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  1. Xiaomi MI 3

    Proximity sensor was a minor issue but solved as of nowAnd @kshah I actually came looking for you here....long time since we lost touch...Good to know YU are also playing GOD these days. Well I was also among the lucky few who could snatch the deal on the first day with the leather case... In fact since that day one or the other friend makes me book a deal on Thursdays...till now been thrice lucky...tired of it now.. Anyway @kshah you get in touch... I'll also PM this one to you.
  2. How To Find Spc For Usb Modem

    Hi Hital... Mahesh here ( in case you rem) Do you have any idea for finding SPC for HUAWEI EC1260 (Reliance Netconnect Broadband+) or changing it to R-UIM
  3. Hi Everyone! Came to check my thread after a long time when I could get online. Most of the time I am disconnected due to lack of connectivity on some islands. Well no activity here.... u sure wont loose anything if you share those sms tones in your handset which u really love to use... Since I logged in... at least I'll add.... sure u'll like it Cute_Kid_Sms_2009.mp3
  4. Try this one... may be u will find okay IncomingIM.mp3
  5. Hi Guys, I was happy to see you could bear with my mistake, actually could not see while uploading as to what all tones were listed in the previous page. Few more for today sms.mp3 sms_aa_gaya.mp3 smsglass.mp3 Sony_Ericsson.mid success.mp3
  6. Sorry many are repeats saw after upload. Enjoy those which are not repeats. More to come later.
  7. Thanks guys for keeping the thread alive.... I was away at Kalapani (island) since a long time. Now here for few days will try to add few more in one or two days. trying to post today itself.. kal kisne dekha hai (please excuse if anything is repeated don't have time to double check) Change the extention of the file creaking door.txt to .mp4 then it will work. __R_B______m___.mp3 Creaking_door.txt Door_bell.mp3 Evil_laugh.amr Excuse_boss.mp3 flat_horn.mp3 Flurry.aac Glass.mp3 glassbreak.mp3 glassbreaking.wav HeyBoy_You_Have.mp3 Incoming_Message.mp3 IncomingIM.mp3 Mast_lalalala.mp3 Msg.mp3 Msg_aaya_baby.AMR Msg_male.amr NokiaBANG.mp3 Seeti.amr Sending_SMS.mp3
  8. Attn : Connecting Pc Using R World Stopped

    i didn't took any internet surfing plan no changes on my old plan only L1
  9. Attn : Connecting Pc Using R World Stopped

    If u have got the L1 plan activated you should not be charged for that till now but now after 10 dec my connection was down but luckyly it started today so i am still looking if there is any charge applied i dont think that there will be any but for a confirmed info i need to wait at least 2 days but i am using internet using "uts@reliance....." on my laptop
  10. Attn : Connecting Pc Using R World Stopped

    Hi can u explain alittle more what is working as i have the L1 plan activated from the begining but now as reliance have chnaged the mobile internet and put some new plan for that i am not even able to access internet on the phone no i just have the L1activated nothing else no mobile internet plan
  11. Netconnect Awsome Speed

    I hope reliance is doing some testing in there network , B coz i also got a very good speed of 80-90 KB/s for the whole night so these miracle happen some times
  12. Hi Guys, One more bad thing that the internet usage by using the code User Name = UTS@relianceinfo.com Password = i4gE7DW in which you will be charged per KB , stopped working from 08-12-2008 i was using it all the time on my laptop and all of sudden it stopped. it will show ur status connected but if u ping any website it will go "request timed out" this thing happend with me on 5-12-08. I called uP CC they fwded a Data reset request after which it started working but again it stopped now and called CC they have reset the data multiple times but still no success. Guys please let me know if anyone else is also facing the same problem. or If you have any remedy then your friend is in need Even from now onwards the L1 plan is no longer good. as all the browsing aaplication will not work untill you take a new plan for browsing Rs199/100MB or Rs99/20 MB permonth seems to be that reliance want there customers to stop using there services. Any alternative????
  13. D-88n With Opera Mini

    do u have the settings for spice D-88n if so please help me also User Name : Password : Gateway : Number : Port :
  14. Thanks Ali... logged in after a long gap as no connectivity where I landed... in case happen to remain connected will sure upload more to keep thread going. Right now checking to select new dual mode handset.
  15. hi guys hey did anyone tried using the internet access on phone on the china mobile using the reliance connection