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Found 2 results

  1. I received 100GB data package with a new connection 91367xxxxx with my new MTS Mbalze 5.0 mobile. This 100GB data pack is valid for 12 months with 197Rs data-carry-forward recharge every month or Rs351 Recharge every 2 months before the expiry. I had refilled it with Rs 351 data carry forward pack on 12 Feb and confirmation SMS showed that the carry forward data is valid till 13 April 2015. I have been checking the data balance throughout these two months and it always showed that carry forward data is valid till 13 April 2015 (When I checked last about three days back, I had more than 72GB data remaining). Check Screen capture. Before refilling the data carry foraward pack of Rs.351 today, I checked the data balance. I was amazed to see there was no data balance in my account. I called the customer care at about 07:07PM and I was told by the agent and supervisor that the data carry forward package of Rs351 should be bought by the last day of validity. and I was told that it expired last night at 0000hrs (intervening night of 12 April and 13 April 2015). The logic cutomer care agent and supervisors presented were nothing less that ridiculous and illogical in all senses. He told me that if MTS says 'valid till 13 April 2015' it means '13 April 2015 0000hrs', just the moment 13 April starts. I asked him "right now its 7:40PM. Is it 13 April or not?" He said "yes". I asked "then why that data package is not valid at this moment if its 13th April?" He didn't have an answer. He was just repeating that for MTS 13th April begins and ends at 0000hrs. I asked your customer care agent and supervisors to raise a complaint about this matter. They refused to raised a complaint in this matter saying that they can do this. I told them that this complaint is necessary so that I can later prove that I wanted to carry forward my balance data before the expiry date of 13 April 2015 but I couldn't do so because of wrong information provided to me by MTS. In the end they agreed to give an interaction reference number. This is an example of callous behaviour MTS customer care can treats its customers. No other service provider ends a package at 0000hrs and calls it valid on that day. I have written email to MTS appellate authority and waiting for their reponse. Will keep updating this thread.
  2. I receive a text from MTS describing their new data plan. The text is copied below: 1.5GB data + 100 LocalandSTD mins @ Rs 195!! Now with recharge of Rs 195 get 1.5GB HSD data and 100 localand STD mins valid for 30 days Do anybody have anymore information about this or similar plan?