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  1. Maybe you are right, but it says "the patent was issued last year (2008)". Which means the patent was granted last year. A patent claim usually takes 1-2 years to be granted from the date of application. It seems that this guy must have filed it in 2006 or 2007. And AFAIK, dual-SIM phones have been around since that time.
  2. Sistema Launch On Schedule

    Yes the above ad campaign is from Sistema Shyam Teleservices Ltd. Although they provide services in the Rajasthan circle under the Rainbow brand, they will be launching services in Tamil Nadu-Chennai and Kerala under their Russian brand MTS
  3. Sistema Launch On Schedule

    They have a roaming agreement with Tata Indicom and I have used the same in Punjab, Haryana & Delhi. You can only make/receive calls and SMS does not work on Tata Indicom's roaming at the moment. The number series in Rajasthan is 9875 and 9667. The co. is going to launch services in Tamil Nadu-Chennai and Kerala soon and the number series for these circles is 9150 and 9142 respectively. The CDMA2000 1x data service has not bee started and hence no data plans are available.
  4. Bids Invited For Number Portability

    Yes but it is only available in a limited area in Delhi and not available in Gurgaon, Noida etc. And even then, that is just one operator in only one circle of the country. Nevertheless, we are getting way too off-topic here. This thread was supposed to be about MNP. At least the MNP thing seems to be going in the right direction as of now.
  5. Sanket I use the same website for my dose of mobile area codes. But can anybody point me to an updated list of Mobile Country Code--Mobile Network Codes (MCC-MNC) like 404-01 for Vodafone-Haryana and 404-10 for Airtel-Delhi ?
  6. Bids Invited For Number Portability

    They have three operators in China - China Mobile, China Unicom & China Netcom And the main contract for TD-SCDMA has gone to China Unicom. When will CDMA2000 1x EV-DO and WCDMA/HSDPA services start in India ? Only God knows
  7. Sistema Launch On Schedule

    Yes they offer R-UIMs and R-UIM enabled handsets only. Please see line 2 of post no. 12 of this thread. "Handset + Starter Pack + Lifetime R-UIM = Rs 899" They only offer three handsets at the moment and I am using ZTE-C330 http://www.hellorainbow.com/cdma_handsets.asp Postpaid plans are not available in my area and AFAIK they have not launched postpaid till date.
  8. Sistema Launch On Schedule

    I have been using their services in Rajasthan for past 5 months and the call quality is good. And they have the best plan for prepaid subscribers. Handset + Starter Pack + Lifetime R-UIM = Rs 899 For the first 6 months : * Free on-net calls & SMS in the circle 24x7 * All other local calls & SMS Re 0.50 * All NLD calls & SMS @ Re 1 And you can continue with the above plan after the six months with a recharge of Rs 100/month for which you get 100% usage value. And all of the above without any special voucher or time limitation.
  9. Bids Invited For Number Portability

    China is using a new 3G technology called TD-SCDMA . They have auctioned spectrum for WCDMA-UMTS as well but mainly for TD-SCDMA Let us see how this new technology pans out.
  10. Who Could Be This Operator

    There are theoretically five 3G technologies in the world according to the ITU-T 1) WCDMA (UMTS or FOMA) 2) CDMA2000 1x (RTT or EV-DO or EV-DV) 3) TD-SCDMA & TD-CDMA 4) DECT 5) EDGE Why are GSM operators allowed to offer 3G service EDGE ? Who gave them the spectrum for the same ? EV-DO is just a data overlay on the existing CDMA2000 1x service and does not require additional spectrum just like EDGE on GSM. The GSM operators are simply crying hoarse because they use a costlier technology EDGE which does not deliver true 3G speed of a minimum of 2.0 Mbps as defined by ITU-T And for everybody's information a similar service has already been launched by BSNL(but on WLL mode) in some cities in 2008. Good move Tata Indicom - way to go!!!
  11. Samsung Launches Mpower Series Of Cdma Handsets !

    Yes, HUTCH operates on CDMA in Thailand
  12. Palm Centro

    kshah I have not received any PM from you. I can buy it only if I have all the relevant information.
  13. This is all very good but this is like living a bad dream again and again. Guys, this is just a recommendation from TRAI and not an order. It is up to the DoT to accept it or reject it. In India, the telecom regulator still does not have the power to take policy decisions. TRAI recommended the same in 2005 and 2006 but to no avail. The all powerful telephone companies have always managed to overturn TRAI's recommendations through bribery to DoT and the Communications ministry. Although I want this to be implemented this time, I am still very skeptical in view of DoT's past record.
  14. Motorola With R-uim Slot

    faizca From your post, it seems that all Motorola phones available with Tata Indicom in India have working R-UIM slots. But I will have to check this out before further commenting here. Cupidon I think you are referring to the Motorola MotoFone F3C(the phone with a TTS converter) here. Interesting fact this. Thank you for all the information guys. But I still don't know if phones like the W210 and the L7C have an R-UIM slot.
  15. Is Reliance Launching Iphone 3g ?

    abhi You are right that the Samsung Instinct is an iPhone 3G - CDMA (if it is released) competitor. The phone is an excellent CDMA phone, although I don't know much about the price. But the problem is that with so much hype already created and common people knowing so little about competing phones that they would only want the iPhone 3G and nothing else. dkaile Yes, Reliance would jump at the opportunity to launch the iPhone 3G - CDMA and take it to the masses. But again we don't know if Apple would allow such a thing as it usually ties up with multi-country operators.