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  1. Hi Rim Users, I need your valued assistance, please guide me. I just bought a Videocon VC 1605 dual sim (CDMA + GSM), as the shopkeeper told that Samsung Corby (as I lost my Corby recently) is discontinued now, so I didn't have any good options. Problem with this set is I am unable to use browser, I tried to contact customer care they told, if there is no R World then its not possible to use internet. >So please tell me is it possible to use net on this set. >Can you please advice any handset (CDMA only) in the range of 8-10K??? Harminder S Rao
  2. Samsung Corby Speed CDMA Launched

    Hi RIM Users, I bought a new Samsung Corby but still I am not used to it, I need your assistance on some points. 1. I am unable to use mobi TV, when I click on the icon I get the list of channels and the list of programs on respective channels, but when I select a program after buffering for a while I got the message "Unable to Play. Please try again when I contact to the customer care they told me that, this your handset's problem and you should go to Samsung Service Center" 2. How to configure Hotmail on Corby ( I can check mail on gmail, but my main account is on Hotmail) 3. Whats the usage of Calibration function and how to use it Harminder S Rao +919311544758
  3. Samsung Corby Pro - is it available?

    @AK: Thank you very much Sir.
  4. Samsung Corby Pro - is it available?

    @ Hitesh: Thanks a lot yaar. can any one tell me how to remove the FM and Music Player Icons from the wall??? And How to record the FM on Corby Speed. Friends please help me. Harminder S Rao
  5. Samsung Corby Pro - is it available?

    I friends, I was planning to but a Corby Speed CDMA, but last night I saw Corby Pro (With Keyboard (Sliding one)and I changed my mind. Can you tell me is that (Corby Pro ) phone available for CDMA??? And friends my budget is 10K for CDMA handset, so should I go for Corby Speed or any other handset, please help me I am totally confused. Harminder S Rao 9311544758