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  1. As per https://www.airtel.in/volte/ - unfortunately, RN3 [Redmi Note3] is not supported
  2. Airtel VoLTE is available along with Jio VoLTE on our Redmi 6A, since last evening [30-Jan-2019, 4.00PM]. The device is currently on MiUi Global Stable version
  3. Airtel VoLTE still remains unsupported, even after the latest stable update MiUi [Released on 28-Jan-2019], hope the issue will be resolved soon!
  4. With Ref. to Mi Community Redmi 6A - https://in.c.mi.com/thread-1741458-1-0.html it appears that, "The Airtel VoLTE issue [after latest MiUi update] has been reported to developers and will be resolved soon!"
  5. After Latest System update, Redmi 6A* doesn't support Airtel VoLTE. However, Jio VoLTE is supported. Before update, both Airtel & Jio VoLTE were supported [Dual VoLTE] As suggested by Mi-India Cust Care, did Factory-reset - still Airtel VoLTE is not supported [IMS unregistered]. Hope the issue will be addressed in next System update! *Redmi 6A - 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, Dual VoLTE, Rs. 5,999/- Amazon Open Sale
  6. BSNL Prepaid Karnataka Circle Plan voucher: Rs.36/- Tariff: Local - Rs.0.02/- Per sec; STD - Rs.0.024/- Per sec Plan Validity: 180 days [6 months] After Plan validity Expiry Grace Period GP1: 15 days [Outgoing Calls & SMS barred except Toll Free & Emergency Nos. - if recharged, Talktime balance carry forward] Grace period GP2: 165 days [Outgoing Calls & SMS barred except Toll Free & Emergency Nos. - if Recharged, Number is retained] Note: Once recharged with Rs.36/-, BSNL customer gets Incoming calls & SMS free for 180+15+165=360 days
  7. Karnataka Circle Jio Celebration pack - 2GB/day credited to my Jio MDN [inactive since July 2018] last morning [31-Oct-2018, 11.04AM] - valid till 04-Nov-2018, 11.04AM
  8. Jio Mobile

    one of my friends informs that, "there is no point in Rooting Lyf handsets to uninstall LyfCare app - the buyer of the handset can always install the LyfCare app from playstore & the profile is revealed!" instead, he suggested to edit the profile as: Address: xxxxxx [for all fields] E-mail: xxxxxx@lyf.com Phone number: "rarely" used No. [for OTP from LyfCare]. However, Regd. Name can't be edited!
  9. Jio Mobile

    The 2 Yr. Warranty on our Lyf handsets [Wind4=2 & Flame2=1] has expired and i want to dispose the handsets - Exchange for a device with Latest stock android version. unfortunately, the LyfCare app displays our Profile [Name, Address, mobile number & E-mail ID]. However, I can uninstall the app, but it appears after "Factory Reset" & our profile is displayed! I understand that, the LyfCare app & other OEM bloatware can be uninstalled by "Rooting" - i'm a beginner & request the experienced members here to suggest a working step-by-step root guide [web-link] for Wind4 & Flame2 thanks
  10. Karnataka Circle it appears, Airtel is trying to follow Jio in terms of offers [Airtel Thanks] as well as Pack validity! - Did an early "Repeat-recharge" of one of my Airtel Nos. with 399 pack & got 91 days validity* * [84 days of Airtel399 pack validity] Plus [remaining 7 days of earlier 399 pack validity] = 91 days
  11. MyJio App

    myJio app on Lyf Wind4 updated to latest version # 5.0.05 today!
  12. MyJio App

    After 2 days of failed attempts, i could install myJio app on Lyf Wind4. However, the installed version is 4.1.20, not 5.0.04 - may be the latest version is not for android 5.1.1!
  13. MyJio App

    Latest version of myJio app # 5.0.04 doesn't install on Lyf Wind4 [downloads from playstore, but installation fails - Android 5.1.1] - Tried "Clear Cache" & "Clear Data" for Google Playstore, Google Play services & Download Manager apps - Problem remains! however, myJio app installs & works fine on Moto E3 Power [Android 6.0]
  14. Yes, it is 4G Data with 4G SIM & 4G Handset [Slot 1, if Dual SIM] for Airtel 10GB 10 days offer - Jio also 4G data only [no 2G/3G in Jio]
  15. sorry, could be 4 days! Airtel is giving away 10GB 4G data for 10 days [give a missed call to 5999555] - I thought Jio's offer is 10GB as well! [2GB per day for 5 days]