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  1. Palm Pixi Plus Restart Problem

    Yes Dr. Mufaddal.. but after that prob which i had mailed, battery backup is very low... how can i solw this issue
  2. Palm Pixi Plus Restart Problem

    Can any one help me.......... I have purchased new palm pixi plus cdma from ctchriag (ebay). Problems 1) Its restart when sms or mail received 2) when i open App Catalog its indicates. " The action could not be completed, Try again Later" 3) when i connect it to my PC (Having Win7 64 bit) no driver found. Reduced CDC Abstract Control Model (R-ACM) not installed. i hv download (passthru-drivers) but its not work. 4) when i dial ##8727277# , Pic attached. Help me Regards. Ameen