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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I got a ZTE Speed from my cousin. Here`s what i have been able to do up untill now. 1.Get SPC by manual activation procedure 2.Use that SPC to change mode to ruim pref. after that it recognises indian ruim (rel/mts) and voice and sms working well. (Pls note 1x data was working for some time after i did that but didn` t hold) 3.but data was not working. So, I tried to add APN using shortcut master app. I was not able to add apn other than MCC 310 MNC 000 as UICC was locked. Then I got UICC unlocked. 4.After that I have been able to add APN and enable them for use. Even then data is not working. 5.i`ve tried workarounds for other devices such as change to "Simple IP", change active Profiles to "0". Add NAI as "net" etc. But nothing works. Someone please please help.
  2. ZTE S183, also known as MTS Striker C132 , I used this handset with TATA DOCOMO OMH CDMA SIM for a month. Here are the pros & cons: PROS: Signal Strength: I worked in SEZ IT Park in Chennai and all operators (AirTel, Idea, Vodafone) lack proper coverage and whenever there is a coverage then you don't get proper signal strength but this handset never had signal and coverage related issues. This can be attributed to both TATA and this handset. Call Clarity: Crystal clear call quality, no speaker issues, other side also could hear my voice fine. Loud Ringtones: It rings quite loud, you will not have problems in hearing it. Some ringtones do ring low, you have to choose a louder ringtone. CONS: No Vibrational mode: This phone has no vibrational mode. Very disappointing and that was the reason I stopped using it Horrible Ringtones: Whatever ringtones are there, they are horrible ones. Wallpapers: very few wallpapers are there, I think 2 and they too are bad like ringtones No expandable memory: It has mp3 player but no SD card slot. Build Quality: Pretty cheap build quality. I have used Samsung SCH-B339 which I had for 1500/- and this phone stands nowhere near to that in quality manufacturing at 1300/-
  3. Cricket ZTE Engage MT N8000 RUIM ? Hi, I have imported one unlocked Zte engage Mt n8000 (original carrier: cricket) When I inserted reliance OMH , it's not showing any signal. Anyone can help me to use ruim in this mobile? thank you.
  4. Hi RimGuru's I have Zte Mts Mblaze AC2746 simless modem, i want to use reliance in it , so is it possible to do programming for reliance in mts? yesterday i connected modem to cdma workshop i unlocked puting spc 000000 but i dont have much more knowledge about unlocking. Please Help me Help Needed.
  5. Is it possible to transfer a number from a Netconnect+ card to an RUIM card?? I`ve unlocked my ZTE AC 2737 that came with Reliance and can now use it with RUIM but the pre programmed number in that card is not working now.. so, i`m thinking if i cud say to reliance that my data card got lost and ask them for an ruim card for the same number, i can use that also .. PS: I have backed up the NV,NAM Settings before unlocking and tried restoring it.. but now it picks up reliance signal(PRL Ok) but when i try to dial #777 it dials for a long time and then, gives error 628 remote comp dint respond???