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  1. Now this is gonna make a big problem. If some one has a office, branch in Virar, Kalyan and want to call rel.no. in mumbai without STD is it gonna possible after 1 Mar? Or will trai approve to call 10 digit no. to all service provider, means one can call GSM nos. + CDMA nos.?? If yes, then its going to be a good move, if not then
  2. Develop a WAP site

    Hey Chirag. Why u want to stop such a interesting topic. I think it is possible, if you can download ringtone frm R-World then why not from any other wap site?? All the handset given by reliance are JAVA enabled so there is a possible chance to dl rt.
  3. Develop a WAP site

    Yeah, but some of those sites dosen't support Reliance.
  4. Develop a WAP site

    Well I will revert with soft name so you can try mp3 to ringtones. I feel software which converts mp3 to midi can do your job.

    I think they should come up with some good poly hindi filimi/pop ringtones and it is okay if they charge some reasonable amt for that.
  6. new lg model?

    Just went to Webworld and saw new lg handset in showcase, different from 2030 & 7130. I don't know weather it's color or mono? Can some one help and furnish the details along with handset no.