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  1. Loss.. 233Cr.,. I think most of it is because of the FINES that Reliance keeps giving out. Last fine to BSNL was 150cr. According to me Reliance's 233cr is not all that bad. We have to look at the speed in which they are growing, RIM's Oversears operations, Its OFC network, its FLAG aquisition, Coverage in Thousands of towns and hundereds of Cities, over 10m subscribers. Just 2 Years of Operations. It is not a Paan Tapri to make profits from day 1. I think they are doing fine. Our only request will be to reliance would be to do less jhol so they get less FINES from the govt. or atleast this time when you do a jhol please dont get caught. Regards, PCO Guy
  2. Now the Blind will have to PAY for the light they dont see. REL launches power bills in Braille March 10, 2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mumbai: Reliance Energy Ltd today launched power bills in Braille for its visually impaired customers and announced a project to promote Braille literacy among the blind in the city. "The introduction of power bills in Braille is a significant step in the utility marketing. The visually impaired will be able to easily read critical information on the bill such as power consumption, details of charges," company executive director Satish Sheth said at the launch here. Maharashtra Energy Minister Dilip Walse-Patil and actor Amitabh Bachchan, who essayed the role of a teacher of a visually impaired girl in his recent film `Black', were present at the function along with Tina Ambani, wife of REL chairman Anil Ambani. The company also launched `Prarambh,' a project specially designed to promote Braille literacy among the visually challenged citizens along with he National Association for Blind. Only 4,000 of the total 35,000 visually impaired people in the city were Braille literate, Sheth added.
  3. Yaar hum reliance se mobile leke pareshaan hai aur tujhe radio bhi chahiye... pehle yeh to theek se chale.
  4. No. They cant do that. the Order Clearly states that if they have connections with Negative AV then their license is at stake.
  5. I feel Software Patent is Good. Only copycats or Patent Thieves can deny Patent. It does not Stop innovation.. Patenting promotes innovation and safety to innovator.
  6. - TDSAT said its Contractual and go not license issue so go to the court. - Court/BSNL said Disputes to go to TDSAT. TABLE TENNIS ?????? TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2005 Telecom dispute appellate tribunal TDSAT has reserved judgement on Reliance's appeal challenging the penalty of Rs 150 crore imposed by the government for illegal routing of international calls as local ones. Arguments concluded on Tuesday with Reliance counsel Harish Salve contesting the government's reply that the company violated licence agreements, saying, "This is not a licensing issue. This is a contractual dispute between Reliance Infocomm and BSNL and the government should not have interfered." FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2005 At the outset of the hearing, BSNL’s counsel CS Sundaram contended that the court did not have jurisdiction to decide on the dispute and the appropriate forum for it was Telecom Dispute Settlement and Appellate Tribunal. Senior advocate Harish Salve, appearing for Infocomm, said that BSNL’s plea was an abuse of law as it has been filing such applications repeatedly at different fora.
  7. DoT has asked all unified access service operators (GSM and CDMA) to cross-check the addresses of all existing subscribers and submit an action taken report to the government. As per the directive, telecom companies must ensure that subscribers’ documents are verified before they are issued the handsets/GSKs. THIS IS REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU ARE A POST-PAID OR PRE-PAID USER. I dont know when this starts.
  8. RIM has started having tie-ups with Cable operators in different parts of Mumbai for a Service which will provide Wired lines into Subscribers homes which will allow them to make STD calls at 20% lower costs than an STD Booth. This will be on prepaid basis and a RCV of Rs. 1000 would be available. This will be exactly like how Cable Operators Sell Broadband Internet service.. now they will sell National Long Distance. These will be Wired lines entering Subscriber's homes. (But the trick is that it will be Wireless from Building onwards.. so the wire would be from your terrace to your home actually)
  9. Finally after months of delay, Reliance commited that they will launch their Prepaid Local PCO Service by End of April this year. Till now they had launched the Prepaid PCO which was only for STD Booths and not Local Call / Coin Boxes. No Clarification on tarrifs have been given but unofficially it looks like 40% Margin for Coinbox Owners. and There would be a RCV of Rs. 1000/- .
  10. Just want to know if there is anyone who is still having a running piece of Reliance FWT in POSTPAID. I was told this service has been discontinuted.
  11. There is a small loophole in the reliance prepaid supply chain that I was able to check on today. I wanted to buy the Slim handset for a friend today and went to various places for checking out the prices. All Dealers and POS had almost the same rates BUT there is something called as a Prepaid distributor who is allocated One for every Area (True for Metro/Large Cities). This Distributor sells to all Dealers and POS at a speacial price called "DEALER PRICE" which is nearly Rs. 300 less than the "Customer Price" and decently below the "MRP". All you need to do is locate this distributor nearest to you and buy from his shop. the distributors even give you 1 handset or 1 Refill. I bought a GSK which is worth Rs. 220 outside at Rs. 100. The distributor does not care if you are a POS, Shop, Direct Customer or anyone. They are selling retail also. I will try posting names and areas of the Distributors.
  12. See cloning is already so much of a problem and they are talking about cloning humans. STOP IT NOW. Soon you will see that --- HYDERABAD: A gang involved in cloning of humans with XYZ Cloning technology were nabbed by the police here on Thursday. In all, eight persons including two main accused Shaik Mujeeb Quershi (30), a hospital owner and Mohd Faiz (30), cloning technician were arrested. Their modus operandi was to get a DNA Sample of a person from doctors in the market and clone old useful, intelligent people by deleting the existing memories and replacing it with the new SLAVERY details obtained by various means from the customers, who visit their doctors for treatment purpose. Another arrested, Faiz cloned about 100 people for being Slaves and then exported to middle east and also some far east countries and supercheap labours.
  13. Yes Mobility has been taken away from PCOs. BTS Locked and gives not more than half a km of radius. But this is far more serious problem than BTS. BTS is long gone and was a precautionary measure for not paying a few hundred crores to DoT/Trai/BSNL/Somebody., This is a different problem. This time its not RIMs Mistake its their distributor and customers. Some say there is a huge misuse of RIM PCOs for some illegal purposes. DoT, Vigilance & Crime Branch (Police) is nabbing customers who misuse PCOs very agressively. This is damn serious and RIM PCO department actually suspended almost 7000 Lines all over India. out of which around 3000 were in Hyderabad and more than 2000 in chennai, bombay nearly 200. RIM has lost all investment on these 7000 FWTs and all suspected misuse is being raided by police. moreover in these raids if there is a Misused FWT found, then it goes to the police and not RIM. All connections are very closely monitored for illicit activity and somehow the locations of these FWTs are being raided.
  14. It seems there is a huge problem between RIM and DoT on their Prepaid PCO business. Reliance has stopped selling to existing BSNL Customers and also there has been huge number of lines been suspended like 3000 in Hyderabad. They say its some misuse of PCO by people that has suddenly bought DoT, Vigilance and Crime Branch under one roof for scrutiny of RIM Connections. From 1st Feb onwards every FWT sold will have an Address Verification (Like Postpaid) and will also be continuesly monitered.
  15. Yes There is a way you can know if your CAF has been uploaded or not... GO TO YOUR NEAREST Reliance-OTC and Simply ASK. If the guys there are as good as mine they will definitely answer you. If there was a problem in your earlier form.. they might be able to do the changes for you. PCOGuy