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  1. Google Android Now Get Cupcake

    The SDK was only recently released for developer preview: http://android-developers.blogspot.com/ It'll be another few months before it officially comes to G1.
  2. Aircel Launches (gsm) In Bangalore

    Details of karnataka plans here : http://www.aircel.com/Circles/karnataka/plan-150.asp
  3. Is Reliance 2 Reliance Definition Extended ?

    does this apply to FWP775 plans as well ?
  4. Invites Thread

    desitorrent and bwtorrent invite please. Thanks in advance.
  5. Is Reliance 2 Reliance Definition Extended ?

    I'm hopeful. Both GSM and CDMA are under the same company [unlike SMART]. I'm sure they'll come up with interesting offers soon.
  6. All About Lg 6230 - Neat !

    Anyone tried one GB card with this model ? Does it work?
  7. Lg 2030 Worth Just Rs. 300?!

    A new 2030 used to cost about 3500Rs 2 years back. Now a comparable phone costs 1800Rs. 300Rs are being offered for your phone, because there are few takers for old phones, particularly becuase new ones are so cheap, and there are offeres which bundle phone for free (well, almost for free). In bangalore, you can buy a old 2030 for about Rs500. GMS have slightly higher resale values, because they are usable across operators, and it is easy to swap phones or change plans
  8. All About Lg 6230 - Neat !

    I couldn't get MMS working with my 6230 (sent from web portal with a jpeg, and no audio). I don't have a memory card yet... could this be the reason ? Can someone with 6230 verify that MMS are indeed working for them. [For me it recieves the message, but fails while saving it]. I can send you a test MMS if you can post/PM your mobile number.
  9. All About Lg 6230 - Neat !

    IMO the UI of 6230 is simply brain dead... Whenever the phone rings , you see a popup on the display showing the service area. This blocks the caller's number and name. And you have to wait for a few secs for it to go, before you can decide you want to take this call or not. Extremely irritating.
  10. Invites Thread

    thanks a ton abhay. Any windows live mail invites ?
  11. Invites Thread

    Hey, I'll aslo like a windows live mail, messenger invite. please send one to <Edited>
  12. R World Charged From 1st April

    It's not just Rworld. MMS is also charged now. LG6130 users will suffer most I guess, because MMS is the only way to transfer photographs in 6130, AFAIK.
  13. R World Charged From 1st April

    Any clues about MMS charges from camera phones ?
  14. Deactivation Of Reliance Mobile Set.

    does it ask for activation code when you dial *228 ?
  15. Software Upgrades For LG 6000 / 6130

    Have they fixed the annoying bugs with handsfree button ?