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  1. Yes with freebies Link http://www.flipkart.com/moto-g/p/itmdsmbxcrm9wy8r?pid=MOBDSGU2ZMDYENQA Freebies: (valid only on 6th Feb till 11:59PM) • Clothing Rs. 1000 off on Rs. 1001+ • eBooks Rs. 500 off on Rs. 501+ • Moto G Covers 70% off • Stand a chance to get 100% Cashback (100 customers)
  2. It is from eBay.In. hitesh bhai now seller refused to take return. Is it bound on me to keep handset as it is or still I can return it.
  3. i bought one used mobile from ebay, but it turned out to be not as listed. seller agreed to refund after some anger talk. my question is what precautions shall i take while sending it back. as i have never faced such situation. seller feedback is 100% with 10 sales. any one having idea?
  4. want to buy some product from INFIBEAM? ANY IDEA ABOUT INFIBEAM.
  5. friends, do anybody here experience of using nose hair trimmers? i want to but one but doubts are like- 1) fear of cuts inside nose skin. 2) any good branded product. pls suggest.
  6. dear shahab bhai, we 3 brothers request you to delete any 2 names from your request list and give to one brother only because ONLY we 3 bros. are not entitled for this, there are other "RIMWEB BROTHERS" also who should get priority. we think we were selfish to book for real brothers and ignored forum brothers. SORRY rajanji for being selfish. thanks for making our thought like "SATYAYUG" in this ghor " KALYUG"
  7. I have nexus 7 tab since January. It's time to change screen guard now. May I have both if you like.
  8. i would like to take nokia ruim cdma phone because nokia cdma is being missed by me since i started using cdma.