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  1. It is confirmed that MTS is not going to launch LTE, instead they are going to launch "EVDO RevB" in all the present circles. Heard that it is easy to upgrade to "RevB" from "EVDO RevA", only a few additional equipments and software upgrade is required. So they can save money and time. LTE BTS equipments are very costly and requires more time to install. More over MTS has work experience in "EVDO RevB" technology in Rajastan. Now they have 3 carrier in each circles, 1st carrier can be used for 1x, second carrier for RevA and 3rd carrier can be used for RevB. Web page response time will be decreased to 50% while using these 3 carriers.
  2. Want to play the PC version of the game. Played and completed the game Tomb Raider 2013, now playing Remember Me and NFS.
  3. About 2 - 3 years back I have seen an advertisement in olx that free Internet is possible in Virgin mobile CDMA. I contacted that seller through phone and he told that he will give a software and install that software in Windows XP computer, then I can use Internet free using a unlocked CDMA datacard or unlocked CDMA phone with Virgin CDMA SIM. As my OS is W7, not tried that software.
  4. Friends, reports says that TRAI ordered MTS to inform their subscribers about the closure of their service except Rajastan circle. MTS officials in Kerala is not responding to this news. I am using MTS as my prime number and also using MTS data card. I know many of the rimweb members are using MTS service. Please share latest happening in this issue and whether any MTS user got port out SMS in any circle. If porting out to other network which network you are choosing. Please share your information here.
  5. Did MTS again revised its data plan?

    New smart phone recharge pack in Kerala http://www.mtsindia.in/Kerala/smartphone-packs.html
  6. OMH CDMA phones available in India market

    It is "in stock" in HS18 now. Website shows it is Dual SIM (GSM+CDMA).
  7. OMH CDMA phones available in India market

    Micromax X321 Dual SIM (GSM+CDMA) Mobile Phone with low price and good specifications in Homeshop18
  8. In Kerala T24 network is not connecting to internet. Earlier it is possible to connect to internet using the acess point name (APN) T24.internet. But now there is some network problem in these days.
  9. Medicinal Facts and Alternates

    Good info. Thanks
  10. Read MTS future plans here
  11. Yes, port out to a postpaid connection and after 90 days port out to a prepaid connection. If you are not ported out in 8 days your number will be deactivated.
  12. List of CDMA + GSM Handsets

    ^^^^ it is one SIM active dual SIM slot phone. Not possible to turn on both SIM simultaneously.
  13. Deplete the balance amount and port out as early as possible, no time to wait
  14. ^^^^^^ What a menace, the authorities are playing games to cause the people suffer http://telecomtalk.info/no-more-mnp-for-customers-on-closed-network-of-mobile-operators-who-lost-licenses-trai/105135/
  15. Yes, reports that they are going to 4G LTE in the 9 circles. source
  16. 2G spectrum auction: Sistema won’t have to pay for airwaves till March 2018 source
  17. Good news to hear that more blocks in continuing circles, but loss of 3 circles is a really bad news
  18. MTS got license in these circles Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Gujarat, Kolkata, West bengal. One more circle, but it is not confirm. MTS has already license in Rajastan circle.
  19. MTS is not bidding for 3 more circles. One circle is Mumbai. Don't know which are the other 2 Circles.
  20. Suggestions for CDMA handset with keypad

    Have a look here http://www.flipkart.com/mobiles/pr?sid=tyy%2C4io&q=cdma&otracker=from-multi&ref=27ed5644-2dcc-4540-ae72-92bbb3fe9d72&query=cdma
  21. MTS will surely get license in West Bengal and other 10 circles in the base price as no other applicant in the coming 2G auction. MTS has license upto 11 March and auction will be held on the same day, so MTS can continue it's service.
  22. I think MTS will buy minimal amount of spectrum in this auction and save the the existing customers. As the spectrum still remaining unsold, Government will again reduce the price and MTS try to acquire more spectrum in low cost.
  23. Wireless subscriber base published by TRAI http://www.trai.gov.in/WriteReadData/WhatsNew/Documents/PR-TSD-Dec2012.pdf