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  1. Reliance GSM Mobile Net Plans are not free now in Roaming?

    dude... i had delhi prepaid gsm number and i was using mobile net thru it from past 1 year in my college in up west circle... but suddenly on 1st sept when i connected my balance got deducted... there is still 1.5Gb data left in my account which is valid till 20th sept,2011 but wheneva i connect my balance got deducted.... i m presently in up west...
  2. AIRCEL delhi offers calls to US/CANADA:1p/sec at 57RC for 1 month..... IDEA DELHI offers same 1P/SEC at 59RC....
  3. thnx 4 info.. but i m still confused bout docomo incoming charges in UP east... because vodafone and reliance gsm n cdma is giving free incoming in UP east circle from past 3-4 yrs... this is vice versa true for UP east subscribers....
  4. I want to buy new docomo prepaid number of UP west circle... can anyone tell me what are roaming incoming and outgoing charges in UP east and in delhi.... thnx in advance...
  5. Reliance Launches Rs.49 Unlimited R-2-R Calling Pack

    anyone sure about this plan launched in DELHI/NCR circle too in RGSM... and does it has any cap of mins/sec????
  6. hello... i am using nokia c3... every app like nokia mail,community,chat etc... everything working fine... but i m not getting homescreen updates of twitter n facebook... if i open communities app... its working fine but can anyone help me out... why i am not getting facebook and twitter updates of my account on homescreen... tried "RESTORE MY SETTINGS" but still of no use???i am only getting "waiting" in that middle box
  7. Roaming Charges May Go Soon!

    seen same article in todays TOI also...
  8. seen on twitter... The new Nokia C3 is coming to India next week. Check out our product page to learn all about the C3! http://fb.me/wC2v7V9x by nokia india.... and also confirmed on nokia's website... the coming soon tab has been removed from it...
  9. same for delhi circle also... confirmed with CC... i guess very soon they will remove sms @1p in roaming too...
  10. R-Club In Reliance GSM

    @mukeshlst: this plan is still better than delhi's R-Club... coz of per second billing for local calls both group as well as others... STD also cheap... and in delhi only group calls r free @ nite not all onnet...
  11. R-Club In Reliance GSM

    I GOT SMS from reliance. on recharge of 47 u will become a R-Club member for 30 days... BENEFITS: CLUB-CLUB local calls @10p/mins during day and free at night i.e from 11pm-6am all local calls i.e offnet and onnet {other than CLUB} @30p/mins[I GUESS RGSM IS THE FIRST GSM OPERATOR IN DELHI CIRCLE TO START LOCAL CALLS@30P/MIN] ALL STD@60P/MIN confirmed with CC guys... this plan works only in home circle..."NOT IN ROAMING" ... in roaming ur existing call tariffs will work... after expiration of tariff validity u will switch back to ur existing plan... is it launched only in delhi circle or pan-india???
  12. 1.11 LOCAL/STD MINS @Rs5 2.60 LOCAL IDEA NIGHT MINS @Rs.5 3.125 LOCAL/STD SMS @Rs 5
  13. Question About Samsung Champ

    can i use samsung champ as a modem to connect net in my laptop thru samsung kies???
  14. Reliance SMS Blackout Days

    just going through reliance website and i found reliance too had made list of blackout days for 2010 for new suscribers...+"From 20thAug'10 onwards, all new Sms Pack subscribers shall not get the pack benefits on 5 mentioned Blackout Days". For referring to the Blackout Days for your circle http://www.rcom.co.in/Rcom/personal/prepaid/pdf/Blackout_Days.pdf