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    My basic interest is completely related to the matter which are related to the Computer, Internet and Mobile Sector. As I thought for myself as a troubleshooter and Helpful person for Everyone. <br /><br />If any one want to know something more about me, please feel free to contact me through PM.<br /><br />Thanks for reading,<br /><br />Take Care!
  1. Happy Diwali To All The RIMweb Members !

    Happy Deepawali!!! Enjoy and Take Care!
  2. Thanks to you. This method is for Windows XP. But i also want same method in Windows 98. If you have any info please provde us, or provide some link so i can found this info. Thanks and Take Care!

    Hi Ashok JP, Welcome to 18th. Happy Birthday To You! Thanks and Take Care!
  4. Hi! Thanks for these Reg Tweaks. But many tweaks are already posted by Ashis Babu, and Cracker, member of RIMWEB and also by you) in Windows Tips and Tricks section. BTW Some Reg Tweaks posts are deleted by some respected mods. I think there is some repetition also. Just check Windows Tips and Tricks. Thanks, and Congrates for MVP award. I want some help related to scandisk. Is there anyway to run scandisk, without Exit option. I means when system reboots due to some power failure, scandisk run. But user has option to exit it. I want to remove that option or some tweak, so user cannot exit it. (i.e. run of scandisk compulsory.) I want help in Windows 98 and Windows XP. Provide more to get more!!! Thanks and Take Care!
  5. R-connect Via Bluetooth (nokia 6255)

    Just check this R Connect Troubleshooter. Thanks and Take Care!
  6. R Connect Troubleshooter

    Are you try R Connect default driver which provide by Reliance. Becuase i think there is no need for any other driver. You can use R Connect driver for Windows. For more information visit http://www.relianceinfo.com. After this please provide your query if you have any. Regarding prolific driver if you required after this. Search the forum, Hyd Ladka post it somewhere. Do not know exact location. Thanks and Take Care!
  7. New Problem With Lg Rd-5130 Using R-connect

    Sorry but i cannot help you in this regards. Take a cable from some shop with some days changeable guarantee for some days. The local dealer may provide this, because in this time period we can check that cable. One thing is quite right for USB connection that it has more problem then serial connection if some minor thing goes wrong. Thanks and Take Care! PS: Try to make manual dial up connection and share your exp with me.
  8. New Problem With Lg Rd-5130 Using R-connect

    It seems that Cable may be faulty, If possible try to use some other cable. Try to make an simple dial up connection. for if you want any help in this regard search R Connect Troubleshooter in R Connect forum. Keep Sharing Thanks and Take Care!

    1 member is celebrating his/her birthday today Chirag(23) Happy Birthday to Super Mod. Have a great blast. Thanks and Take Care!
  10. Urgent Help Rconnect With Sch191

    The Samsung phone is good but both phone is not available in Reliance. You may got some 2nd hand handsets. But it is not clear that USB connection of this phone support charging or not. Thanks and Take Care!
  11. New Problem With Lg Rd-5130 Using R-connect

    Try this First, try testing the modem's ability to detect dial tone and to dial by using HyperTerminal with the direct to COM port connect method. For more info and help regarding Hyperterminal Use these link. Setting Up Hyperterminal Using Hyperterminal Describe What message you are getting. Also check your phone with some other cable if possible, it may possible that your new cable may be faulty too. Thanks and Take Care!
  12. 5340 Story

    Todays price of WWE & WWW. It is of price 3500 to 3800 in UP West. Thanks and Take Care!
  13. All About Rimwebians

    OK, As you wish i will come back with more but it will take time, because at this time my exams are starting and i will free after 26th Jan. Thanks and Take Care!
  14. New Problem With Lg Rd-5130 Using R-connect

    You can purchase new local USB cable with some warranty from any local dealer. Warranty means you can interchange cable to next one if there is some problem is arise. I will not support for USB cable from RWW. Local cable may cost you about 200 only. After that try to install the R Connect again. If you did not want to purchase for a new cable, OK, we can try on this cable also but chances of success are very low. You can also go for a serial cable as describe by Dheeraj, but it will decrease some speed. Choice depends on You. Thanks and Take Care!
  15. Move Over Laptops, Your Days Are Gone

    These concepts are real from James Bond Movie and laser light principle already used in detective works. So i think it may also possible. @Tanveer! Thanks for sharing this info! Keep Sharing!!! Thanks and Take Care!