 now. i got the handset on saturday. hope this has no sms problems. i want the usb data cable for this model. is the cable from the rimweb shopping ok for photo transfer? do anyone have the original datatcable and willing to give me one? my no. is 9362024113.
  24. Sms outgoing problem

    hai guys, i wrote to the chairman regarding the sms outgoing problem. a person from LG spoke to me and got all the details about the problem. when i told him that all the phones in this model have this problem he did not accept that. he called me later to tell me that he would change the motherboard of the phone. this will be done in two days. hope the problem is solved. has anyone got this problem solved?