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  1. Advance Recharge is an excellent feature introduced by RJio, provided we restrict it to only one [not multiple]
  2. I had a Rs.50/- "Discount-voucher" (Cashback) from earlier DDD 309 Recharge via JioMoney & the validity was 30-Sept-2017. Applied the same for JDDD 399/- Recharge via JioMoney and my effective Recharge became Rs.349/- [399-50]. I didn't get any Cashback-voucher for JDDD 399/- Recharge, I presume Jio no longer offers Cashback!
  3. Ref: Karnataka Circle JDDD 399 "Adv. Recharge" done on 15-July-2017 [Rs. 50/- Cashback via JioMoney, Queued]; DDD 309 validity Expired today [20-July-2017; 06.37AM]. JDDD 399 came into effect with validity up to 12-Oct-2017 [84 days], no issue Happy with Jio, no multiple Recharges!
  4. Jio Mobile

    Didn't install the VPN surfeasy as suggested at http://getjiospeed.blogspot.in/2016/10/how-to-increase-reliance-jio-4g.html#comment-form However, added a New APN myNet with configuration as suggested and could experience better Browsing & Downloads compared to default RJio APN thanks
  5. Jio Mobile

    I friend of mine has sent the APN Tweak for Reliance Jio to improve 4G experience as below: Name: myNet APN: Jionet Port: 8080 Server: www.wfjio5%.4g.com Authentication type: PAP APN type: default,xcap APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6 APN roaming protocol: IPv4/IPv6 Bearer: LTE my Query: Is it safe to Edit my Default Jio APN as above, will it improve 4G experience as claimed? Is Server: www.wfjio5%.4g.com - belong to RJio? RIM gurus to responde Pls.
  6. Ref.: Karnataka Circle JioFi is an operator locked dongle and RJio indoor coverage is pathetic. JioFi indoors latches to Band 5 [850 MHz] and Browse itself is difficult during peak hours, forget downloads! Jio Offer with Option 1: Rs.1,999/- + Prime membership (Rs.99/-) + Rs.149/- = Rs.2,247/- Further, unlike VoLTE Smartphone with MediaTek processor [MTK Engr. mode code: *#*#3646633#*#*], one can't Lock JioFi to Band 40 at the moment, Data card of choice for indoor use is Airtel 4G
  7. Agreed, if one plans to buy JioFi for unlimited voice calls via Jio4GVoice app, would you recommend to grab the offer!
  8. It is better to go for a VoLTE supported 4G+4G handset & buy a New Jio Connection rather than operator locked JioFi device with pathetic Jio4GVoice app which eats into your Data balance! Prime membership (Rs. 99) + Jio DhanDhanaDhan (Rs.309/-; 84 days) + Prime 149/- (9 Recharge cycles)= Rs.1,749/- only!
  9. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    Checked as explained, Prime149 doesn't appear only 99 + DDD 309 is listed
  10. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    ensure that the "From" & "To" dates are 30 or less days apart! if your Recharges do not appear in full - generate multiple statements.
  11. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    Yes, Statement can be generated (both with myJio app/My statement and www.jio.com sign-in) for last180 days. "From" & "To" dates can be 30 days apart. Recharge history is displayed in the "Summary" tab of My Statement
  12. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    I fail to understand RJio! 1. No Recharge history displayed in myJio app OR www.jio.com sign-in 2. Midway through Prime149, DDD 309 was activated [Prime149 was to expire on 20-May-2017. However, DDD 309 was activated on 01-May-2017 itself]. subsequently, Prime149 disappeared from myJio app/my Plans on 21-May-2017 3. DDD 309 validity expired for both my connections on 21-June-201 at 9.51PM.[31 days from 21-May-2017]. However, one was renewed at 10.15PM same night and other next morning at 6.37AM for 28 days. 4. since there is no Prime 149 in Queque at myJio app/my Plans, i hope DDD 309 will Auto-renew on 19-July-2017 [1st connection] & 20-July-2017 [2nd connection] for the final installment of 28 days more!
  13. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    One of my connections Auto-renewed last night [21-June-2017; 10.15PM] and other this morning [22-June-2017; 06.37AM] for further 28 days, though validity of both the connections expired last night [21-June-2017; 9.51PM] Hope DDD 309 will be Auto-renewed on 19-July-2017 [1st connection] & 20-July-2017 [2nd connection] for the last installment of 28 days more!
  14. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    Ref.: my Recharges - Prime membership Rs.99/- + Prime 149/- + DDD Rs.309/- as per myJio App, Prime 149 Expired on 20-May-2017 [got benefits of DDD 309 from May 01 - May 20, 2017] & DDD 309 is the current Plan, valid till June 21, 2017. after 21-June-2017, hope it will be DDD 309 with 28+28=56 days more!
  15. Reliance Jio Prime Offer

    There is no confusion! We are with RJio since 05-June-2016 [purchased 2 Lyf Wind-4 handsets with 2 Jio Prepaid SIMs]. We did 99 + Prime 149 + Dhan Dhana Dhan 309 Recharge(s). we are getting the benefits of DDD 309 [1GB Data/day & 100 SMS/day] for our Prime 149 till it's validity expires on May 20, 2017, this is the Loyalty-Bonus!