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  1. Sprint Samsung Epic 4G - The Beast Is Here!

    Gr8 to know arrival of official Froyo for Epic. Phew... finally we will get to experience real power this beast Sent from my SPH-D700 using Tapatalk
  2. Smartphone chipsets gonna break Moore's law Sent from my SPH-D700 using Tapatalk
  3. Changing Banner Name On Palm Pre

    here it is TATA_name.txt @Parin & Vinay Its 1 year and 5 month old Thanks , Hitesh bhai.
  4. Changing Banner Name On Palm Pre

    Would like to make banner as 'Tata Indicom' for my Verizon Pixi Plus
  5. New Android Market Website Launched

    Here's the link to latest Honeycomb presentation from Google. http://phandroid.com/2011/02/02/missed-the-honeycomb-event-watch-it-on-youtube-long-video/
  6. hi all i'm not able to mount sd card in mass storage mode to copy files from / to between card and pc. do I need to first format the sd card
  7. Sprint Samsung Epic 4G - The Beast Is Here!

    Thanks a lot Dhiraj bhai for the GPS solution. This works great on DI18
  8. Cannot Mount SD card in Storage Mode on Samsung Epic 4G

    rightly said dhiraj bhai. really stupid of me to have posted this without doing basic research
  9. Cannot Mount SD card in Storage Mode on Samsung Epic 4G

    thanks Sumeet and Kalpak ji. Just had to put phone in PDA mode dialing ##8778#. Now I can mount it
  10. Saw this link recently http://forums.t-mobile.com/t5/Samsung-Vibrant/Samsung-Vibrant-software-upgrade-to-Android-2-2-Froyo-now/td-p/678871 Does this mean that there will be Froyo update for Epic too, soon ?
  11. So I guess it's possible the other way round - that is porting a tata number to reliance on a handset registered in reliance
  12. It's Raining Androids @ The CES

    guys don't miss any of the announcements / demo's from Verizon and Motorola - gives a definite idea of exciting times ahead..... now, only if Indian operators could wake up and realize that it's not a 'just a phone' they are dealing with, rather a technology product enabling huge collaborative, utility value to end users. Appeal to all operators - please wake up and recognize that telecom has moved on from being just 'voice' to data, video, collaboration, games, media, sports ..... Only those operators are going to succeed who are willing to keep the CUSTOMER at the centre of all strategic decision making and product development
  13. Hi all Will MNP finally offer a solution to use imported sets in Tata. Consider the following scenario Since Reliance is bit more liberal, get imported handset of one's choice officially registered in Reliance, with a new / existing number Now if we find that Tata tariff / network is better , port this number to the Tata network, which in effect might allow the non-ruim handset get into the Tata network
  14. Hats off to you, Rajan bhai
  15. Worldmode Iphone On The Wings

    Bilkul Sahi bola aapne.... there's much better phones today in CDMA than iphone
  16. me too was facing same problem on my Dinc in Tata Indicom
  17. don't expect too much from MNP, coz churn works both ways. All operators will also get some new subscribers from others, in return for the ones they loose. MNP will act as a catalyst for consolidation, and cartelisation by the bigger players. So all chhota mota players like Aircel, videocon, loop, mts are gonna die.
  18. MDA has CASH, more importatntly he has the Vision needed to tap fulll potential of telecom There is nobody to beat MDA, as far as project implementation (read 4g rollout) He is the only one who can commoditise premium telecom services, so that it reaches everyone. Will be able to dictate terms to vendors due to the sheer size of the business he will be offering Last but not the least ,knows how to deal beurocracy and get laws amended
  19. Google Unveils New Smartphone, Nexus S

    sad to know that there are no CDMA variants for the Nexus S and LG Optimus 2X
  20. MEID Registering Questions

    In case of Tata Indicom, MIN / MSID changes if you get your no. transferred from RUIM to Non-Ruim / ESN based handset or vice-versa . But the MIN remains the same if you transfer your no. from RUIM to RUIM or ESN to ESN . This is not the case with Reliance, MIN remains the same whether you transfer your no. from RUIM - RUIM or RUIM - ESN or ESN - RUIM . Yeah, had same experience with my Pixi Plus on Tata
  21. Tata has gone one step ahead in Kerala, with the following tariff on it's landphones Plan rent : Rs. 75 Free Usage : 1500 mins calls free to local Tata nos All local / Intra-circle calls to ANY phone (mobile as well as LL, on-net as well as off-net) @ 25 p / min All STD calls to ANY phone in India (mobile as well as LL, on-net as well as off-net) @ just 30 p /min No capping, No conditions attached except that no add-on packs can be attached
  22. Installing the New OTA Update for HTC Incredible

    Thanks arun This worked for me, though I haven't rooted after the update. Posting this from my notebook , connected to the 3G hotspot of the Incredible.
  23. hi friends can someone get me files needed to put back bloatware like CityID, HTC Weather etc to original locations, so that I can go ahead and install the new Nov update. Without the bloatware files, OTA won't happen. thanks and regards ananth
  24. Request For Bloatware Files in HTC Incredible

    @hitesh bhai you mean to say I need to unroot and flash 2.2 stock rom again, and then go for the update?