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  1. RAM

    Hynix is best ram available it the market. Using it with a long time without any problem. Even IBM uses Hynix for the ram in its server computers.
  2. Thanks Basant and Kushal for the ringtones.
  3. Can anyone upload the MP3 ringtones of new movie jaaneman????
  4. I have checked today and my blog on wordpress is also blocked. This is a very bad either I say foolish decision and it should be protested strongly.
  5. This is very nice tone and loud also. Thanks for sharing it.
  6. Please Advise A Gsm Handset

    Just take a Sony Ericsson K750i. I have purchased it Rs. 11750/- and believe me no phone can beat this at this time in this price range. This is the best phone ever launched.
  7. I have also used RIM for one year and than I have shifted to GSM 2 months ago. Now I am more happy than earlier. I have a Sony Ericsson K750i ( Rs. 11750/-), believe me it is the best phone ever launched untill today. It has saved my money which I was going to spent on a Digicam( if you don't believe check my album http://www.flickr.com/photos/deependra ). We can't wait so long for such types of phones in CDMA or I should say we can only dream of. Now a days there is not so much of difference in call rates of GSM and CDMA. There are a lot of SMS packs, low rates packs avaible in all GSM operators. So after 2 months of experience of shift from CDMA to GSM I have no regret and I can suggest anyone for the same.
  8. Rediffmail Beta - Reviews

    I don't have a rediffmail account and I don't want it. I have gmail. Is there anything which I have to say now.
  9. Digital Cameras... Everything Under The Sun.

    Last week I have purchased Sony Ericsson K750i and after seeing the pictures it seems that I can hold the decision of purchasing a digicam for some months at least.
  10. Nokia 6265 CDMA Launched on Reliance Mobile now !

    I have already posted the news of Nokia exiting from CDMA on June 23rd itself. http://www.rimweb.in/forums/index.php?showtopic=6841
  11. Nokia Exiting From Cdma Handset Production !

    All over the world.
  12. Hi Friends. Today I have read this bad news. See what happens. Nokia to stop CDMA phone production Financial Express, Reuters FINLAND, JUNE 22: Nokia, the world's largest mobile phone maker, said it would stop making phones using the CDMA standard and had scrapped plans to produce them with Japan's Sanyo Electric Co. The Finnish company said on Thursday it would pull out of CDMA phone manufacturing, which it sees as a shrinking market in the longer term, though it will continue to offer to sell Nokia rebranded CDMA phones produced by contract manufacturers in the North American market, where the standard is popular. CDMA is the less popular wireless telephony technology, used by around 25 to 30% of all mobile phone subscribers, and competes with the GSM standard used by around 70% of the world's 2 billion wireless subscribers. Though Nokia holds the number one spot in global handset sales, built on its strength in GSM which it helped to invent, the Finnish company has trailed in CDMA. The Nokia/Sanyo venture, announced in February, had been intended to develop and make mobile phones using CDMA, which dominates in the United States and is popular in parts of Latin America and Asia including Japan, India and China "It's a purely pragmatic business decision and we part as friends", Kai Oistamo, head of Nokia's Mobile Phones business unit said. "Together, Sanyo and Nokia together would have been close to the No. 1 CDMA handset manufacturer. Assuming good growth we would have had a viable position. But prospects in CDMA are declining," Oistamo said. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. is the leading CDMA handset manufacturer by number of handsets sold. Nokia said it will take a 150 million euro ($190 million) charge in its third-quarter accounts for restructuring its CDMA operations expects the changes to boost its operating margins. It will end its own CDMA research and manufacturing by next April and is reviewing the options for its CDMA infrastructure and assets, after deciding against the Sanyo venture.
  13. Hutch SMS offer

    why are u posting hutch topics in RIM POSTPAID section.
  14. For those persons who are comparing the GSM with CDMA I wll also add my 2 cents here - There are two main technoloy for mobiles in world. One is CDMA(Code Division Multilple Access) and other is TDMA(Time Division Multilple Access). The CDMA technoloy is more advanced and new than TDMA. There are two STANDARDS for mobiles in the world. One is GSM and other is CDMA. GSM standard uses TDMA technoloy while CDMA standard uses CDMA technology. So one should clearly understand the difference between STANDARDS and TECHNOLOGY. But now comes W-CDMA which is a next generation GSM standard which will use CDMA technology. So we can say that in near future the difference between GSM and CDMA in the regard of technlogy comparision will end. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  15. Today I have read in Times of India that AA planning for spending Rs. 1600 Crore on GSM Expansion. This is big amount. Nobody knows what is in his mind????