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  1. Hello Vinod Sir, First of all thanks for the awesome tutorial with pics. I have successfully unlocked the G2 I have for gsm . I however have 2 queries : 1. Is there any way yet to replace the GSM circling data icon on top with Kitkat ? If yes, pl share. 2. The biggest problem with KK update is that with GSM its signal strength etc has gone worse. Can I download a older version modem and flash it on top ? Will that work ? Any other workaround to get better signal and data speeds on KK ? Thanks in advance ! Dev
  2. Thanks for the screenshots sir. I have verified that settings are exactly like this, still same issue is there. for the time being I have asked buyer to use the prefixer app till I find whats the issue. Can anyone who is using a US cellular model confirm that u are not facing the issue and if yes, do u get the assistive dialing option on 4.4 or 4.4.2 ? as I dont. Thanks again !!!
  3. Also attaching pics I got from the buyer who is on 4.2.2 and has assistive dialing option .However even after setting reference country as India , +91 calls are not getting connected. Any other way to do this or something I may be missing. I would like to inform that I have not done any kinds of programming on the phone as CDMA RUIM sim was working out of the box. Do I need to change NV mode to RUIM only ? Can that cause this issue ?
  4. Thanks ankit.. this workaround helps.. still any permanent way to do this on 4.4.2 (or 4.4) for moto x ?
  5. I understand that sir, but the real issue is that I dont have Assistive dialling setting anywhere under dialer setting. Attaching screenshot. I'm 4.4.2 btw. I suppose you are on 4.2.2 as I have confirmed we have that option with that version. Is there any other way around of that ?
  6. Sorry for noob question again Sir, but from where to select country ? I tried resetting the phone but never was asked to select country, just language
  7. I have checked everywhere in settings as well as dialier but no options like that.. is there an app that can help me with this ? Any USC moto X user who can confirm whether same issue happening with your phone too or not ?
  8. Just have been pointed out about a problem by a buyer with the Moto X (atleast USC one) while using an Indian CDMA OMH card. Phone no with international code prefix (+91) doesnt work. I tried it myself and can confirm its an issue. Does anyone know how to solve this issue ? I know we have faced similar issue with few phones previously but can't figure out how to make it work. Pl help. Thanks in advance !!!
  9. Droid Maxx: GSM radio is locked

    yeah mine is pre-activated. Do u know if its working for me on 4.2.2 would it still work if I upgrade to 4.4? I have heard from few ppl that it may cause problem with the update. Thanks
  10. Droid Maxx: GSM radio is locked

    Who told u it comes with 4.4 out of the box ? It was lauched with 4.2.2 and is upgradable to 4.4 (soon 4.4.2)
  11. Droid Maxx: GSM radio is locked

    I think u have to keep the phone to 4.2.2 and then both GSM and CDMA RUIM works fine with all calls, sms and data. After upgrades ppl start to have issues. I have a pc on 4.2.2 and it works fine
  12. I had similar problem before.. For this u have to contact the service you used to get the item. If u have used PPObox, call them and tell them that you need to send back the item. Their charges were pretty reasonable when I sent back mine about 6-7 months back (1200 bucks in total). U would have to courier the phone back to their Mumbai hub and create a new shipment with destination address as the seller's address there just like you create while importing one. Once they get the item they will generate an invoice accordingly. Pay it and the item will reach back to seller within 5-7 business days. Dont have that experience with other services but I'm sure they would work the same way (atleast SNS would I guess)
  13. Do not purchase from US, it will cost a lot in shipping and customs - I know as I imported one but it was a 360 Dipan Sir is competely right. I was also interested in getting my hands on a Xbox one couple weeks back and so tried to calculate how much shipping+handling I have to pay. It is gonna be 10-15k easily just for these charges and that too if u get a good bargaining price on the item. Custom fees is apparately 25-30% as it comes under home appliances + the weight of the product is another issue. Better to get a deal locally
  14. Dear Dev, Ever since 21st January till date, all mobile phone shipments new or old more than 2 are getting held up every hour, daily, irrespective of any document submission or such formalities. Depending on the US MSRP of your six phones this figures must be given to you. You may know the exact value of the phones bought by you in this shipment, there does not seem any overcharging if the phones are medium/high end. PPO has imposed one phone per box so most importers have started trying out DHL, but 80% of incoming mobile phones parcels are getting held up even if everything is in order, we have to be prepared for this extra exercise. In fact, DHL parcels are getting held up but released later, a boon for high end imports. Thanks for the reply Sir. It is indeed getting alot tricky with consolidated packaging. In fact my items as still not been shipped from Mumbai and held in customs. To my bad luck, the custom officer ordered a recheck and appraised the clearance value to be 90k and charges increased to 6300 rs now. Still its pending approval. I think its best to be away from getting more than 1-2 phones in a package as they will most probably gonna get stuck like this. Gave an earfull to the DHL CHA agents but they politely said that there is nothing in their hands and if I dont want to use their service from now, its fine. Will see how the things turnout. thanks again !!!
  15. I needed some information for the regular users of HSG and ComGateway , specially from Mumbai area. This time I got a little greedy and imported a consolidated package containing 6 handsets via HSG. Unfortunately it got held up in Mumbai customs and I had to go thru formal clearance using a DHL CHA agent. I signed and couriered all documents as well as provided all merchant invoices. After a long process and wait of about a week they got cleared today and will be delivered to me tomorrow. However there are two things I would like someone to clarify : 1. On top of the rupee amount of the total invoice , DHL added 20% freight charges to the invoice checklist they prepared and presented to the customs. When I asked them about it , they told me its the standard procedure and it will not pass without it. So I agreed. But I still dont understand what that charge is really about. It would be great if someone has insight about it. 2. The CHA agent told me that on top of the total custom fees charged ( incl 20% freight charges) I will have to pay 1500 rs as CHA fees. It seems to me too much as it is almost 30-35% of the total custom fee charged. (custom fee is 4085/-). Does anyone know if its the standard and fixed CHA fees or it depends on the invoice/clearance value. I just want to confirm that they are not overcharging me as I told them its my first time going thru formal clearance process and using a CHA service. If Dr Faramroze or someone else with prior experience with HSG can clear this outs asap before I have to pay those guys tomorrow, I would really appreciate it. Cheers Dev