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  1. Custom Ringtone For 6255

    Thanks tanveer! i will try groups.
  2. Hey frds, why don we start a topic for lg 6230 lets try to have more fun of dis h/s by adding Ring Tones, Animated Wallpaper, Games (If Possible) Hope 2 have ur help!! Ring tones (mp3) by me come_to_me.mp3
  3. Hi am givin sum good mp3 ringtones hope u ppl will like it. Enjoy!! DDLJ.MP3
  4. All About Lg 6230 - Neat !

    Just bought LG 6230 Y'Day. Its a nice handset with de features. I was suppose 2 go for Nokia 6235 but changed my mind to LG 6230 due to mini sd facility, n believe me its a good choice I feel. Video reco. + sound reco. + pic + mp3 yet to add mini sd card, will come up with review. Over all happy with the handset.
  5. Long Live RIMweb, Thanks for all the efforts and hardwork. Happy B'day!! (Tum jeo hazroo saal - saal ke din ho 50000)
  6. All About Lg 6230 - Neat !

    How abt the quality of mp3 player, I mean sound quality is good than 6255?? Can some 1 please come up with review
  7. New Handsets

    New Release Of Nokia By Year End >> Nokia 2115, 3155, 6155 Please check the article http://news.designtechnica.com/article6821.html#
  8. All about Nokia 3155

    Please find the detail of 3155 below: (Yes FM is Stereo) Specifications Modes AMPS 850 / CDMA 850 / CDMA 1900 Weight 3.93 oz (111 g) Dimensions 3.34" x 1.79" x 0.98" (85 x 45 x 25 mm) Form Factor Clamshell Stub / Extendable Antenna Battery Life Talk: 4.00 hours (240 minutes) Standby: 240 hours (10 days) Battery Type LiIon 1070 mAh Display Type: LCD (Color TFT/TFD) Colors: 262,144 (18-bit) Size: 128 x 160 pixels Platform / OS (N/A) Memory 12 MB (built-in, flash shared memory) Phone Book Capacity 500 FCC ID QMNRM-41 (Approved Apr 21, 2005) Features 2nd Display Location: Front monochrome LCD / 96 x 65 pixels Alarm Yes BREW carrier-dependent / version 2.1 Calculator Yes Calendar Yes Custom Ringtones supports MIDI, MP3, AAC formats Data-Capable Yes Digital TTY/TDD Yes EMS / Picture Messaging Yes FM Radio Stereo: Yes Games Number of games: 3 GPS / Location Yes Headset Jack (2.5 mm) Yes Hearing Aid Compatible Rating: M3 (mostly compatible) High-Speed Data Technology: 1xRTT Java (J2ME) Version: MIDP 2.0 carrier-dependent MMS version 1.2 / SMIL Multiple Languages Yes Multiple Numbers per Name Numbers per entry: 5 PC Sync Yes Polyphonic Ringtones Chords: 40 Predictive Text Entry Technology: T9 Ringer ID Yes Ringer Profiles Yes Side Keys Yes Speaker Phone Type: Full-Duplex Streaming Multimedia Yes Text Messaging 2-Way: Yes Text Messaging Templates Yes To-Do List Yes USB Yes Vibrate Yes Voice Dialing Yes Voice Memo up to 180 seconds each Wireless Internet Browser Software: Openwave 6.2.3
  9. New Handset

    Hi friends, Just a look at upcoming CDMA motorola handsets, They r the best : http://infotech.indiatimes.com/quickies/msid-1055970.cms http://infotech.indiatimes.com/quickies/msid-1055950.cms Hope RIM will support this handsets. dis r the best handset till date in cdma range i think. (for Indian market)
  10. Can some 1 explain!!
  11. Motorola V730

    Have checked with Moto - Service Cent. they told that the problem has been solved?? any news. Can u upload pics n ringtone in this handset? Please help
  12. hurrrrrrrrrrray..... it's all clear now. U can call from Virar, Kalyan or Bhiwandi to mumbai mobile without dialing 0, means its a local call, I have tried it is working. Hope there will be no roming 4 mobile users if they travel anywhere in maharashtra.
  13. Can somebdy explain me:: If u need to call to mumbai mobile no. from Virar or Kalyan u shud have STD in ur land line, u have to dial 0 n then mobile no. Now is it possible that u can dial directly mobile no. I mean 93xxxx mumbai mobile no. and 93xxx pune mobile no. without having STD in ur landline??
  14. Motorola V730

    Hey any news, fault is still there or now rectified??? Pl. any 1 can help, can u add ring tone / pics in handset?? I m planning to buy this 1. So shud i wait ??
  15. I have just got info. frm RCC, that they r introducing new handset in Sep-04 is Samsung model rest detail I haven't got frm them. Is there any one know abt. it?? Or I got wrong info. from them
  16. Motorola V730

    ravreddy Hey any update, u got ur handset back?? is it workin fine or still in trouble Can u upload pics n ring tones in v730??
  17. Motorola V730

    Ofcourse ppl. will by after sw. update only. But any Idea, weather u can upload ringtones & pics??? How is the color displya???
  18. Motorola V730

    Looks no bdy still tried dis phone!!! Any 1 help needed can this phone upload ringtones & pics???
  19. Lg 6130 V/s Gtran 4020

    Hey LG 6130 has 65K STN Colour where as Gtran has 65K UFB display as far as I know UFB is better. Any Idea. Am sure abt that 6130 got the better camara. but can any 1 tell weather u can add midi tone like Gtran to LG 6130??
  20. Lg 6130 V/s Gtran 4020

    But wat abt. pc syn. is Gtran better than lg6130? as far as pic uploading n ringtones r concern?
  21. Wishlist - Suggestions To Mr. Chairman

    Abe Prakash : Aise demand karega to uppar se Dhirubhai ki attma tuje phatke degi.
  22. Gtran vs Lg5130

    Wat abt the colours is it better than other GSM 65K colour, resoluation??
  23. All about LG 5130

    Nope that is 4 sure.(no irda, bt) U can only conn. through data cable but not sure weather u can upload wallpapers, ringtones in that using bitpim.
  24. Handsfree With Fm Scan Radio

    It works, u get diff. battery for FM, it has no affect to handset batt. price is approx. 170
  25. New Handset From Samsung For Reliance !

    Not yet sure abt. new model no., price shud be approx 7K, will revert as soon as have any further info.