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  1. i dont think they even bother to say that .First of all they dont have any sence of humour . and moreover they r having problems of their own
  2. Rworld On Brew Platform

    BREW is propreitory software but slowly Quallcomm is slowly opening it up . Its the next big thing to be happening in mobiles .Qualcomm is opening authourized training centres in india from march . So all those guys who are interested may join their courses.

    I think the saathiya ringtone is the most used ringtone.But I used to like tears in heaven but its no longer available
  4. Ip Adress Thro Rconnect....

    CAn anyone tell me how to find out the ip when using R- world
  5. Voice Ringtone For RIM phones

    forget all that then how was the bird rintone made what instument was it and how can we make similar ones
  6. Gtran vs Lg5130

    Well did anyone buy this phone as yet
  7. Voice Ringtone For RIM phones

    Then how could u upload the bird ringtone ?I enjoyed it a lot can u add a few more like that

    1 member is celebrating his/her birthday today anilk1111(20) happy birthday
  9. LG LSP 340E Secret Service Menu

    maybe the 6 digit code varies from circle to circle.And vishal where did u get the code from??
  10. Lg Rd 2030 Gets Switched Off Automatically...

    Yes thats what i meant it could bend very easily , the poblem started when i had an accident and my phone battery started giving me problems cos the battery dint sit propery onto the phone
  11. Lg Rd 2030 Gets Switched Off Automatically...

    Well the probelem is with the cell design.When they made it they made it quite flexible and there is some gap between the phone back where they have the sticker with some bar code and the battery .When some pressure is applied on the batery somewhere Just below the clip with arrow pointing upwards on the battery the battery bends and contacts stop touching the battery. Atleast this is the problem i had after i dropped it a few times. The best soultion to avoid it is to fold a peice of paper place it betwwen ur phone and battery make sure its not too thick and make sure u dont block the contacts with the paper. Hope this post solves ur problem
  12. u can do so using the psm player
  13. I think reliance is putting some pressure on TRAI so its getting away scot free.Anyway when the other operators give them a wake up call they will put pressure on reliance then t will implement it
  14. Lg2030 Antenna

    I found that my phone works the same with or w/o the antenna.May be it helps a bit but i think its not worth mentioning.ANd talking bout health hazards dont keep ur phone in back pocket of tight jeans cos i have a friend who kept it in his back pocket and it tore .
  15. Oh performance enhancement !!!!!! i thought something else