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  1. Ref.: Moto E3 Power, a FlipKart purchase Recovery-menu [to Wipe Cache Partition/Hard reset ...etc.] Pls. note, If you use Volume-down+Power button combo to enter Recovery-menu [as per Motorola Device Help/User Guide], a Chinese language Pop up will appear which is a "Testing-menu" and Not Recovery-menu. to Exit this Chinese Pop up, you need to remove the battery and start the device normally. However, Volumeup+Power button combo gets you to Recovery-menu best wishes
  2. Update Sent an e-mail to care@mylyf.com with Cc to care@jio.com and got an assurance that the issue will be addressed in future update of LyfCare app
  3. To avail extended warranty on Lyf mobile, one needs to install LyfCare App and Register by providing - Sales-invoice (upload photo), Name, Mobile No., E-mail ID, Address & Aadhar No. On successful Registration, One Yr. of Extended Warranty is awarded. However, the Registration info. is displayed in full [Name, Mobile-No., E-mail ID & Address] if one opens the App/Profile, even if "Factory-reset" is done on the handset! This seems to be a serious issue, if you decide to exchange/dispose the handset! Is there a solution?
  4. Ref. RCom 4G Prepaid, Karnataka Circle [CDMA to 4G upgradation] Strange observation: RCom 4G LTE SIM when in InFocus M2 4G Handset, Prepaid balance is Rs.24.64/- but becomes Rs.0/- when inserted in Lyf Flame2 4G VoLTE Handset. However, the balance reverts to Rs.24.64/- when the SIM is again inserted in InFocus handset! Note: for Balance Query USSD code used - *367#
  5. well written! this is exactly the case with my family. we were RIM subscribers since it's inception by Mukesh-bhai and continued till the younger one dumped CDMA! since we had to change our handsets, we bought Dual SIM Lyf Wind4 in June 2016 & Ported our RCDMA Nos. to Airtel [no RGSM 3G in Karnataka & 2G is Pathetic@1800MHz]. we will be using our Jio connection only for Free Voice, SMS & Data and shall discontinue once the service becomes chargeable best wishes
  6. RCom doesn't have any control over RJio 4G! RJio 4G is Free & RCom 4G Data is Paid! RCom 4G has very few customers compared to RJio RCom is not Capping RJio but the other way round [RJio capping it's own flock]!
  7. Never ever trust the Ambanis, especially the Big boss who scripted, directed & implemented the RCom CDMA-4G Upgrade mess, the younger one is just the delivery boy! do not ever Port your Primary No. to RJio. never ever install / uninstall the Pre-installed [Lyf phones] RJio Apps on your smartphone. if possible, buy a Dual SIM 4G VoLTE smartphone supporting all Indian LTE bands. enjoy the Free RJio services till December 31, 2016 & beyond [likely to be extended till March31, 2017] best wishes
  8. RCom 4G upgrade mess is scripted, directed & delivered by Big Brother [RJio] as per insider info!
  9. If i may suggest, buying a Dual SIM 4G VoLTE Smartphone [supporting all Indian LTE Bands] would be the best option. in such cases, never install / uninstall all Pre-installed RJio Apps [Lyf phones] so that Voice would be absolutely free! If Jio4GVoice App [Jio Join] is used via JioFi2, Background Data consumption mayn't be avoided, that's what AVOID cartel is saying! best wishes
  10. Jio ID is your Jio MDN [mobile No.], 70xxxxxxxx is just an example!
  11. Jio ID is Jio Number [format 70xxxxxxxx] and not the e-mail ID, though the Login dialogue says Email ID! Right now Reliance store mayn't entertain correction of Typographical errors in address! errors mayn't matter if you have provided Aadhar for ID & Address proof. however, you may try correction after 31-Dec-2016! best wishes
  12. we should understand that, one needs to have/buy a 4G VoLTE smartphone to avail RJio Welcome-offer and later . since the voice population is predominant, Voice & SMS [including Roaming] have been offered Free! Tariff announced by Mukesh-bhai is not final & binding! Pls. don't look too much into future, enjoy RJio True4G till 31Dec2016 and my sources at RJIO HQ informs that, we will be rewarded with a pleasant surprise on New Year Day!
  13. New Tariff announcement to check-mate RJio?
  14. I think Rs.39 - 200MB - 28 days is Mobilenet-recharge & Rs.62 - 175MB - 7 days is WiPod-recharge at my location, RCom 2G/3G signal is virtually non-existent and I have manually set Tata-Docomo 2G as Preferred Network [RCom Roaming-partner] so can't use 4G Rs.298/- Combo-voucher! thanks & regards
  15. Ref.: http://www.rcom.co.in/Rcom/personal/4G/ - Karnataka Circle - Prepaid Data Rs.62 - 175MB - 7 days validity Rs.39 - 200MB - 28 days validity is it Typo or real?