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  1. Request For Bloatware Files in HTC Incredible

    Thanks, hitesh bhai
  2. All ROMs In One Post!

    Please find herein alternate link for the Verizon Pixi Plus 1.4.5 bypass rom, which was downloaded from Hitesh bhai's post earlier. Posting this in case you find that download from this link is faster. Say thanks to Hitesh Bhai, not me. oron.com/abumb8zo3p5b/palmpixi_plus_webosdoctorp121ewwverizonwireless-1.4.5-bypass.jar.html regards ananth
  3. RIMweb.in Member Of The Year - 2010

    IMHO Parin shud also be included for Member of the year, coz he always comes forward to help others in times of need, and shows so much patience to guide noobs like me. BTW I have voted for Dr.Muffi ji , as he is always willing to help others, and guides everyone in the right direction ,prompting them to do things on their own.
  4. How To Get Data On Palm

    Thank you. This worked. 000000 Diag Authorization code doesn't work. This phone I bought from rimweb only. @Hitesh to unlock ##usbpass#, u need to run 'prepassthroughkeygen', which you can get from Hitesh's post, or by googling for 'prepass gen'
  5. Help Needed To Setup Data On Pixi Plus

    have sent you the file. regards ananth
  6. Help Needed To Setup Data On Pixi Plus

    I've sent you the qpst saved file from a Pixi Plus with 1X Data working perfectly fine. Hope this helps solve your problem.
  7. Sprint Samsung Epic 4G - The Beast Is Here!

    >>>>>regarding yahoo push mail >>>> but doc, without using yahoo mail app, just by creating my yahoo account on the handset all my yahoo mails get pushed to my pixi plus (also works on the incredible - no need to use yahoo mail app - just create a new yahoo account , and it syncs) I configured yahoo account with following mail servers pop.mail.yahoo.com smtp.mail.yahoo.com
  8. Review Of Palm Pixi

    i'm using cmo unlimited addon pack in kerala which gets me unlimited data @ 900 / month
  9. RIMweb.in Member Of The Year - 2010

    my vote for muffi
  10. Sprint Samsung Epic 4G - The Beast Is Here!

    @dhiraj bhai , I said I felt sad to know that Doc's epic got bricked
  11. Sprint Samsung Epic 4G - The Beast Is Here!

    really sorry to hear this doc
  12. Help Needed To Setup Data On Pixi Plus

    yeah, I've got data now on the handset, can send the qpst saved file with data profile settings in case anyone needs for verizon pixi plus o tata. regards ananth
  13. spot on, rajan ji. MDA will define the real indian telecom scene, nobody has his vision. Only Mukesh Ambani can tap the real telecom potential in India, while all others, including brother Anil just follow the herd,each one copying the other.
  14. Which Is Better - 3G or EVDO?

    Reliance & Tata policy at present compares to the following scenario Having nationwide Worldclass Expressways Customer has a Ferrari and is willing to pay required Toll to use the expressway But it's like insisting that you only drive Autorikshaws on the expressway
  15. Roaming Charges May Go Soon!

    Once MDA enters the scene, he's gonna make voice completely free .... lol
  16. Raja In Russia

    why can't the govt think of bringing someone like Sam pitroda as the telecom minister,instead of some i***t who doesn't have a clue about it's potential
  17. Doc, take my booking now itself before u announce pre- booking.... lol
  18. Raja In Russia

    God knows, what more blunders are to come now
  19. How to Tag Places In Google Maps?

    How can we tag non-business places (like our homes) in Google maps regards ananth
  20. Is it possible to setup Tata Walky fwt/ fwp for fax
  21. Wud be really thankful if somebody can give a solution
  22. 3G Hotspot In Froyo

    In case nobody has tried till now, 3G Hotspot feature works out-of-the-box in Froyo - so need to use WiFi tether
  23. 3G Hotspot In Froyo

    @arun - am not sure whether it has to be rooted. Anyway i've root
  24. can anybody post download link for Akey claculator. Link found in one of threads is broken. regards ananth