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  1. I live in a village and BSNL does not provide cable wired phones. We only have BSNL WLL fixed lines. the internet is very slow. I also run a school for charity and want to give the village kids experience of the internet from our computer lab. our classroom practical period is limited to just one hour and having slow speed internet will not help. We live 5 kms away from the BSNL tower and now we want to have broadband connectivity. I wrote to the Ministry of Communications, CMD BSNL, Mrs.Sonia Gandhi, Dr. Manmohan Singh and also Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh about why our village is not covered under broadband and I am still awaiting a reply from them. In the mean time, I did my own research on Wireless Broadband Point to Point Connectivity which involves 2.4Ghz - 54 MBPS, 26 DBM outdoor unit wireless radio with power over ethernet and 24 dbi semiparabolic antenna along with cabling etc., will come to Rs.34850/-. This amount also includes installation, pipe fixing, cable laying, base station and antenna fixing and congifuration etc., The company from Chennai gave me this quote. My question is that is there any way that we can reduce the cost by involving some equipment where we can drawn the broadband freqency? Your smart anwers are really appreciated. This will help us reduce the initial cost. Could you please give me the addresses / contacts where I can get in little lower rates?
  2. Inspiron 1525 Laptop Sim Slot

    I too have the same problem. We need some more tech,. support on this line. Any one please help. Tiried of DELL tech. support.
  3. Inspiron 1525 Laptop Sim Slot

    Dear Sadikk, Greetings and finally I have someone on earth who knows the reason why it is there. COuld you further explore to let me know which operator (like AIRTEL, VODAFONE) configures well with DELL. What type of changes I need to make on my laptop to get connected to the EDGE / GPRS. Very much looking forward for your valuable response.
  4. I have Inspiron 1525 and discovered that I have SIM slot under the battery compartment. Got excited to know more. Called DELL which is HELL getting the toll free number and technical support. Finally got the tech.support and they say that this is only in UK. Why on earth then this laptop sold with this feature in India? Any one can give me tech. support and advice what is the use of SIM Slot in the laptop and which operators SIM can be inserted to make the best use of it?
  5. After Spice : Driven By Your Satisfaction

    Hi this is Jaideep Mukherji. Unfortunate to know about the D88n. I am also a victim of the same but with different problem. I purchased a mobile on july 7, 2008 1. The mobile started hanging up and nothing functioned just after four months from the date of purchase. It turns on automatically and off automatically. I did not find any solution except that I remove the battery and keep in the box to visit the nearest spice mobile service center which is 100 kms from our town. 2. They got it fixed within an hour and I assumed that this is the best company for service I could ever depend since they could get it repaired within an hour since it is also under warranty. All of that went shattered until some thing happened to me. 3. After a while in the last week of December I had a new problem. The display went blank all of a sudden and nothing showed on the screen. Took the same to the same service center and deposited the same on 7/1/09 with job sheet number 478 and until this day I am running from pillar to post but no reply. I insisted that either I get a new mobile piece or full refund. The company choose to give a new mobile but till now I am still waiting. Today evening I just called the Banglaore office and was little upset with the Regional manager and he promised me to send the mobile tommorrow. Will get back to you again on the feedback. As a result of this, I lost my whole phone book, important codes on the sms, and many more. Is it worth risk taking to buy this mobile? Based on my experience, never buy any mobile which just launched into the market since it might always have problems and needs patches except that you want to risk and try it out yourself.
  6. I need to make a decision to buy a mobile for the following features. I am a postpaid customer. 1. Want to connect to the internet to the laptop while traveling ONLY. 2. Sync my phonebook with my laptop 3. Send sms through laptop 4. Need to have a good battery time.