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  1. RConnect & Mac Os X

    This is good. I would also like if u can help me find a driver or dialer for MotorolaV-730. I am using a iBookG4 and am fed up trying for a driver for it. I need to connect to the net badly else thr is no use having a RIM.
  2. Motorola Close To Pact With Reliance Infocomm

    Would be fun to have more Motorola Phones on Reliance. Its the class that counts......Moto Rocks.
  3. Sos

    Buddy, I Use MacOs X Tiger. I want a reliance dialer with which I'll be able to connect my fone to the net. I use an iBook G4. if u can help me find the dialer....also i have checked the site ..not found anything.....
  4. Motorola V730

    Hi Buddies, My inputs to all the posts. I am quite satisfied n happy wid my V730.Good fone worth the price. Had a few teething problems. Can mention quite a few nokia's which have been troublesome. The latest software version 19.91.26 is available. Go get it. Now i can download ringtones from indiatimes, rediff....have 5 ringtones. No probs wid my fone hanging. Jus would like to add( For all the tech geeks) motorola is the first six sigma company in the world...meaning it has defects of 3.2 per million produced. Many companies are jumping into the bandwagon now. Cheers!!!
  5. Cdma Moto Razr

    Guys , This is the detail of the new CDMA MOTO RAZR. Also motorola does not have a CDMA version of its RAZR. Motorola CDMA RAZR with Ev-DO – Revolutionary mobile style is now available on the CDMA network. Whether downloading a musical ringtone or taking a video clip with the 1.3 megapixel camera, this chic handset brings unparalleled mobile sophistication to CDMA users worldwide. Had posted a suggestion to reliance to introduce it. This was the reply i got. We thank you for giving your valuable suggestions. We have forwarded your suggestions to the respective department and assure you that they will consider implementing the same in the best interest of customers and the company. We look forward to an opportunity to assist you again. Usual Reply.... Anyways not very hopeful it will be launched by reliance in India. CHEERS!!!
  6. Sos

    Hello, I am a Macintosh user and am badly in need for a dialer for my MOTOROLA V730. Can anyone help me find it or code it.