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  1. How To Recover Changed SPC of Palm Pixi Plus?

    Found consecutive 444444 but its not my spc. It dint worked. Is there any hint that allows use to locate the correctly? How does a spc get changed even when you dont change it intentionally?
  2. How To Recover Changed SPC of Palm Pixi Plus?

    I have tried using, 0000:0000 - FFFF:FFFF range, to scan memory address. Used the range of 06D1-7C10 to collect the bin. But still not able to get the phone working. Also is there some method so that i can get the BIN dumped into my PC? I mean with no errors. It's little hectic now to find it out. With the same process i think i will be able to find MEID too, right?
  3. How To Recover Changed SPC of Palm Pixi Plus?

    Yes i have tried the Scanning the memory. But the problem is, the phone does not responds and turns off. Also while saving it to binary file, it becomes off.
  4. Hey Guys, Recently unknowingly got my pixi spc changed and now the whole spc has been messed up. I want to change my prl and it wont be possible to change it. I want to recover my lost spc and change it back to default 000000. I know verizon handsets have default spc 000000 but my phone spc has automatically been changed, is there a way to find the spc? thank You
  5. Hello Guys, I got my ESN registered from Tata indicom. I had changed my prl earlier from Verizon to Tata. The tata personnel did the *228 and the system said, my phone has been successfully programmed to Tata Indicom. But after a while, my phone got blocked and the system showed: "AKEY Not Present In the Database." (I saw this message in the Tata Indicom Service Centre). Well My question is, if we register our ESN to the Tata Network, will i be required to change the PRL before registering or after registering? Or the change of prl is not at all necessary? Does system automatically update the Phone Verizon Prl to tata Indicom? Thank you.
  6. Can I Update Version Of Palm Pixi Post MEID?

    BAck to the point. 1) Yes Sure you can update to the SPrint 1.4.0 Without any problem. 2) Yes, It will erase your data. IF you are having data downloaded from Palm Store, then it will be auto backup once you flash the new rom. The non palm store data needs to be backup. 3) Wow! What type of data are you having then? If its just pics, videos, music, copy the data to your PC Hard drive. If apps are there download the newer ones. Most are available on the net. Memo's and tasks can be emailed. 4) Patches will get erased. But no worries, they can be rewritten if you having woqi. Its the same procedure you installed it. Btw, you having some problem with the Netconnectivity? Don't worry about anything unless you have internet. 5) Yes, you have to edit the data plans. But it remains the same way. Everything is just simple as you did it. MEID, Phone Secured information does not affect if you flash you phone.
  7. How to get Applications For Palm Pixi Plus?

    Try using Preware, it has abundant app store, most of them are free and incredible patches to modify your phone settings.
  8. [Guide] Make Your Own Custom Banner For Palm Pre - Pixi

    @Parin, Thanks. But i think, its the same, all the matter is to convert your name to HEX.
  9. Hello, I have been through few places in this forum and just saw that many of you are interested in your own custom banner. I dont know really if you have posted such guide Prior to my knowledge. Well heres, what you need to do: I will show you what you have to type inside the CustomBanner.txt. 1) First open a notepad and Copy the Following lines placed below: 2) Now goto: HEX TO ASCII CONVERTER And in the ASCII field, Write the banner you want to create. E.g. In Ascii I wrote "Knowledge" as an ASCII Code and clicked translate. I get following result: "4B 6E 6F 77 6C 65 64 67 65" 3) Replace the XX (which are written 9 times as a pair in above Quote.) with the pair of numbers i.e. HEX code generated. And save the file as knowledge.txt or whatever you find easy. 4) Follow the guide to program it for you Palm : Thanks to Mufaddal for the guide.