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  1. Need To Change The Handset.

    @^ Thanks for the information.
  2. Need To Change The Handset.

    Could u please explain it in little detail. thx.
  3. Need To Change The Handset.

    Yeah, I am want kno how to transfer the number. The present set doesn't have any simcard. This set was a gift so I don't have the id of my friend who had given me this set.
  4. Need To Change The Handset.

    Hi frnds, I am having one LG CDMA Reliance phone without simcard. I am now fed up with this old set and I want to change the handset. Can somebdy suggest me some way to do this? Thanks in anticipation. rgds V
  5. I am a new user i have a small question. Whether OnNet means CDMA to GSM (both of reliance)?