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  1. It was a very informative topic......thx... Any plans to focus on official GSM/CDMA phones from reliance ??
  2. It can survive entire day after charging with normal use ?? and is it still sold and what price approx ?
  3. Hey anyone has used Reliance ETS8221 Cordless FWP......Need review on battery life .......
  4. thanks for the suggession, But cordless facility is most imp for me as there is crunch of space ...so cordless is more feasible... Do you have any idea of FWP Terminal which reliance had previously....Where from which we can connect a regular cordless or any phone to it and that Terminal has the Reliance Number.......can we shift this number to the FWP teminal ???
  5. HI, I have Reliance FWP of LG-110, which is now not working and Reliance Webworld guys said we have to buy new Landline phone. I am not interested in buying new landline phone. My question is, can we shift this number to some SIM card so i can use any CDMA phone and use the same number.
  6. He is the guy who started Office 365 cloud service of Microsoft
  7. Hi, I have Reliance Wireless Landline LSI-110, Which gives lot of Battery Problem and after one call, phone gets switched-off.... Called Reliance Customer care to replace battery or handset, but they are saying they dont have stock and they cant do anything about it... Please suggest some ways ....Can we shift this number to a Cell Phone or a SIM card and use in another CDMA mobile or anything else....???
  8. Go for used Samsung note 2...should be around 18k ...but its superb phone and best for battery life..
  9. I have used - Netgear WNDR3700 N600 Dual Band Wireless Gigabit Router ....This is basically dual band AP which supports 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz channels at the same time. you have to connect on 5Ghz channel to have good throughput...i have tested on my LED TV streaming HD video ..it works...only condition is AP should be near to TV as ....TV should get good range of AP...so it will not LAG in HD Video..... Let me know further help required.
  10. Hey you can buy Wireless Access Point / Router with DLNA feature...where these routers also support FTP mode from which you can transfer files wirelessly.... Also suggest if you are buying AP...but N600 range of AP which supports 2.4 ghz and 5 Ghz also...otherwise transferring or streaming HD movies will ****... Let me know if you need more details..
  11. Hey...do PMP...that has more value compared to ITIL...also ITIL people are more in market...PMP is rare....
  12. go for samsung S3.....perfect size for girls....slim, lightweight...good config etc.
  13. spend little extra and go for Note - 2 ...screen is little bigger from what you need....but amazing mobile with extremely great battery and good processor and memory...
  14. I have not downgraded it yet.....i just see KNOX yet to be installed ...but right now its still Android 4.3 only....and can we get the original ROM which is given by samsung with new phone...? so we can switch it to the original phone OS....and installing ROM is with Odin only na ? or is there any other way to do it ?
  15. I have to downgrade as phone has become very very slow and giving lot of performance issue....but is it safe to move it to custom ROMs ? as this is official Indian phone....Please suggest. I saw on my mobile that KNOX only icon is showing...if i click it is asking to download and install.....so is it locked or no....and do i have to go through the procedure mentioned in your link....can you explain little detail about bootloader lock / unlock....i am not clearly understanding it......so is it not simple that i have ODIN and ROM ...i can start the phone in download mode and just flash it...??