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  1. As there is no problem with the cable, try the following This type of problem is seen in lower configuration PCs with XP OS due to the driver (software) installation problem. If the laptops you used are with XP OS, try in W7 PCs. If you are using a real time anti virus in your laptop, the external drive (hard disc or pen drive) will be shown only after scanning completed. As the capacity of the external HDD is high it will take some time to complete the scanning and HDD will be shown after a few minutes. So wait a few minutes after connecting HDD or temporarily turn off antivirus and connect the HDD. Some hard disc drives require more than 500 milli Ampere of current. The USB ports in a PC will supply 500 milli Ampere of current only, So that type of HDDs requires to connect with 2 USB ports simultaneously. But in the case of TV the USB port current is not regulated like the SMPS and motherboard regulations of a PC and will yield more than 500 milli Ampere of current and the HDD will work in a single USB port. So check whether your HDD requires 2 USB ports.
  2. Happy Diwali !

    Happy Diwali
  3. New Mblaze users in Kerala circle will get 2GB + 1GB night usage for the Rs. 375 recharge. (Offer details are price of Mblaze data card is Rs. 1500, 11GB free for 30 days, then recharge of Rs. 248 or higher amount will get free 1GB night usage. Note the free 1GB night usage is available for one time in a month and for 1 year, the free 1GB night usage is valid from 8th day of next month for 30 days, for example if you recharge your Mblaze for RS. 375, you will get 2GB usage from today valid for next 30 days and you will get free 1GB night usage from December 8 to next 30 days)
  4. Rs. 375 - 2GB - 30 Days is exists in Kerala circle as a regular recharge (Not offer) and I am using it in my Mblaze data card.
  5. Hackintosh!

    @ ammar52, thank you friend. Now concentrate in your studies, and help me only after your exams.
  6. Hackintosh!

    Thank you ammar52 for the helps, +1 for you. If my graphics card (XFX Radeon 5450) is not supporting Mac OS, I am ready to buy a new supporting graphics card. Please PM me the expenditure of bootable pendrive, i will send the money in advance. Moreover I don't want it in a hurry, now prepare for your exams. Wishing best of luck in your exams.
  7. Hackintosh!

    Thank you ammar52 for the considerations and reply Specs of my PC CPU - Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 @ 2.93GHz M.B. - Intel Corporation DG31PR (J3E1) RAM - 2 GB DDR2 GPU - Xfx radeon hd 5450 DISPLAY - 1360 * 768 Lg monitor, connected through VGA cable OS - W7 ultimate 32 bit HDD - Samsung 320 GB (os loaded) + Seagate barracuda 500 GB OPTICAL DRIVE - Hp dvd 1260r + samsung super writemaster AUDIO CARD - nil (on board only)
  8. Hackintosh!

    In the "chip" magazine September 2011 issue, there was step by step description of the Hackintosh process. The magazine described to download Mac OSX Lion v10.7 DMG file from Mac App store and Kakewalk (bootable pendrive making software for Lion OS) from www.kakewalk.se I downloaded these files but failed to make a bootable pendrive as the kakewalk utility will not work in windows computer and will work only in Macintosh computer. None of my friends have a Macintosh computer. Hence I abandoned my mission. Later I downloaded a Hackintosh pdf guide from a file sharing site but not tried it. (URL of that Hackintosh pdf guide site is here) @ Friend ammar52, can you please send me a bootable pen drive or micro sd of latest Lion OS?, I will pay you the price of pen drive, your expenses, packing & courier charges.
  9. Good move Avishek Ghosh and Sougata Dhar. Avishek's letter is a good eye opener. I am also supporting you in every aspect.
  10. Thanks for the info
  11. Friend, Samsung CDMA OMH handsets with gem logo are the best in battery back up, signal capturing and performance. But the sad thing is that only 6 handsets are available in this category. They are Galaxy Y CDMA, Samsung Primo Duos, Galaxy Ace Duos, MPOWER TV S239, Samsung B229 and Mpower Muzik 219. There was some other models but Samsung stopped that models and became obsolete now. As you are looking for base model, select either 219 or 229. If you require a large screen look MPOWER TV S239, which has 2.4 inch, 240 x 320 pixels resolution screen. See more details here
  12. Samsung W139 Availability

    Friend, that model is obsolete now, currently available model is Samsung W279 (named as Samsung primo duos) price is about 6K. See details here http://www.samsung.com/in/consumer/mobile-phone/mobile-phone/cdma-phone/SCH-W279MSAINU
  13. Please suggest a CDMA Handset For TATA

    Friend arnuld, Micromax has a cheap qwerty CDMA handset named as q1c (Rs. below 2K), but don't know it's quality, if you don't need qwerty, look Samsung Primo Duos W279, latest OMH handset, voice + data will work with MTS, Docomo CDMA, Reliance CDMA, Virgin CDMA, Garuda CDMA etc. Price is about 6K. Samsung CDMA handsets have good quality. See the below links for details http://www.micromaxinfo.com/product.php?cat=CDMA&product=Q1C http://www.samsung.c.../SCH-W279MSAINU http://www.flipkart....31-962807197c5d
  14. Reliance Netconnect on Tablet PC?

    Friend, in every USB modem there is a software in the modem, this software is helping us to connect with the PC through USB port. This software is usually work with "Windows" O.S. only and it is not working with Android O.S. That is why your modem is not working.
  15. New innovation, miniature swiping machine can be connected in these handsets and can transfer money through credit cards and debit cards. Please see this link http://www.themobileindian.com/news/7259_MTS-doubles-up-smartphone-as-credit-card-swiping-machine
  16. @pabitrak5 Handset is network locked & only works with MTS sim. Price of the handset is again reduced. Now available for Rs. 2999/- including EVDO activated sim and 150 local / national minutes + 150 sms + 150 MB data free every 30 days of activation for 1 year
  17. Suggest OMH SIM Card And Tariff

    Sorry aalok. I am not tested it as I have no EVDO OMH handset.
  18. Suggest OMH SIM Card And Tariff

    Friend, are you activated EVDO in your OMH sim? At the time of purchasing OMH sim, it is only 1x CDMA activated and data will get about 144 kbps speed. To get higher speeds like 3.1 Mbps, you should activate EVDO in addition to 1x in your sim. In most EVDO handsets two tower symbols with two different signal strength will be shown (same like dual sim handset) one tower symbol for 1x signal and other for EVDO signal. Showing EVDO signal symbol in your handset does not mean your sim is EVDO activated, handset will show EVDO symbol and signal strength in EVDO non activated sim also. If your sim is not activated with EVDO, contact your service provider's customer care or exclusive shop. Efforts and struggles to activate EVDO in sim are already discussed in our forum. I am using MTS OMH sim with EVDO activted in MTS Livewire (ZTE) handset, I got EVDO activated sim along with handset, so no experience of activation struggling.
  19. Another good news for MTS Livewire (ZTE C N 600+) users. Nokia BL-5C battery can be used in this handset. Original Nokia BL-5C 1020mAh battery is available in the market for Rs. 300/- . This BL-5C battery can be also used in (MTS) ZTE S100 handset. Both handsets comes with same zte 1000mAh battery. While using Nokia battery, Livewire gives 3 days standby while zte battery gives only 2 days.
  20. There are some news that Datawind is coming up with a new model of Aakash named as Ubislate 7C with capacitive touch screen. Price is Rs. 3999/-
  21. Very good, now Android CDMA handset is available for less than Rs. 3,000
  22. Yes, it is true. The multimedia file recorded in the pendrive will not play in GOM player, VLC media player, windows media player, splash, digital media theater, power dvd, real player etc. Can not convert with converter softwares or video editing softwares. It is an unknown monopoly file format.