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  1. RIMweb.in Member Of The Year - 2010

    Hetal_bhai....no doubt....
  2. Cdma Workshop

    ya, the purpose for which i was looking for CDMA workshop is already resolved. I needed it for BB 8130. i did what i wanted to. Dr Mufaddal (and Hetal_bhai, as usual) helped me in getting thru it. thanx any way guys.
  3. Cdma Workshop

    Oops ! any way, do you have lower version (full) of it - say 2.6, 2.5....but must be fully working ? regards.
  4. Cdma Workshop

    hi there, i need a full version of CDMA workshop. i've ver 2.7 full. I suppose it has bug. "Range check error". So, i need a higher version. I checked over the net and didnt get the full version. Someone pl help. thanks.
  5. Ppc 6700 - Charging Problem

    alrite mates. thanx a ton.
  6. Ppc 6700 - Charging Problem

    Hi, Since a week PPC 6700 charger gave up. I bought new. Even it doesnt work. At the same time, i could charge my phone easily via USB. Has anybody faced the problem before ? know how to resolve this issue ? tia.
  7. Hetal_bhai.... good initiative ! Everyone here knows that adding foreign ESN into a family is pretty good thing, esp for techies. I've served Reliance for 4+ years and know the work culture very well. Let me share my views to approach Reliance people. 1. Instead of writing a letter/email/fax/whatever its better to meet the concerned people in person. Usually they dont give a xxxx to external people. If THEY think this is right, this is right ; unless approached 'rightly'. 2. If somehow its not possible and we've to write, its better if we use minimum technical words. The reason is that most likely the person who is having this authority (to give resident permit to a foreigner) is a non-technical person. He wont be able to understand the words like ESN, SPC etc. May be, we'll add the technical things as as attachment/annexture. 3. These (Reliance) people connects everything to Finance and then decides the approach. (I really mean the word 'everything'). Our task would be pretty easy if we somehow convince them that this gonna give them financial advantage.
  8. 6700 Differences

    hi, i second KShah on quality. there's a difference in the quality of a same model of a particular manufacturer across two different continents. to give you an example, there's difference in quality of GSM handsets in Europe and those in India. typically, made-in-Japan is found in Europe and made-in-Malesia/Taiwan found in India. Same for digicams too.
  9. Sms Backup & Phonebook

    I'm using PPC 6700 with WM5. Can anyone help me with .. 1. How do i Backup all my SMSes ? 2. How do i transfer contacts from Excel/Windows_address_book to PPC ? many thanks. regards.
  10. Gps

    oh wow ! thats a great information. thanx a ton. You mentined 'unlimited data plan'. My previous info says that it doesnt need any service provider for GPS services. does this referes to AGPS only ? Following is my understanding. Pl correct if I am wrong. In realtime, BT GPS receiver will feed the info to the PPC which will intern show the location on map. Now, if we are not directly under the sky, BT GPS receiver will fetch the info from service provider (i.e. AGPS) and 'll continue to show the info on map. thanx once again. keep rocking...
  11. Gps

    yep. excellent info. excellent site ref. thanx. just a little doubt. about availing the maps. purchase ? free ? or cracked versions ? thanx a ton.
  12. Gps

    thanx Karki. got few more Qs. 1. can i pair any gps bluethooth receiver with my ppc 6700 ? 1.1 if no, can you pl elaborate on this ? 1.1 if yes, can you pl suggest a good gps receiver ? 1.2 whats the appx price ? 2. are there gps compatible maps of India ? 2.1 preferrably mumbai-n-pune ? 2.1.1 are they worth ? i mean are they good ? e.g. i was in Europe for few weeks. i recently came back. these people have excellent maps+database. gps device even suggests type of roads (highway, expressways, walking, shortest, quickest etc), lanes to choose, petol pumps, demono pizza's etc. 2.2 do we need to 'purchase' them or are available free of charge or cracked versions are available ? - i checked out on this over google. (found a link or few for mum maps. but got problem with installing them. ) 3. can we use maps from google-maps or msn-live maps ? i highly appriciate your response. thanx.
  13. Gps

    Gurus, phonescoop.com describes PPC 6700 as a GPS enabled device. I went to the registry. Now I can see GPS settings. Its under : Start > Settings > System > GPS. I already have 'Tomtom' installed in my box. Can I use my PPC 6700 as a standalone GPS device (i.e. without pairing it with say a bluetooth GPS receiver) ? regards.
  14. Htc Mogul On Tata, I Did It!

  15. Diego

    Aaram se !!! That would be great. Thanx in advance.