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  1. I'm from Bangalore, Karnataka circle with 2 postpaid CDMA connections. I am getting atleast 5 calls daily for getting the new 4G sim. But i dont want to migrate to the patchy RGSM network. Somebody in this forum suggested to port out before migrating to 4G. Hence i submitted a port out request on saturday and submitted my forms to Airtel. They said it will take exact 7 days for the request to be complete. I believe the CDMA network will be shutting down only after 30, June.

    I already paid my this month bill in advance, as i dont want the porting request rejected because of outstanding. Will there be any issues in porting out? Even though i submitted port out request, Should i need to get the 4G sim and register it now?I dont want to loose my numbers.

    I ported my 17 rcdma nos to idea. Some were upgraded and some not . No problem whatsoever in porting.

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  2. hi ,

    i would like to giveaway motorolla f3c cdma phone bought from nio987 here in rimweb. as the phone was used only for 1 week and then kept idle for 1 year its battery is not charging. you may get battery boost from local repair shop. otherwise phone is not used at all. you have to pay only shipping charge via speedpost.

    first come first serve. thanks