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  1. Ty, Please let me know if the current version will work for a tethered 6.1.3? Please reply!
  2. Thanks a lot Ty for providing the OTA activation credit. Thanks once again.
  3. ydiddy, Thanks a lot for sharing the update. We all thank you for your continuous support and commitment. Also i am eager to know your real name as like how people know Rich and others in your team. Cheers!
  4. ydiddy, any updates please on the ETA, still cannot find an update on the website.
  5. ydiddy, I hope it will be an update to the existing iPhoneCDMATool that we all have already purchased, just getting curious a bit i know ;-)
  6. Thanks a lot ydiddy for your prompt reply. By any means if you can share an ETA for the updated version would be great. Thanks a lot once again.
  7. After evasi0n jailbreak for 6.1, i tried flashing my phone but it's not working. It get's stuck up on some weird USB device error. Initially i thought it could be driver or cable problem. I tried installing different versions of iTunes and different USB cables, but in vain. So i believe iPhoneCDMATool needs to be updated to 6.1, it would be great if ydiddy can provide us some support on this.
  8. Is there any way to disable the EVDO/3G since on my number/MEID, i don't have EVDO activated. What happens it it always starts with the 3G channel if i open a browser or any app, then it fails, so finally it switches to 1x network. I end up wasting almost a minute everytime between this switching. Is there any way to disable EVDO similar to how we can do on GSM iPhones?
  9. What has to be done to activate Facetime and iMessages? It's stuck in "still waiting for activation.."
  10. Those who are not interested in jailbreak and are eager to get on to iOS 6, can safely do so. There is no need to flash the phone again as the settings won't get overriden. I have successfully updated to iOS 6 after flashing the phone on 5.1.1.
  11. only after jailbreak for the same is released, it will be confirmed. but shouldn't be a problem at all
  12. iphone5, can you please contact arun and confirm your purchase
  13. It's better we buy this tool because i checked with gaurav, he is going to use DFS. The problem will be in future when iOS 6 jailbreak will be released, we will have to flash our devices again. If we all have our own personal licenses, it will be a smooth ride in future as well.
  14. arun, the reason is so that we can have a consolidated list of users interested in buying the tool. This thread can continue serving the purpose of providing general information about the tool.
  15. arun, why not we create a separate thread where people can commit themselves those who are interested in buying credits for the tool