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  1. It is a CDMA + GSM phone. EVDO Rev.A data is working with CDMA R-UIM. 1x signal strength and EVDO signal strength are showing seperately in the notification bar (at the time of photograph phone was set in "1x only" mode, so not showing in the given pictures, 1x only, EVDO only and hybrid mode can be selected in the SIM manager). When using data with GSM SIM, only 2G is working, no 3G, "E" symbol (Edge) showing when data is transferred. Can manually add CDMA and GSM APNs (access point name). When I put T24 GSM SIM, APN is not added automatically, so I entered manually and it is working well.
  2. List of CDMA + GSM Handsets

    Haier E718.CDMA + GSM android handset. Now I am using this. A good CDMA + GSM phone for voice calling. Superb voice clarity with excellent battery backup. http://www.snapdeal.com/product/haier-e718/1369893437
  3. Review: MTS Blaze 5 CDMA+GSM Dual SIM Android

    Use the coupon code OXIGEN2020 and buy this handset (ZTE N919D) from Ebay for Rs. 5600/-
  4. Unlocked MTS Blaze 5 for Rs. 5999/- Use coupon code EBAYTYROO1 to get 10% off http://www.ebay.in/itm/MTS-Blaze-5-0-Dual-mode-CDMA-GSM-Smartphone-Android-with-1Lac-MB-data-offer-/151461048885?pt=IN_Mobile_Phones&hash=item2343c83235 Unlocked MTS Blaze 4.5 for Rs. 5199/- Use coupon code EBAYTYROO1 to get 10% off http://www.ebay.in/itm/MTS-CDMA-GSM-Blaze-4-5-unlocked-smartphone-Android-4-5-Dual-Mode-GSM-CDMA-/151293734185?pt=IN_Mobile_Phones&hash=item2339cf2d29 Unlocked MTS Blaze 4 for Rs. 3199/- Use coupon code EBAYTYROO1 to get 10% off http://www.ebay.in/itm/MTS-Blaze-4-0-Dual-mode-CDMA-GSM-Smartphone-Android-ZTE-N799D-/151299341021?pt=IN_Mobile_Phones&hash=item233a24badd
  5. I have a Xiaomi Redmi 1s CDMA phone. Incoming calls are not coming to this phone. When an incoming call is coming, this phone not rings or shows incoming number (no indication of incoming call) and in the calling phone, the caller gets a reply "The Dialled Number Is Busy". Calls are going from this phone to other phones without any problem and CDMA data is working. I tried MTS CDMA, TATA GSM, BSNL GSM and AIRTEL GSM, all these sims when calling from other numbers replies as "Number Busy". I tried many ways with CDMA SIM only, GSM SIM only and with both sims and when CDMA data is connected and disconnected but nothing successful, always the number busy reply. Only indication I found is that when CDMA data is connected, when a call comes, then the EVDO signal level symbol blinks. Trying to resolve this problem.
  6. "PUDINI" brand flip cover for 'Huawei Honor Holly' fits for MTS Blaze 5. Everything matching except volume key and mini USB port. We have to make a hole for volume key and USB port with a hot soldering iron. These holes hides inside the hinge portion of the flip cover. So no one can identify the aesthetic defect of these holes. I bought this cover from Ebay, for Rs 375. The upper large window of this cover is protected with transparent plastic to see the incoming call and lower window is open hole to slide to accept or reject call.
  7. MTS Blaze 5 is again available on Ebay for Rs. 5999 http://www.ebay.in/itm/MTS-Blaze-5-0-Dual-mode-CDMA-GSM-Smartphone-Android-with-1Lac-MB-data-offer-/151464259302?pt=IN_Mobile_Phones&hash=item2343f92ee6
  8. Blaze 4.5 is selling at Rs.5199. Thank you Deepak Shankar for showing the typo error.
  9. @Prasad Mayya Yes, but not in the 1x full speed. 1x full speed is 144kbps = 18kBps (b-bits, B-bytes). I am getting variable speeds from 8kBps to 13kBps.
  10. @ ni0987 I am using this smart phone sim with unlocked huawei ec306 rev B (3.5G) modem for the past 6 months. There is no restriction. At the time of activation recharge for Rs.198 to start this offer. MTS gives 10 GB data for every 30 days in 3.5G speeds and after 10GB usage speed reduces to 2G. The validity of free data is only for 30 days. You should do a data carry forward recharge before validity ends (before expiry date and time). If you are not doing the carry forward recharge before the date and time, the free offer will be lost permanently. So this is very important to recharge with in the validity period of data. The next validity stars from date of recharge, that is if expiry date is November 20 and you are doing recharge on November 5, you will get next validity up to December 4 (not up to December 19). Here in Kerala the carry forward recharge is Rs.196 for 30 days and Rs.351 for 60 days. In other circles this amount is different. For Rs.351 the validity is extended to 60 days but for the first 30 days you will get 10GB 3.5G speed data, if 10 GB is used before 30 days then speed is reduced to 2G and 31st day onwards you will get another 10 GB data in 3.G speeds. Modem settings Access number #777 Username internet@internet.mtsindia.in Password MTS
  11. @ramtech If signal strength is low, use Huawei EC306 CDMA EVDO Rev B USB Modem which has external antenna socket (CRC9 jack) and a CDMA external antenna with CRC9 plug. see the below Ebay links http://www.ebay.in/itm/Brand-NEW-Unlocked-Huawei-EC306-CDMA-EVDO-Rev-B-USB-Modem-EC315-EC122-EC156-/161432908195?pt=IN_Mobile_Phones&hash=item259626b1a3 http://www.ebay.in/itm/CDMA-2G-3G-4G-Data-Card-Antenna-With-CRC9-Connector-For-All-zte-huawei-or-more-/271217124938?pt=IN_Mobile_Accessories&hash=item3f25cce64a
  12. These are the Tata CDMA APN Dial Number-#777 USER NAME- <Your 10 digit mobile number>@omh.ttsl.in PASSWORD- <Your 10 digit mobile number> 10 digit mobile number means without national access code (0) or country code (+91 or 0091)in the beginning. For example if your mobile number is 9249835487, then user name is 9249835487@omh.ttsl.in and password is 9249835487 If the above APN is not working, Try these APN Dial Number-#777 USER NAME- <Your 10 digit mobile number>@omh.ttsl.in PASSWORD-password Dial Number-#777 USER NAME-INTERNET PASSWORD- INTERNET Dial Number-#777 USER NAME-ABC@OMH.TTSL.IN PASSWORD-internet Dial Number-#777 USER NAME-<Your 10 digit mobile number>@pda.ttsl.in PASSWORD-internet
  13. Xiaomi MI 3

    Sale of Redmi started in flipkart http://www.flipkart.com/redmi-1s/p/itmdz6zpuatkgfjp?pid=MOBDZ6Y3CK65QFZY&otracker=from-search&srno=t_1&query=redmi+1s&ref=d4457557-d812-4d23-aebd-ff48e89a63f1
  14. Xiaomi MI 3

    JDI means Japan Display Inc http://www.j-display.com/english/
  15. Xiaomi MI 3

    Friends please note. Other non Indian stores selling MI3 in Android Jelly Bean OS. Indian store selling MI3 in Android Kitkat OS. All other non Indian stores selling MI4 in Kikat OS. Indian store not selling MI4. Seems that they are dumping old and unsold stocks from other countries to India and updating the OS, and selling in small quantities and making artificial demand. We are getting MI3 in a reasonable price but it is a outdated model. It is like a Pentium 4 computer with Windows 8.1 loaded.
  16. Micro SD Card write protected

    If this kind of error was caused by some virus or trojan, follow the steps (1) Download "Active KillDisk" software (Trial version available here http://www.killdisk.com/downloadfree.htm ) (2) Install "Active KillDisk" in to your PC (3) Plug the damaged Micro SD Card to the PC ( with the help of adapter or card reader) (4) Run "Active KillDisk" (5) In the "Active KillDisk" window, select your Micro SD Card drive (6) In the "Active KillDisk" window, click on the "KILL" button, a pop up window will appear, then click on the "START" button, again another pop up window will appear, type ERASE-ALL-DATA on the pop up window and click "OK". (7) Wait till all the erasing process is complete, all data in the Micro SD Card will be erased, all formatted area in your Micro SD Card will be unformatted. (8) Go to my computer window in your PC, your Micro SD Card symbol will be shown there, but volume is not shown. Right click on your Micro SD Card symbol and opt to format. After formatting, you can use your Micro SD Card as normal.
  17. Good to know that they are converting existing plan. MTS is attracting customers before "jio" launch
  18. This is "limited period offer" now available in Kerala, only with post paid WiFi enabled datacard. In prepaid it is named "buy one get one offer" . Recharge with Rs 999/- will get 10 GB +10 GB unlimited (20GB unlimited) now. Prepaid offer is available in Mblaze, Mblaze Ultra and Mblaze WiFI.
  19. TATA - Vodafone merging talks in full strength. Speculating that Voda will stop Tata's CDMA service and use that band for 4G LTE after acquiring additional CDMA spectrum in the upcoming CDMA auction. http://telecomtalk.info/ttsl-vodafone-merger-talks-in-advanced-level/114777/
  20. List of CDMA + GSM Handsets

    ^^^^ Also available here http://www.shopclues.com/tcl-j320d-cdma--gsm-smart-phone-4-android-4.1-dual-core-wifi-evdo.html
  21. Happy diwali to all members

    Happy Diwali
  22. Now available in Kerala, same as Mblaze ultra packs.
  23. I asked my cousin about the UIM slot, he told he can not open the device back panel. The device is working either in the USB data mode or wi fi data mode (if you are using data through USB port, wi fi is turned off). Can use in any USB power port like mobile charger USB port, car stereo USB port, home theater USB port, LED TV USB port, when plugged in these ports, the device starts transmitting wi fi automatically. Wi Fi will get upto 20 meter range.
  24. MTS started the sale of Wi FI enabled "REV.B" dongles in Kerala, named as "MBlaze WI FI". Now only post paid users will get "REV.B" 9.8Mbps speed. (Pre paid schemes are there, but they will get only "REV.A" 3.1 Mbps speed with these data cards). My cousin bought one. Rs. 2000 as dongle cost and monthly rental Rs. 724 + tax for 12 GB "REV.B" then unlimited in 1x speed. He told me this price is an introductory offer, actual price is Rs 2299 and Rs. 799 + tax. His dongle is not activated and will take 5 days to activate.