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  1. VoWifi

    I understand that Lyf phone do support VoWifi so does many other phone. If I am not wrong, Service Provider needs to enable it for their network before you can make call over Wifi. For e.g., Google FI allows users to make calls even where there is no cellular network.
  2. Does Reliance JIO support VoWifi? My house is surrounded by big buildings and signal quality is terrible. Will I be able to make calls over my broadband connection or it has to over JIO Wifi only?
  3. All the Gurus, Don't be pissed at me if you have already answered this. I have read about methods to enable Reliance CDMA on Nexus 5 D820 but as MEID Registration is no longer supported I don't think this is a viable option any more. 1) I would like to know if there is any way to enable RUIM support for Reliance or MTS RUIMs on my Nexus 5? 2) This might be a stupid question, but anyways: Will installing custom ROM like Cyanogenmod help to enable RUIM Support? Thanks, Prakritish
  4. BSNL Slashes 3G Data Pricing

    3.2.1 3G Postpaid Data Plans & Prepaid Data Recharge Vouchers a) 3G Postpaid Data Plans FMC/Data RCV in Rs.(Service Tax Extra) Day/Any time usage in GB Night * usage in GB Total bundled free Usage in GB Validity (days)** Data Charges in Rs./MB*** (except APN 'bsnlstream') Data Charges in Rs./MB***(For APN bsnlstream) 299 199 for 90 days w.e.f. 22.09.2010 0.50 -- 0.50 30 0.50 0.25 399 319 1 -- 1 30 0.50 0.25 549 1 5 6 30 0.50 0.25 649 519 2 -- 2 30 0.50 0.25 999 10 -- 10 30 0.50 0.25 1359 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 30 -- -- Source: http://www.bsnl.in/service/3G/3G_files/3g.htm 3G Prepaid Data Plans FMC/Data RCV in Rs.(Inclusive Service Tax) Day/Any time usage in GB Night * usage in GB Total bundled free Usage in GB Validity (days)** Data Charges in Rs./MB*** (except APN 'bsnlstream') Data Charges in Rs./MB***(For APN bsnlstream) 275 222 0.50 -- 0.50 30 0.50 0.25 440 352 1 -- 1 30 0.50 0.25 606 1 5 6 30 0.50 0.25 716 572 2 -- 2 30 0.50 0.25 1102 10 -- 10 30 0.50 0.25 1499 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 30 -- -- *11.00 PM to 07.00 AM
  5. Even before the competition has set their foot in, BSNL seems to be gearing up for the battle for 3G supremacy. The company has just announced a revision of its pricing for its unlimited plans for prepaid and post paid subscribers. The fixed charge applicable for post paid customers has been sharply reduced to Rs. 1,359 from the earlier Rs. 2,499. As for pre paid users, recharge vouchers which now cost Rs. 1,499 from the earlier Rs. 2,756. If that was not all, there are brand new short term validity vouchers announced. These cost Rs. 10, Rs. 25 and Rs. 50 which offer 20MB worth of data download for one day, 25 MB for three days and 100MB worth of data download for seven days respectively. These new tariffs would be valid starting September 22. Source: http://www.techtree.com/India/News/BSNL_Slashes_3G_Data_Pricing/551-112901-613.html
  6. Hi, I am a new user of BSNL 3G Service. I am really not sure how I can charge my mobiles with STVs without visiting BSNL Customer Care Office. I tried using BSNL Portal, Oxicash & HDFC Bank without success. Is there any option available online for BSNL STVs (Karnataka Circle)? I read some where that for Kolkata circle we can send SMS like STV98 to 53738 as long as you have sufficient balance and the amount gets converted to STV. Thanks in advance!
  7. I am using BSNL 3G Service on Samsung B7320. Though I am able to access 3G Service, I am unable to get 3GTV working on it. Any help in setting up my mobile for 3GTV will be higly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. Details available at http://www.bsnl.co.in/service/bbtariff/unlimited_combo_home.htm
  9. Samsung Omnia Pro B7320

    After 3 weeks of calling, mailing and visiting reliance outlet - I guess free Data connection was enabled for my phone... My suggestion - contact service assurance cell
  10. Anybody has any idea about this offer i.e., "5GB Data Download per month for 6 months with Samsung Omnia Pro B7320" applicable for Reliance GSM Prepaid/Postpaid? (See attached screenshot). I purchased this phone i.e., Samsung Omnia Pro B7320 last week, and since then I have been running pillar to post to get this offer activated for my no. None of the call centre guys can give satisfactory reply... they just put me on hold... If anybody can send me a softcopy of this ad (was in News Paper) or let me know how I can get this activated... it will be very helpful. Thanks
  11. Samsung Omnia Pro B7320

    Can somebody write a review on Samsung Omnia Pro B7320? I am planning to buy one... Any feedback will be highly helpful.
  12. Call Recording Software

    Is there any "Call Recording" software available for Nokia S40 Series phones? I have been searching the internet but couldn't find a single software that works on S40. All the recording softwares available are for S60 series.
  13. Google Voice

    I log into my US Office VPN
  14. Google Voice

    Google Voice was previously known as Grand Central. Google acquired the company and relaunched the service as Google Voice on March 11, 2009. It's a great service - I have been using it since Nov. 2006. This service is meant for US only and previously registration was possible only from US based IP Addresses (Grand Central days). You get a free PSTN no. for life. The service was originally meant as call forwarding service i.e., if any body called you at the GC no., the call would get forwarded to all your registered numbers like cell/office/home/gizmo etc and as a beta user we had the option of calling any US and Canada nos. for free. The calls had to be originated from the web or wap. You can specify the no. to call and select one of ypur registered no. GC/Google Voice would call you first and once you pick up the phone, it will call the destination no. and bridge the call.
  15. Help - Sharing Internet On Pc

    I have not tried this with multiple computers (more than 2), but theoretically it might be possible... Try using MS Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on the main computer and use a Hub or Switch to connect the other computers to the main one.