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  1. Will it be available in my QPST backup? I have written to my seller for info, waiting for response... Wondering if I could do it myself..
  2. Where do I get Akey from?
  3. Yes, calls are getting cut within one second. How do I verify A-Key? I flashed new PRL ver 5 using CDMA workshop, but no change..
  4. I was on anthrax kernel for a while, but a lot of features were not working as expected (3d, tether) I don't have a nv backup, I have a qpst backup which I restored. How do I generate a nv backup? Also my calls keep getting cut off (problem with prl?) Please suggest what I can do. Thanks!
  5. Hey, I just finished upgrading to ICS (MeanROM 1.5).. To fix boot loops i became S-OFF using Juopunutbear.. Restored my basic phone settings through QPST, but I have lost Data settings! How do I go about restoring this?