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  1. Collect Your Freebies !

    Honest sir, we are waiting are the pics.
  2. Trai should impose heavy penalties on these private operators for such malpractices. Using other person's identity should be considered as Criminal activity.
  3. No more lucrative 3g plans from Mtnl now. I get 1mbps speed in suburbs and 1.5mbps in city (South Mumbai).
  4. Collect Your Freebies !

    Thanks Honest sir for providing continuous freebie deals. Your proofs of delivery in most of your posts confirms that we will also get the samples for sure. Thanks for taking the time to attach the pics of the samples you got.
  5. Mr. H. V. Nath, try Giftmate / Paymate service. I used it couple of years ago. Recharging is pretty easy with this serivce. Your recharge got validated only after you get an automated IVR call from Paymate. I think this is the most hassle free recharge service. But you have to remember just four digit numerical pin to enter into your account.
  6. Ashish you will get Micromax mobiles at most mobile shops near your place. Before purchasing just check if they have Service Centre near your place so that their should not be any problem for after sales service.
  7. Collect Your Freebies !

    Wow, its raining freebies from P&G and Honest sir. Thanks a lot.
  8. Yes, no technology is hack proof but at the same time when Gsm Operators worldwide using encryption then why the hell Indian Opertors are not using the same encryption method? Indian operators are taking subscribers for granted?
  9. Ashish you will get good options in Micromax and Spice with big screen and Dual Sim functionality. I don't remember the model numbers but there are plenty of options available.
  10. HTC Handset Restarting - How To Debug?

    Did you tried hard reset on your mobile ?
  11. Discounts & Deals For Non Electronics/Gadget Stuff

    Bata cancelled my order stating reason "out of stock".
  12. Missed Calls from Unknown International Numbers

    I often get missed calls from International numbers starting from +251 on my Mtnl number.
  13. Collect Your Freebies !

    Thanks Sujit for the solution and thanks to Honest Sir for the link to ENCHANTEUR perfume freebie.
  14. Happy Holi !

    Happy Holi to all forum members.
  15. Discounted/Free apps on Market/Play Store

    I purchased Asphalt 6 and Need For Speed.