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  1. Google Music - Use It In India Right Now

    I am using it since it launched its amazing. I have uploaded around 4000 music on it. Google is Great!!!
  2. 2g Iphone 3.1.2 Unlocked But "no Service"

    Thanks for your reply dear! Could you please add your comments in more detail? I am using my iPhone from last one year. I have successfully updated all previous firmware updates till 3.0.0. However, this time I got stuck with this 3.1.2 firmware on my iPhone 2G with "No Service" issue. I tried all possible ways but I am helpless. Any help will be appreciated! Regards,
  3. 2g Iphone 3.1.2 Unlocked But "no Service"

    Tried blackrain/blacksnow/quickpwn/Pwnage tools but on result, still displaying "No Service" Please see the below screens of my iPhone
  4. 2g Iphone 3.1.2 Unlocked But "no Service"

    I have tried this application on both OS (Mac & Windows). It's running perfectly, however its not able to add any blackra1n icon on my iPhone desktop so that I do the further activity as suggested in blogs or youtube videos. Please suggest. Regards,
  5. 2g Iphone 3.1.2 Unlocked But "no Service"

    Thanks for your response. I tried this but not hope!!!! Still sitting on the same issue....
  6. I updated my 2G iPhone 3.0.0 with 3.1.2 through iTune 9.2. My iPhone is unlock and working fine. However, I am not able to make calls, its displaying "No Service" instead of my Network Carrier signal and logo. I tried all the possible ways on my 2G iPhone 3.1.2 to get the service back but found no result and its still displaying "No Service". Furthermore, the Network is displaying “Not Available” in Setting > General > About and there is no Carrier Available in the carrier status. However, everything was working fine with iPhone Firmware 3.0.0 on my iPhone My iPhone’s bootloader (Modem Firmware) Ver is 04.05.04_G. Is it possible to get the “Service” back on my iPhone device. Please help, let me know if you need any further information from my side. Thanks :sos:
  7. Hi Guy, Any idea, is it possible to convert your Reliance CDMA number to Reliance GSM? Means is it possible to change your same reliance cdma mobile number to Reliance GSM no..... Please let me know your comments...... Thank
  8. Nokia 6275 Can Be Used For Skype

    IM+ for Skype by Shape Services | support Available For : Nokia 6275 . . . $11.95 BUY NOW and receive an email with full download instructions. Collection is via your phone at WAP.CLICKAPPS.COM http://www.clickapps.com/moreinfo.htm?pid=...set_device=2401
  9. Iphone Re-unlock Issue

    Steps for SSH Login on iPhone Step 1. Using Installer.app install the following Applications to your iPhone: Launcher OpenSSH BSD Subsystem Mobile Finder Step 2. Download WinSCP File Downloads for free at the following link: http://winscp.net/download/winscp406.exe Step 3. Connect wifi on iPhone. Step 4. Get your iPhone's IP address, go to: Settings > Wi-Fi Click the little Blue Arrow next to your wireless access point (default, linksys, etc.) Step 5. Connect your iPhone to your computer with the USB Cable. Open up WinSCP Host Name : <your iPhone IP> Port : 22 For your username / pass use the following: username: root password: dottie or password: alpine Now press connect, and let it connect to your iPhone. Peace!
  10. How To Change Rworld Button In Nokia 6265?

    no way.... Enjoy............
  11. Gtalk, Yahoo And Msn Messangers In Reliance

    this jar file is not working on 6275
  12. Call End Issue Iphone

    Guys, Here is another problem and its solution in iPhone. I was confused with my problem as there was no solution for it with me. My problem was when i was trying to make calls from my iPhone and after dialing any number, it immediately takes me to Call Ended. I was able to receive calls, sms and send sms but out going was not possible. Then, i started search on this issue found some solutions Reset my phone - no result dialed ##004# to deactivate all forwarding - no result Changed few different sim card - no result set "Show my caller ID" to "OFF" and "ON" - no result then i found solution on following path http://modmyifone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8688 1) Settings > General > Date and Time > (Here, switch off "Set Automatically" and manually select your hometown). Then manually set the date and time. And now my phone is working normally Great!!!
  13. Iphone Re-unlock Issue

    good comment Dj. Thanks anyway, if any one having same issue, i m ready to guide them.
  14. Iphone Re-unlock Issue

    Now my phone is unlock. If any one in your circule having same issue, please tell him these steps. If my help is required i m there to help. Thanks Dear!
  15. Iphone Re-unlock Issue

    Dear, I am agree with you but this phone is really a cool plastic piece which i want to keep in my hand. Try it, i am sure you would love it.