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  1. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1) - True4G Dual VoLTE has 5000mAH battery - should support 2 days of normal usage
  2. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    thanks since i already have a standby smartphone [Lyf Wind4, 4000mAH battery] there is no need for Micromax Bharat 1. Jio98 Prepaid Plan [2GB 4G, unlimited voice, 300 SMS - 28 days] is not a "Backup Plan" - Regular Plan for use in Office [no Video/Photos downloads] - Lyf Wind4 [Dual SIM 4G-4G] Airtel399 Prepaid Plan [1.4GB 4G Data/day, unlimited voice, 100SMS/day - 84 days] is for Home use - Moto E3 Power [Dual SIM 4G-4G]
  3. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    Asus Zenfone Max Pro AMA / FAQ - Your Questions Answered Ref.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HevAih9js0k
  4. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    thanks for the update! at present, Jio4G Data Speed crawls at my Home [low Band5 signal, indoors] & Airtel4G is excellent. However, Jio4G is excellent at Office & Airtel4G s**ks [4G-3G-2G frequent changeover, low signal & Battery drains]. Now I carry 2 handsets with me [Moto E3 Power (Airtel4G-Plan399) & Lyf Wind4 (Jio4G-Plan98)]! After Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1) hits the market, I hope other vendors may also introduce Dual VoLTE handsets!
  5. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    it seems Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1) does support Dual 4G VoLTE as claimed! Ref. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZnxh9CUxgc Note: Available on Review Unit received by Gogi Tech, nice if the retail unit ships with Dual 4G VoLTE!
  6. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    thank you
  7. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    Looking for a Dual 4G VoLTE supported smartphone [simultaneous, not 4G-2G] for Airtel4G & Jio4G Does Asus Zenfone max Pro (1) - Ref. https://telecomtalk.info/asus-zenfone-max-pro-launched-specs-price/176065/ [Rs.10,999/-, a Flipkart exclusive & available from 03-May-2018] really meet my requirement as claimed? Gurus Pls. respond
  8. to keep the forum going, a detailed successful "Root" procedure by the android smartphone owners may be started - Phone make, model & Android version may Pls. be mentioned along with tools/apps used. To start with, I'm looking for a detailed successful "Root" procedure from Gurus here for my Lyf Wind4 - Android version 5.1.1; Android security patch level 2017-01-01; Build No. LYF_LS-5014_01_17
  9. Karnataka Circle just got airtel Plan399* offer in myAirtel app>"Best offers for you" - 10 days after validity expiry of previous Plan399 Plan399 = Unlimited Local, STD & Roaming calls along with 1GB/day Data & 100 [Local+National] SMS/day, Validity 84 days
  10. Use of Jio SIM to get "Best Offers" from Airtel mayn't be working now! one of our Airtel Prepaid Plan399 with 84 days validity expired on 12-Mar-2018 - not recharged till now [10 days, Jio98 is being used] - only Plan448 with 82 days & Plan199 with 28 days validity offered - Plan399 no longer available in "Best offers"
  11. Karnataka Circle In Airtel, Reality seems to be different than what is Advertised/Published! myAirtel app was displaying 70 days validity for Rs.399/- Pack prior to insertion of Jio SIM [01-March-2018] on my handset & changed to 84 days [after Jio Plan 98 Recharge, 03-March-2018]. Note: Immediately after Rs.399/- Recharge Got an SMS stating the validity as 70 days - few minutes later, got a congratulatory SMS stating the validity as 84 days!
  12. Found a New use for Jio SIM*, details: Inserted Jio SIM in Slot2 of Moto E3 Power handset [Slot1 Airtel4G] - Got Airtel Rs.399/- Segmented-offer with 84 days validity [Regular validity is 70 days]. On 03-March-2018, Recharged Jio with Plan 98 [Unlimited Voice, 2GB 4G Data, later unlimited Data at 64Kbps, 300 SMS & Validity 28 days] - Got 10GB Free Data Add-on on 06-Mar-2018 [validity 02-April-2018]. Call Forwarding [to Airtel] enabled for Jio No. [No Response & Not reachable] - Downloading Video/Photos.....etc. via Airtel4G *Use Jio SIM to get best offers from Airtel
  13. As already tested, MotoE3 power can latch only to Jio4G Band5 [850MHz] indoors at my location [no Band3 / Band40 signal bars, verified by Band Lock via MTK Engineer mode], i presume upgrade to LTE-A handset may not serve well! thanks for the updated list of LTE-A supported handsets. I think MotoG5 Plus [Rs.10,999/- at Flipkart] also supports LTE-A
  14. I'm getting 2-3 signal Bars for Jio4G in Lyf Wind4 - I understand that, the handset latches to LTE Band 5 [850MHz] - no issue with Voice-call/SMS, only Data Speed is Pathetic [earlier with JDDD Plan, now speed reduced to 64Kbps as I haven't recharged after 01-Feb-2018] I had also tried the Jio SIm in Moto E3 Power and Locked the LTE Band to B3 & B40 [via MTK Engineer mode, *#*#3646633#*#*] - no Signal Bars! thanks for the list of LTE-A compatible handsets in India
  15. my Reliance Lyf Wind 4 handset doesn't seem to support LTE-A will LTE-A Handset solve Jio Indoor coverage issue? if so, can you suggest a Dual SIM [4G+4G] VoLTE LTE-A handset under 10K & oblige?