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  1. I had recharged my Jio MDN with Rs.99/- [Prime Subscription]; Prime Rs. 149/- in March 2017 followed by Jio DDD Rs.309/- in April 2017. Till this morning [27Apr2017], only Prime MRP 149 was showing in myJio app/my plans. Now in addition, Jio DDD Prime 309 is shown in Queque. however, Recharge history is still not available!
  2. Ref. myJio app/my plans since this morning [27Apr2017], i have noticed that, "Queued Reharges" appear in myJio app/my plans. hope it stays that way! however, Recharge history is still not available!
  3. Ref. myJio app/my plans We had availed Jio Prime membership [Rs.99/-] followed by Prime MRP 149 Recharge in March 2017. Later in April 2017, we did Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan [D3] 309 Recharge. our Jio Happy New Year Offer Expired at 11.05AM this morning [22April2017] & Jio Prime MRP 149 got activated with Unlimited Voice; 2+1=3GB data & 100 SMS for 28 days [valid till May 20, 2017]. we presume, our Jio D3 309 benefits will start after the present Jio 149 pack expiry on May 20, 2017. Still the Recharge History is Not available at myJio app! However, it is available at Jio Money, through which Recharge(s) were done.
  4. when we took RJio Connection on 05June2016 [with Lyf Wind 4], a friend of mine [E&C B.Tech. from IIT-Kharagpur] working for RJio assured us that RJio services would be free for a min. period of 1Yr. as the RJio top brass had "forgotten about billing" & not finalized a vendor for their Billing Software! my friend has since left RJio and so have his competent colleagues! yes, we should keep our fingers crossed & hope for positive outcome!
  5. Ref.: myJio app & Jio Web Portal No Balance, No my Plans & No Recharge History available since Last evening [19Apr2017] till now! RJio seems to be a bunch of stumbling amateurs, not a professionally managed Org!
  6. I have done Prime membership [Rs.99/-] + Prime Rs.149/- + Dhan Dhana Dhan [D3] Rs.309/- Recharges in March & April However, in myJio app/ My plans/Current Plan shows Jio Happy New Year Offer Expires Apr 22, 2017 11.08AM and Recharge history says No Recharge History Available! I understand RJio has extended Prime membership enrollment / Dhan Dhana Dhan Recharge deadline by one week [from earlier 15Apr2017 to 22April2017]
  7. Same here with Prime 149/- & Dhan Dhana Dhan 309 combo. myJio app under My plans/Current Plan still shows Jio Happy New Year Offer expires 15-April-2017 at 11.59 PM. Recharge History vanished in myJio! luckily i did my Recharges [99, 149 & 309] via JioMoney app, which is as of now, showing details of all my Recharges. All said and done, it appears Team Jio is a bunch of stumbling amateurs, not a professionally managed Org!
  8. hope for the best! even if it comes worst [28 day validity for my D3 309] no issues, been using RJio for free since 05June2016!
  9. Ref.: https://www.jio.com/Jio/portal/jioLogin?_adf.ctrl-state=16p4zij3sh_4&_afrLoop=17720272510831896&_afrWindowMode=0&_afrWindowId=16p4zij3sh_1#!%40%40%3F_afrWindowId%3D16p4zij3sh_1%26_afrLoop%3D17720272510831896%26_afrWindowMode%3D0%26_adf.ctrl-state%3Dhz419mxt_4 Signed-in to myJio at the above web-link [myJio app doesn't show Upcoming plans] My Plans / Upcoming Plan lists 2 Upcoming Plans: 1. Prime MRP 149 - validity 28 days 2. Prime 309 Plan - validity 28 days I wonder is RJio following RCom footsteps! sent a mail to care@jio.com, no response!
  10. No I didn't. I expected some kind of offer for my Prime 149 Recharge as well! like 42 days [28+14 days] of Free Prime 149 benefits since SUSU 303 [Summer Surprise] Recharge offered 3 months [84 days] of Prime 303 benefits. i am not sure, after D3 309 [ Dhan Dhana Dhan] Recharge last evening, I got SMS & E-mail stating that the validity for my 309 Recharge is only 28 days! hope RJio keeps it's promise!
  11. I have done Jio Prime Recharge of Rs.149/- earlier and Dhan Dhana Dhan Recharge of Rs.309/- last evening [11Apr2017]. i understand that, i will have Dhan Dhana Dhan benefits w.e.f. midnight of 15Apr2017 [early Hrs. of 16Apr2017] for 84 days and Prime149 benefits later for 28 days. Am I right?
  12. It seems, Jio Happy New Yr. Offer to continue for Jio Prime 149 members till April 15, 2017 for sure!
  13. thank you for the prompt response. having used Jio services since 05June2016 [almost One Yr.] for free, I have a self imposed obligation to continue with Jio Prepaid Base Plan [Prime 149/-] till 31March2018!
  14. Query: Will the future RJio Recharges [after 31Mar2017] come in to effect straight away OR Queued? Example: the validity of my Jio Prime Rs.149/- expires on 28Apr2017. if I Recharge Rs.149/- on 26Apr2017, will it be Queued and comes in to effect automatically on 29Apr2017, 12.00Hrs. [midnight of 28Apr2017] OR comes in to effect on 26Apr2017 itself with a validity of 28 days? Further, If I exhaust my Data [2GB] before 28days validity of my Prime Rs.149/- pack, should I Recharge with Booster-pack OR my advance Rs.149/- Recharge comes in to effect automatically? thanks & looking forward to your response
  15. Got the 1GB Free Data offer for Jio Prime Rs.149/- Recharge in myJio app Dashboard last night [23Mar2017]. Recharged via JioMoney app., received SMS confirmation & the Recharge is "Queued" in myJio for 01April2017. Yet to receive Cashback voucher of Rs.50/-, it says wait for 2 working days in JioMoney! thanks for the inputs