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  1. Haier CG220 or Micromax C190?

    Micromax Q23 is a GSM phone, "chhotemia" is looking for a CDMA handset.
  2. MTS will take part in the auction for the following circles DELHI, GUJARAT, KARNATAKA, KERALA, KOLKATA, MAHARASHTRA, MUMBAI, TAMIL NADU, UTTAR PRADESH, WEST BENGAL. Service in these circles will continue. In Rajastan MTS already has valid license.
  4. Thank you friends for the valuable informations. 'The Telegraph ' reports that MTS will continue till next auction. MTS will participate in the bid but only in selected circles instead of pan India. Source
  5. I saw the news in malayalam newspapers and says that if complained within 24 hours of activation full refund of money and if complained after 24 hours no refund of money but VAS will be deactivated within 4 hours. Wait and see what will happen
  6. Haier CG220 or Micromax C190?

    Now Samsung Mpower Muzic F219 seems out of stock in flipkart, if you can stretch your budget to Rs 4500, you can buy Samsung mPower TV S239 http://www.flipkart.com/samsung-mpower-tv-s239/p/itmczbrrmw5fz8gj?pid=MOBCRF3YMGTD96VU&ref=c64262bc-d77b-48de-90a9-23a838607772&srno=t_4&otracker=from-search&query=cdma
  7. Haier CG220 or Micromax C190?

    You can buy Samsung Mpower Muzic F219 handset from flipkart. Flipkart is a very reliable online shop, they will send you the handset well packed to your home / office with cash on delivery facility. http://www.flipkart.com/samsung-mpower-muzic-f219/p/itmcp7k5nhygfeqz?pid=MOBCVNJJQBHE7TGZ&ref=bdd7ea43-7c55-4691-aeaf-1c88784b45a8&srno=t_6&otracker=from-search&query=cdma
  8. Haier CG220 or Micromax C190?

    Samsung CDMA handsets are better than Haier and Micromax. But most of them are out of stock.
  9. Supreme court again extended the date to continue till march 11. source
  10. Surely expected news after the 2G supreme court order, new entrants licenses are cancelled and service shut down, old players joined to a mafia, now the customers should suffer.
  11. The cabinet approved a 50 percent cut in the auction reserve price for spectrum in 800Mhz, said Manish Tewari, the minister of information and broadcasting.
  12. MTS users became panic by the news that MTS service is likely going to shut down soon and tried to port out, to retain their customers they are giving offers.
  13. Overpriced spectrum and allowing service providers to act as they like. Resulting new entrants shuttling down, old existing service providers joined to a mafia. http://telecomtalk.info/tariff-hike-other-policies-why-regulators-silent/103853/ The government should instead give the spectrum to a nominal charge and bring strong regulations in call, sms and data charges.
  14. Seems that Indian authorities became blind by the thirst of money and standing to loot poor man's money.
  15. Supreme court allowed MTS to continue till 4th February 2013. Source
  16. There was a news that curative petition will be heard on 10th January (yesterday), but till this time no news about the progress of the hearing came out.
  17. The Department of Telecom has filed an affidavit in the Supreme Court to allow operators including MTS whose licences have been quashed, to continue services till the next round of auction. The Telecom Department has told the court that it has put in place an action plan to conduct another round of spectrum sale in March and hence the operators may not bid if their services are shut down on January 18. “It is respectfully submitted that existing operators whose licences stand quashed may or may not evince interest in such an auction if they are not allowed to offer their services pending conduct of such an auction and this may impact the discovery of an optimal price for spectrum,” the DoT said in its affidavit.
  18. All About Linux

    A count down timer on Ubuntu's home page suggests that a touch-friendly version of the Linux operating system is just a few hours away. This has the potential to be the biggest game changer for 2013. http://www.ubuntu.com/
  19. RIP Amanat / Damini / Nirbhaya

    I am not participating in new year celebrations, signed petition.
  20. Friends, MTS informed me today through SMS that they will continue after January 18. The SMS is as follows "in ref to TRAI Direction, MTS intends to continue its service beyond 18th Jan'2013, has filed Curative & Extension petition for the same in Hon'ble SC" This information is a big relief for all MTS users, no need to port out now.
  21. Thank you friends for the valuable replies, I am eagerly watching the future of MTS. As the last date is January 18, picture will be clear within a few days.
  22. @ avishekghosh & aalok, news is true, rajanmehta is sharing the copy of TRAI order before I am seeing your posts. @ rajanmehta thank you very much
  23. Vote For The Best Anti-Virus!

    Now I am using nano anti virus, seems to be good. You can download and use as beta version for 3 months. Link is here (Sharing and usage of this software is legal)
  24. I heard that the supreme court ordered the government to rise the reserve price as per CAG reports.
  25. MTS will stay in India See this news http://telecomtalk.info/mts-india-not-exit-indian-telecom-market/102824/comment-page-1/#comment-199371