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  1. I purchased a Sprint Blackberry 8830 in the USA and had some one in USA to unlock it so that the phone no longer looks at the Sprint network once turned on. After bringing it to India, Hyderabad.. none of the Reliance folks were able to help me in registering this phone on the Reliance network. I wnt around to lot of people and Reliance sellers, but no help. Frustated.. I decided to use it on the Vodafone GSM network and purchased a vodafone package with internet and data services. After changing the network mode to GSM, the voice portion works fine. I am able to make calls, receieve calls and receive SMS's as well. But I can't send out any SMS nor use any of the data services. The internet doesn't work at all. So I took it back to Vodafone folks this time, to activate the internet services. They failed as well. They say they don't see any of the options to make the internet work. I am bummed. Is there anything I need to do to make data work on my phone. Please HELP!!!